• Comic: Fastest Alive / Muro Upgrade

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    Adult humor in MY little pony?  It's more likely than you think!

    We also have more Pinkie Pie being ridiculous below, as always.  

  • Comic: Taste My Mane (Madmax)

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    Oh those royal sisters. Wouldn't an episode revolving around just these two be a blast?

    Anyhow, have a new comic by Madmax!
  • Story: Friends of a Solar Empire (Update Part 2+3+Worldbuilding)


    Author: Dalek Ix
    Description: For little less than one thousand years, the species of Equestria had been a part of the Trade Order, sharing the millenium of peace of prosperity the humans had enjoyed.

    Now, with the arrival of alien invaders and the return of ancient evils, that peace was been shattered. A people unused to war had to rediscover its ways and fight for their home. The Trader Emergency Coalition was born from this need.

    Ten years have passed, and the sitation has improved to the point High Command has authorized a rotation of the forces, sending the weary first generation back to their homes, to rest and recover.

    Meanwhile, a lavander unicorn mare who has never been on a planet is travelling to Equestria on behalf of her teacher...
    Friends of a Solar Empire (New Part 2+3+Worldbuilding)

    Friends of a Solar Empire (Alt)

    Additional Tags: Long, Space, Military Fiction, Science, Sins of a Solar Empire
  • December Draw Off Final Week!

    Greetings everyone! Calpain here with the final compilation for the December Draw-Off and boy is it a beast. I was absolutely floored with messages and pony artwork this week as the days ticked by and I was simply amazed at some of the projects I will be sharing with you this week! In total I received 435 entries this week making for 856 entries over the past month.

    For those interested in viewing past compilations you can find them here:
    Week 1 Compilation
    Week 2 Compilation
    Week 3 Compilation
    E-mail Contest Questions to:
    [email protected]

    As before, a note before we begin, since I receive so many entries occasionally an entry may slip through that does not belong to the submitter. If any submitted picture to your knowledge has been stolen please contact me with proof and I will take care of the situation. Also if you have submitted an entry and it has not appeared in one of the compilations please contact me so I make sure your entry is properly entered into the contest and compilation.  
    The above is especially important this week as judging can now begin now that this compilation is up! 

    Check out all the pony after the break!

  • Story Updates January 4th (Evening)

    Story update time! Lots of stuff this time around. 

    Check them out after the break.
  • Music: So Much Left to Know / Scootaloo's Defense System

    We have a new one from Mandopony, and some crazy Scootaloo electronicsomething music this time around! Check them out below.

    1.) So Much Left to Know (Twilight's Song) - Original MLP music by MandoPony
    2.) Whoosh - Scootaloo's Defense System

  • Top 100 Music List on Everfree Radio

    Everfree Radio is hosting a top 100 pony music playlist... right now!

    Head on over to this page, check out the wall of text, and join in!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #295

    EPIC BATTLE edition.  Will Equestria survive something of this magnitude!?

    Source 1
  • PMV: Beep to Everypony / Canterlots Secret Slide / Brony Story - Last Mare

    That first one is so entertaining for some reason...

    1.) Beep to Everypony [Re-BGM]
    2.) Canterlots Secret Slide
    3.) Brony Story - Last Mare

  • Story: My Little Avengers (Update Complete!)


    Author: Koolerkid
    Description: While out hiking in the mountains near Ponyville, Big Mac discovers a mysterious staff which grants him the power of the ancient god Thor. Old myths awaken, new legends are born, and one simple farm pony is thrust in the middle - as the leader of Celestia's newest crime-fighting force, The Avengers! A fusion fic with Marvel Universe, mostly Avengers.
    All Chapters After the Break!

  • Story Submission Guidelines

    Thank you for considering Equestria Daily as the future home of your hard work. We’re honored that you want to showcase your story with us. In order to maximize your chances of getting published here, take the following rules to heart (really, they’re not as horrid as you’d think!):

    1) Edit your submission before sending it in.

    Please do not rely on the pre-readers for editing services or in-depth feedback. As we are uncompensated volunteers, we simply do not have the time or capacity to help every author improve their work.

    2) Ensure your story meets our length requirements.

