• Nightly Roundup #205

    I just discovered a new Rammus build for Dominion, and have found myself once again addicted to League of Legends, so.... the roundup was a little late!

    But this is a Pony blog, not a League blog, so have some equine centric news after the break. 

    Vinyl Scratch Tapes Interview

    For the fans of Vinyl Scratch Tapes, Qcom has done an interview with the people working on it. Check it out here!

    Another Game with Pony!

    For those with iOS, a game called McGyro apparently dropped some ponies into the achievement section.

    I don't have an apple device, but maybe some of you can go enjoy it for me?

    Dash Butt Symbol Birthday Cake

    Dash has the best symbol.

    Mareathon Stream Moves to a New Channel

    For those that follow the Mareathon stream, the group has moved on to an actual website. Check it out here!

    My Little Dashie: The Movie Seeking Voice Actors

    They didn't give me any other information! Hit up the video here if you are interested in voice acting for a My Little Dashie movie.

    Sim City 4 Pony Map Mod

    Ponies invade EVERYTHING.

    Check out the discussion for it here!

    Small Town Brony Movement Update #2

    Copy Paste:

    "In addition to the update videos, BronyOff has also created a map of all locations submitted within updates 1 and 2. It is here: http://g.co/maps/4p8zg
    If you'd like your location to be added to the map, shoot us an email at [email protected] with your location and we'll add you and your email address along with any other contact information you provide to the map. If you want to be featured in the next update video, send us a picture/video of a pony poster or something pony related at your location. Thanks everyone who has submitted so far!"

    Check out the video here!

    Successful Meetups

    Medicine Hat Meetup

    Looks like a smaller one! That one is a gigantic Pinkie Pie.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    San Antonio Brony Meetup Poll 

    The San Antonio group is trying to gauge interest in  creating an actual convention for the area.  If you could attend something like that, hit up the poll and give your response!

    Yorkshire Group

    Copy Paste: 
    YorkshireBronies (England)
    This group has been formed with the intent of providing nearby Brony meetups for all of the Northern English Bronies out there!
    If you would be interested in attending meetups in Yorkshire, feel free to join our rainbowdash.net group and say hello! Plans are already underway for a Leeds meetup, and we would really like you to be there!
    Don’t have a rainbowdash.net account? Contact me by email at: [email protected]

    Puerto Rico Facebook Page


    Cyber Nations Pony Alliance

    I remember my browser games days...


    Mexico, Distrito Federal MEetup

    When: January 28, 2012



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Fluttershy Plushie
    Twilight Concept Custom
    Flutter Concept Custom
    Derpy Custom

    Winter Wrap Up Patches

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here