• Nightly Roundup #306

    Day... 14? I don't even know anymore. Time seems to stretch out down here. I have huge blank patches when I black out and awake again, deep in the bowels of the facility, smelling vaguely of freshly brewed coffee. Why am I here? Who's pulling the strings? Seth? Calpain?

    I don't know. All I know is every day I get another package of the night's news. I know I get a little faster. I get higher and higher before each blackout.

    I know it won't be long now.

  • Royal Wedding Finale: The Real Ending

  • Story: Of Parasites


    Author: RavensDagger
    parasite [ˈpærəˌsaɪt]
    An animal or plant that lives in or on another (the host) from which it obtains nourishment. The host does not benefit from the association and is often harmed by it. In the case of some parasites they can take over the host body, controlling or morphing it to suite their inherent needs. Parasites are transmitted through many means: contact with an infected host, the sharing of liquids, and, in some cases, parasites may even hunt their intended prey.

    Of Parasites

    Additional Tags: Certainly not a zombie fic
  • Introducing the Brony Thank You Project

    The Hub, Hasbro, and DHX Media have given us a wonderful gift that took the form of two entire seasons of ponies. We've had some great times, formed some surprising friendships, and at least a few of us have learned some life changing lessons along the way. Doesn't it all make you want to say thank you? Doesn't it make you want to give something back?

    Well, it turns out an enterprising somepony has already approached The Hub and asked if it would be ok to put together a 30 second ad spot to air on their network. They responded by offering some very reasonable rates. And that means the race is on for us to get the money together to get this thing put together and on television! I know that there are many of you out there without a lot of money to spare, and it seems like every other day I'm directing you at yet another good cause to dump money towards. But maybe there are some of you out there who have been saving up for a custom plushie or a commission, and to those of you I ask, might this be a better use of that cash? This is a chance for us to do something pretty unprecedented and get a voice out there from all of us to each of them (and royally confused some six year olds in the process). There's a pretty nice incentive package to go along with whatever level of backing you choose to give, so check it out.

    Here is the donation page with all of the details. Give it some thought, ok?

    A spokesperson for The Hub confirmed that the network has been contacted by this group about the possible purchase of commercial time.
  • The Mane Cast Are a Bunch of Things.

    This is the weirdest fandom ever, but I love you guys anyway.  Have another one of those crazy dubstep videos for ALL the ponies.

  • Comic: Climax / The Bass Has Been Doubled / Sliding Scale of Evil

    Got something a little unique for this comic post! The comic above is an animated comic spoofing a few well known shows and video games that you might enjoy so make sure to check it out.

    Another day, another quick comic compilation. Click for full!

  • Double Rainboom Site Launches, Lots of Cool Stuff!

    The Double Rainboom summer animation project has launched a website with all sorts of neat little additions to the already huge amount of content and teasers that have come out dedicated to it.  This might just be one of the best things the fandom creates! Hopefully they can pull it off!

    They sent over some copy paste too:
    Flamingo1986 (Zachary Rich) is proud to announce that the official website for the first-ever fan-made pony episode – Double Rainboom – has gone live! You can now follow along with the production by going to www.doublerainboom.com

    Along with production updates, the site also features a gallery where concept art, storyboards, animatics, backgrounds, puppet rigs, templates, and other pony-related material can be viewed and downloaded for free.

    Feel free to also check Double Rainboom out at the sites below:

    Tumblr ► http://doublerainboom.tumblr.com/

    deviantART ► http://flamingo1986.deviantart.com/

    Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/doublerainboom

    If you would like to contribute to the episode either through animating select shots or through creating backgrounds – send your requests to the production crew directly at [email protected]. Providing examples of your best work – through attachments or links to existing sites – is strongly advised.
    And there you have it! Head on over and toss some support.
  • Comic: Imponyation / Keep Sming Forever / Pony Wedding Alternate End

    Who needs the power of love to beat a bunch of changelings when you have Pinkie Pie on the case? Go get them Pinkie!

    Comics coming at you once again! Click for full as always.

