• 20 Minute Gorrillaz "Demon Days" Pony Mashup Album

    For all the Gorillaz fans out there, someone over on Youtube going by the name of Psycosis has done a massive mashup of the Demon Days album.  It's all compiled into a single 20 minute track, but you can hit each song specifically by visiting the time stamps.  I'll include those, as well as the embed, after the break!

    Track Listing:
    0:00 - Intro (Intro x My Little Pony Main Theme)
    0:48 - Last Living Wrap Up (Last Living Souls x Winter Wrap Up)
    2:53 - Kids With Cupcakes (Kids With Guns x Cupcakes)
    3:48 - O Green Dress (O Green Worlds x Art of the Dress)
    5:39 - Dirty Enchantress (Dirty Harry x Gotta Share Gotta Care x Evil Enchantress)
    6:42 - Giggle Ghosties Inc. (Feel Good Inc. x Evil Enchantress x Giggle at the Ghosties)
    8:05 - El Llegar a Ser Popular (El Manana x Becoming Popular)
    9:17 - Every Pet You Suggest Is Lame (Every Planet We Reach Is Dead x Find a Pet)
    11:22 - The Gala Has Come (November Has Come x At The Gala)
    12:50 - Party Alone (All Alone x Singing Telegram)
    14:26 - Wonder Light (White Light x So Many Wonders)
    15:35 - Cutie (Dare x Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme Song)
    16:40 - Friendship Coming Out of the Pony's Head (Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head x Friendship is Magic, Part 1)
    18:06 - Don't Get Banished to the Moon (Don't Get Lost in Heaven x Luna)
    18:56 - Discord Days (Demon Days x Luna x Circle of Friends/The Heart Carol)

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