    • We do not accept short story collections. If the short story is over the word limit, submit it as a standalone.
    • — Multi-parters: 3,000+ words overall at submission time.
    • — One-shots (complete, one-part stories): 2,500+ words.
    • — Sequels get an autopost under the original fic but they don't get a solo post.
    3) We will not accept the following:
    • — X-rated content, including sexually transgressive or gory stories
    • — Incest, foalshipping beyond a schoolyard crush, and other broad cultural taboos
    • — Humanized/anthro stories
    • — Avoid people from the fandom, famous or otherwise.
    • — Copy-paste stories (e.g. The text of Harry Potter with character names swapped out)
    • — Stories written in a language other than English
    • — No stories involving bronies.  -Human in Equestria on the other hand is alright.  
    • — No compilations of short stories.
    • — We do not accept stories involving real people (from the fandom or otherwise).
    • — Script format

    4) We have a three-strike rule.

    3 Strikes NO LONGER EXISTS
    Strikes are no longer mandatory with rejections. They will be given on a case-by-case basis if we feel you haven't been making sufficient progress between submissions. Pay attention to your rejection e-mail so you know whether or not you received a strike, and mark the appropriate box when you resubmit. All strikes prior to [date we instituted the new system] have been forgiven, but stories rejected for content issues should not be resubmitted.

    5) Take a look at our Editor’s Omnibus.

    The first four points above are non-negotiable; we just highly recommend this last one. The Omnibus is a continuously updated guide that covers the common pitfalls and oversights of many novice authors, and even some more experienced writers might find some use from it. Give it a once-over and see if its words might help yours before you send us that email.

    6) Rejection based on other reasons

    Due to the ever-changing nature of fanfiction and the fandom as a whole, the pre-readers can and do reject things based on necessity.  Overpopulated crossovers, tropes that have been done way too many times.  EQD is primarily here to spotlight the best and most original stuff, we are not specifically a fanfiction website. 

    7) If you submit a fanfic, make sure we can see it! 

    Google Docs and Fimfiction both allow you to "lock" a page.  Be sure it is unlocked! Google Docs is locked by default. You can unlock them via the share settings (small chain symbol at the top).

    Does your fic meet all the requirements? Now go submit it!
  • Story: Lazy Eye

    [Sad][Shipping] Derpydash? I guess! (Ignore the star rating above, use the tag) 

    Author: Azure Spark
    Description: Inspired by the song of the same name by the Silversun Pickups.

    All she needs is a shoulder to cry on. A friend, to listen, to understand, to comfort her.
    And that's what Derpy's getting, right?
    Or is it?
    Is it enough to act like a friend?

    This is the true test of a good friend. Can Derpy do what she knows is right? Or will she succumb to her torn emotions?

    What is the right thing to do?
    Lazy Eye

    Additional Tags: Short Story, Night, Doubt, Shipping-Tease, Sad Ending
  • Comic: Light and Dark

    Luna comic time, because you all love Luna don't you?

    This is a full 26 pages, so I hope you are ready for a marathon!

    Check out the gallery here.

    Or start at this page and use the "next's" in the description section.
  • Music: Deae Lunae / Pinkie's Descent

    New Makkon stuff, and Pinkie Pie losing her mind! Enjoy!

    1.) Deae Lunae
    2.) Pinkie's Descent (Feat Rifftrack and Bartekko)
  • Story: Not Worth A Bit


    Author: Dsarker
    Description: Octavia has a side to her that most don't see. In what may be her last
    note, she reveals the other side to life as a cellist.
    Not Worth A Bit

    Additional Tags: One shot, Octablood, Heartwarming, The End, Blueblood Apologetics
  • 20 Minute Gorrillaz "Demon Days" Pony Mashup Album

    For all the Gorillaz fans out there, someone over on Youtube going by the name of Psycosis has done a massive mashup of the Demon Days album.  It's all compiled into a single 20 minute track, but you can hit each song specifically by visiting the time stamps.  I'll include those, as well as the embed, after the break!


  • Story Updates January 4th (Morning)

    It's gaming night I guess.

    We also have everyone's favorite OC shipping with Luna story, because people keep emailing me asking when it's updating.

    Check all the updates out after the break! 

  • Nightly Roundup #205

    I just discovered a new Rammus build for Dominion, and have found myself once again addicted to League of Legends, so.... the roundup was a little late!

    But this is a Pony blog, not a League blog, so have some equine centric news after the break. 

  • Comic: The Thing

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    It wouldn't be so scary if I didn't tab into my mailbox and see two fics with that exact character staring right at me.

    Scratch the updates, just one comic!