  • Story: The Knight In Shining Armor


    Author: Obselescence
    Description: Shining Armor has wanted to be a Royal Guard ever since he was a colt. It's been his hope and his dream, and he's closer to it now than ever before. The only question left is if it's worth leaving his little sister behind.

    The Knight In Shining Armor

    Additional Tags: Big Brother, Best Friend Forever
  • Have some Flutterdash / Typography

    I have to admit, I got kind of bored of the whole pony shipping thing for a while.  It was fun back in the day, but seemed more ridiculous as time went on.

    Then this happened.  Yeah, at first I thought it was nonsense - they clearly never make contact.  I figured it was just bronies over-analyzing things as usual.  I also figured the videos people were sending me were edited beforehand to include that "smooch" sound.  Imagine my surprise yesterday when it was pointed out to me that it totally wasn't.

    Not 10 minutes later, someone sent me this PMV.  I am now a supporter of Flutterdash.  You have all re-corrupted me.  Thanks a lot.

    And just in case shipping isn't your thing, have some Kintetic Typography of Good ol' Days too. 

    Check them out after the break!

    Update: This is a joke guys, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash shipping is not canon :p
  • Drawfriend Stuff #413

    All the ponies are best ponies!  It's a requirement after all, we can't be too biased here.  Usually...

    Have some art.

    Source 1
  • Story Updates May 1st (Afternoon)

    Early story updates time! I'm labeling it as afternoon because we already have a morning one.

  • Another Toys R' Us Blindbag Set On The Way - Friendship Celebration Collection

    After the success of the first blindbag 20 pack that was released here in the USA, I'm not too surprised they have decided to capitalize on it.  This was once again found on Taobao as part of the "Pony Friends Forever" set.  Included in the mix are a good amount of repeats from the actual blindbag sets,  though for those that haven't picked them up yet, it might be a good way to finish off your collection without hoping for random luck/specific number in stock.  

    Plus Sugar Grape is awesome, so she deserves your love.

    Check out the store page for them here!

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the report!

  • Music Vocal/Remix: Kickin' Clouds / This Day Shall Reap / Flim Flam Brothers ska/rock cover

    More music for all you music lovers out there.   We have an original vocal and two remixes.  Find them below!

    1.) Kickin' Clouds - Coconeru & SandvichParty Collab.
    2.) This Day Shall Reap
    3.) Flim Flam Brothers ska/rock cover

  • Story: And the Temptress Came Unto Her


    Author: device heretic
    Description: Nightmare Moon appears to Twilight Sparkle in the dead of night...and things get biblical.
    And the Temptress Came Unto Her

    Additional Tags: Temptation, Illusion, Philosophy, Ponies, Magic
  • Story Updates May 1st (Morning)

    It's May already? Crazy

    Have some story updates.

  • Nightly Roundup #305

    Sleep is something I should be doing like these ponies here, but first some news! PK is off tonight gathering deuterium for the mini-fusion reactor we had to install in him to power his on-board coffeemaker (it's one powerful coffeemaker!).

    Time for the Roundup! Lots of videos this time around.

  • The Massive Smile Project!

    The Massive Smile project is a giant collaboration between almost every vocal artist in this fandom to produce a huge choral version of Pinkie's Smile, Smile, Smile song, a la "We Are the World" by the late Micheal Jackson. It's amazing and you should hear it and you totally can in just a little bit, but first you should take a second and learn why this is happening. No, the answer is not "because it can", as compelling as that may seem.

    This collaboration is being done in conjuction with Bronies for Good's Seeds of Kindness charity, which is seeking to raise $10,000 to build a clinic in Uganda (then put up a Green Village in Burundi with any extra money to teach people there how to earn sustainable livings for themselves). It's a phenomenal charity and every bit worth your time, attention, and money, especially considering the wonderful pony remix album they've put together as incentive for your generous contributions. Seriously, there's no downside to this. Just go drop a couple of dollars in the communal piggy bank and watch the magic unfold.

    As a special bonus, once that initial $10,000 goal is reached, The Massive Smile Project will unveil an official music video being created specifically for the song. It's going to rock some little pony socks off. So make the numbers go up and then see that happen. But for now, you should check out this song, because it's sure to brighten up your day, and it's waiting for you just below the page break: