• SFM: Apple Pie Cartoon

    Looney Tunes time.  I still can't decide if I liked them or Disney cartoons more as a kid.  Tale Spin and pretty much everything else starring someone with a beak usually ended up on my top cartoon list.

    Anyway, get some Apple Pie (The non-shipping kind) below the break!

  • Pinkie Pie Heads to Terraria

    In the Terarria 1.2 patch released today, a load of new NPC's, items, and things to do were added to the mix.  Included in this pile of stuff was a shoutout to a certain pink party pony.  The in game character "Party Girl" sells the bubble machine work station, which allows you to make bubbles.  Along with this, you can buy confetti guns and fireworks off her. The most obvious point of interest is her character model, which shares the same hairstyle and color combo as Pinkie Pie. 

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!
  • Extreme Collectors Features My little Pony Collector

    Extreme Collectors in Canada grabbed a My Little Pony fan for their recent episode.  The entire collection ended up valued at a whopping $39,000, covering rare toys from across the generations, as well as a pretty sizable g4 lineup.  Head on down below the break to check out the video!

  • Brony Doc Now Available on Playstation Network

    The Brony Doc has made it's way to the world of Playstation Network.  It seems like it's making good progress in the world of digital media despite it's early piracy woes.  If you want to check it out, you can grab it over here, along with Equestria Girls (which I think we have already posted.)

    Thanks to Travis for the heads up.
  • NaPoWriMo - Now That's Just Sloppy!

    Yeah, this is about how I feel after this past month...

    Hi, guys. Long time no post. Yeah. I, uh... stuff came up. Lots of real life stuff, in fact. Starting with a back injury that laid me low for the better part of the month. I couldn't MOVE without screaming in pain, effectively. Couldn't work, could barely sleep...

    Noble Cause's pro tip for life #14, kids: Don't get a back injury if you can help it. Trust me. As it stands, I'm better, but my back may never be the same again. Injuries like this, you may recover in a few months, or you may never recover for the rest of your life.

    So, that's the reason why there haven't been any update posts, not a lot of e-mail responses, no shaking pom poms, no 'rah rah, sis boom bah' like previous years. I've spent the last week just trying to get my real life circumstances back in order. Pony, this event included, have taken a back seat to the pain.

    So! Now that it's October First, NaPoWriMo is officially OVER!

    For those that have participated, thank you for doing so. For those that have just now tripped over this post, there's next year, and flash fic events besides until then.

    Well... "So now what?" you might be asking?  Head on down below the break for all the information on submitting your story!

  • Equestria Girls: Through the Mirror Now on Sale

    Equestria Girls is now available in book form over at Amazon.  The entire thing written by G.M. Berrow (Author of the single pony books) clocks in at 223 pages.  I bet if you find/replace the human words with pony words on the digital version, you won't even be able to tell the difference! That is my secret fanfiction strategy right there. 

    Hit it up over here for physical and here for kindle.  
  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Glide / Let's Get Lost

    Dayum, these three need to make music togeather more often! DongleFeather0123 is my new OTT!

    We also have Mando teaming up with EileMonty after that one. I'm so glad this haitus has brought on a huge presence of female singers. Get both below the break!

    1.) Glide (ft. Feather and memj0123)
    2.) Let's Get Lost - by MandoPony [Ft. EileMonty]

  • 14/66 Days of Pony - Suited for Success

    Yes, I'm doing this one.

    If memory serves, it was about the time of the airing of this episode that I became involved with Equestria Daily and the fandom at large. Though we were still mostly confined to 4chan's /co/ board, the community was showing signs of spreading to other corners of the internet. I hesitate to call it an invasion, but that's essentially what happened. Not to repeat what the other posts have said, but February and March of 2011 was when things really started to pick up.

    This episode in particular was an exceptionally important one in terms of character development for Rarity, for up until now she had been known and identified simply as the fashion horse with the undrawable mane who whined a lot. Entertaining, but shallow- I'd dare say the majority of the opinion of her prior to the airing of this episode tended towards the negative. Thankfully, some actual writing and storytelling that went a little deeper than the deep end of the kid's pool, as well as some superb acting by Tabitha St. Germain, solved that almost right away. She may not have jumped to the top of everyone's favorites list, but it seeded the roots of respect for her character.

    We were also given the fantastically-composed and oft-remixed song Art of the Dress, which also (unfortunately, to many) gave birth to one of the most often-repeated lines from the show. No, I'm not linking it, you know what it is.

