• Nightly Roundup #783

    Fluttershy rivals even Trixie in the whole pointy hat and robe getup. A truly marvelous costume if I do say so myself.

    Calpain should be back to doing these soonish for all you people that don't want to stay awake until 4am 5am blog to catch these. Look forward to it! I blame Starcraft. Get your Nightly Roundup below!

    Pony Toys at Pilippines McDonalds!

    Looks like the usual ones. Find them here!

    Pony on Brazilian Netflix

    Not surprising considering it's growth over there! Cool!

    Trixie eats a Cookie

    How could I not add it? Source here.

    Random comic!

    Such progress! I bet a bunch of you can probably relate to this one in regards to your art.

    Tops Wacky Packages, now with Ponies

    Apparently it's called My Little Brony: Friendship is Tragic. Thanks to Jesse for the image!

    Equestria Forever Banner Contest

    All information over here!

    Top 10 Pony Video Voting - September



    The MBS Show Episode 82

    On Episode 82 of The MBS Show we are joined by Sketchy Sounds and we discuss about, why part of the fandom is angry at Princess Twilight Sparkle appearing in the comics, then why you should get the comics and how the fandom partially influence the show and we end it with is it a good idea and is it possible to have fan voice actors to be part of the show.

    Find it here!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    My Little RP Forum

    Find it over here!

    Aberdeen Meetup

    Aberdeen meet for Saturday the 19th of October

    Meeting at Cafe Nero on Union Street near the monument for 12 noon
    Heading to get lunch as a group somewhere local
    Scour all the local shops for pony merchandise and comics
    There's the possibility of some other things to do depending on how the day goes and how much time there is left before people have to head off
    There isn't a planned ending time. It's pretty much going to last for as long as people are willing to stay


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Cutie Mark Pants

    This Day in Pony History

    2011: Ponies get a billboard!
    2012: The Great and Powerful Bender