    After the break you can catch the episode in its entirety.

  • My Little Pony Nominated for 2013 Toy Hall of Fame

    Image Source
    The Toy Hall of Fame has just 51 toys in it over the course of 12 years, including major names like LEGO and the Game Boy.  This year, 12 new finalists are aiming for the top with My Little Pony battling it out against classics like Chess and Pac-Man. 

    This year's winners will be announced on Thursday, November 8th at 10:30 AM.  If you want to toss your two cents in, they have an online poll available, though I'm not sure if this has anything to do with who actually takes the win. 

    Thanks to Roy G. Biv and John for the heads up! 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #942

    And then everyone was an alicorn!

    Onward to art, below the break!

    [1] Source
    golden fields (commission)

  • Chupa Chups Egg Toys Revealed

    A while back during the Hasbro Investor Dar 2013 event, it was revealed that ponies would be coming to Chupa Chups.  We finally have an image to go along with that!  Up above, you can find the set of ponies that will be included.  The ad was found in Russia, so there aren't any timetables on when these will invade the world. 

    Thanks to TornadoTwist for the heads up.
  • Story Updates - October 1st

    It's a tree. Trees make books.  Have some story updates.

  • Comic: Guys Night Out / New Way to Play / Derpy Comic

    Comic time! We have the guys of ponyville, Pinkie Pie getting her monthly magazine and some derpy love.  Click for full!

  • Applejack Appreciation Day Compilation Post!

    The noble Applejack, a pony of character, dignity, and apples.  As many of you noticed a month ago, Calpain started up Applejack Appreciation Day, and this is the result of all the submissions people sent over to us.  Some of the art has creeped into drawfriend posts in the last few weeks, though a good amount is new.  We also received quite a bit of music dedicated to the farmpony, as well as a list of tumblrs and a few crafts.

    You know the drill! Head on down below the break for way too much Apple!

  • Xbox Live - Pinkie Pie with Party Canon, Lyra Hoodie, Doctor Whooves Shirt, Vinyl Scratch Helmet, and Nightmare Night Picture pack Releases

    The Xbox marketplace has added five new items to the mix to celebrate the start of October.  With the Nightmare Night picture pack comes a Vinyl Scratch helmet, Pinkie Pie with her party canon (Probably animated like Rainbow Dash), a Lyra Hoodie, and a Doctor Whooves shirt. The best place to check these out would be the marketplace itself, but you can find the online pages for these over here.  

  • Nightmare Night 2013: Spooky Harder


    You thought it was over. But you were wrong. You were all so, so wrong.

    You can't begin to understand the things I've sacrificed to accomplish this once more. The loss of life, the property damage, and the restraining orders I now hold in twelve different states (a personal record, might I add).

    Yes, I've conquered time, space, and most laws on public decency to be able to be here to play my secret games with all of you. And what shall we be doing, you may ask?

    We're going to be getting spooky.

  • More Crazy Bootlegs

    The bootleggers are at it again with another set of pony toys. Honestly, these aren't half bad compared to the junk we usually get. Both were found at a toy store in Poland this time. Thanks to Merion for the images!
  • Story: It is Upon These Words That the Fate of Equestria Hangs


    Author: Rebonack
    Description: There are many duties and obligations a Princess of Equestria must carry out and Twilight is in the midst of learning them. Over the past few days Princess Celestia has been tutoring Twilight in a series of strange, seemingly nonsensical rituals and incantations. Could this all be as vital to the survival of Equestria as Celestia insists, or has Twilight simply found herself caught in an elaborate prank courtesy of the wily white alicorn?
    It is Upon These Words That the Fate of Equestria Hangs

    Additional Tags: Celestia might be trollin' Twilight
  • Animation: A tale of one shadow

    This one sure came out of nowhere.  We have five minute long Sombra history animation, with Mirror Edge's "Still Alive" running as a backtrack. It looks like this is Natasia Solitude's first animation with ponies (at least from the Youtube channel), so go give them support for more awesomeness in the future! A Tale of One Shadow can be found below the break. 

  • Pinkamena Time

    Why not?
  • Nightly Roundup #783

    Fluttershy rivals even Trixie in the whole pointy hat and robe getup. A truly marvelous costume if I do say so myself.

    Calpain should be back to doing these soonish for all you people that don't want to stay awake until 4am 5am blog to catch these. Look forward to it! I blame Starcraft. Get your Nightly Roundup below!