• Nightly Roundup #305

    Sleep is something I should be doing like these ponies here, but first some news! PK is off tonight gathering deuterium for the mini-fusion reactor we had to install in him to power his on-board coffeemaker (it's one powerful coffeemaker!).

    Time for the Roundup! Lots of videos this time around.

    Get Random Pony

    A small, but useful flash program has popped up to help indecisive fans decide on what episode they want to watch! Check it out here.

    Fallout Equestria Radio Play Update

    Have a bunch of copy paste:

    RadioHooves here, with a much-needed update on the radio play! Boy
    howdy, it's been a while!

    I'll bet many of you are under the impression that the play is dead.
    Not so! Lots has happened since the last time! Casting, music
    allocation, even some recording - more on that to come later!

    For now, I think the best thing I ought to do is provide an update on
    where the project stands on casting. We're almost completely done -
    we're only missing the following roles:

    - Regina
    - Gawdyna
    - Rainbow Dash
    - Fluttershy
    - Pinkie Pie
    - Scootaloo (older)
    - Watcher/Spike (older)

    So that's going to be arriving soon - expect a full cast list to be
    released within the next few weeks! I expect a lot of you will
    recognize many of the names on that list - we've got some really
    talented members in our crew. Big round of applause for them!

    In other news - with the cast that we have already allocated, we've
    managed to put together some teaser audio, and boy, did they do a
    fantastic job. Here are the links to the samples - be aware that these
    are just teasers, and are not necessarily indicative of the quality or
    the content of the final work.


    Here's a sample of our Applejack VA. Those of you who have read the
    story should know precisely what it's about!


    This sample is something a little more original. It wasn't part of the
    story, but it was a nice addition and fit really well. Thumbs up for
    the voice of Braeburn! Also - kudos to you all if you get the
    reference hidden in this message.


    In regards to the actual main protagonists of FoE, I'm hesitant to
    release sample audio of them for now. Don't want to ruin the surprise
    of who's voicing them...!

    So, for now, have this sample of the Overmare's voice:


    The Overmare's VA is also voicing a number of other roles, including
    one very special one that's gonna appear much, much farther down the
    road - keep your radar open for what that might be!

    And now - a portion of a portion of a portion of our radioplay's
    prologue, featuring none other than Vinyl Scratch and Octavia! It
    doesn't make sense now, but trust me - once you hear the whole
    prologue once it’s been released, it will all come together. So, for
    now, you’ll have to settle for this sample, without any context as to
    how it fits in with the larger picture yet. Hey, it IS only a sample,
    after all!


    That’s all the teasers I’ve got for now – more to come! Stay tuned!

    Alright, that said, time for some shameless advertising.


    Here are links to the project’s other web pages:

    The project's Facebook page is here:

    The project's DeviantArt page is here: http://foeradio.deviantart.com/

    The project's Tumblr page is here: http://falloutequestriaradio.tumblr.com/

    The project's Newgrounds page is here: http://foeradio.newgrounds.com/

    Alrighty then – that’s it for now! You’ll hear more frequent updates
    from our team from now on, I swear!

    RadioHooves out!

    My Little Dashie Movie Project

    Looks like we've got another My Little Dashie project starting up! Check out their proof of concept below plus a link to their website for more information.


    Ponies Used to Ask Prom Date

    Congratulations to this guy on being able to pull this off!
    Copy Paste:

    My school's senior prom is coming up so naturally I had the need to find a date. I decided to ask my best friend since 2nd grade, but had no idea how I wanted to do it. I then realized that I had to incorporate my love of ponies. Over the past weekend, I got a horde of my friends in on the ask and the typically reaction was "That's so you, Brandon!" Today, I brought as much pony stuff to school as I had. I left them in the car during the day, but as soon as school let out, I rushed to her car (hers happened to be parked right next to the one I came in) with some friends and covered it in the pony blanket. I then proceeded to put as many toys, coloring pages and shirts as I could on the car until my other friends could not stall anymore. On her back window, I had "Our Little Prom: Best Friendship is Magic" written. I'm glad to announce that I officially have a date for my senior prom!

    Equestria Rave Radio April 30, 2012

    Here's our new broadcast, and Twilight is on the
    air for her debut and also holding her own music
    remix competition!

    Reharmonized Ponies

    Creator of Doctor Whooves Adventures Looking for Artist
    Copy Paste:
    Squeak-anon creator of the Doctor Whooves Adventures, along with other projects, is looking for an artist for a storybook production similar to this one: [link] based around this story: [link]
    The artist would be asked to draw 6-8 simple pieces to represent pages of the book. VA's have been selected, and music is currently in production. If interested contact Squeak at [email protected].

    My Little Forever

    Ponies With Derped Eyes

    This is very mesmerizing...


    Copy Paste:

    Brony Tv will be doing our third Anime night Tuesday night at 10:00 PM EST! for anime night, we play from 6 anime episodes as well as two pony episode intermissions every Sunday Tuesday and Thursday. Our line up for Tuesday's anime night is as follows:

    Dragon Ball Z: 1x03 Unlikely Aliance Bleach: 1x03 Sibling Rivalry Pony: 1x09 Bridle Gossip Pokemon: 1x03 Ash Catches a Pokemon Deathnote: 1x03 Dealings Pony: 2x03 Lesson Zero Astro Boy: 1x03 Atlas Last Airbender: 1x03 The Southern Air Temple

    For all Brony tv events, visit our calendar at http://bronytv.net/calendar.php

    Successful Meetups


    Copy Paste:

    Celestia was kind enough got give us glorious and warm sunny day for first CronyFest on Bundek lake in Zagreb city.
    Pinkie Pie and Great and Powerful Trixie decided to join us on this sunny day for our picnic.
    As night started to fall, and Luna took over royal duties from Celestia, we had little My Little Pony theater at north shore of lake.
    After some minor Parasprites came to our surroundings (read: some people cane with car and turned volume to the max so we couldn't hear ponies), we moved to Bundek open theater on west shore of east lake where we had Friendship is Witchcraft marathon till we drained out batteries on all laptops we had.
    PS: none of pictures is Photoshopped, all ponies are in real life as on photo.

    Third Leeds Meetup

    Official Writeup
    Picture Gallery
    Milwaukee Meetup
    Guadalajara Meetup

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Battlefield 3 North Carolina Brony Platoon
    A platoon for Battlefield 3 on the PS3 is currently looking for more. You can check them out below:
    Platoon Page
    Oregon Bronies Facebook
    BronyCraft 3 StarCraft 2 Tournament
    Copy Paste:
    We are planning on making this 3rd go round a whole league type thing, and we are starting with qualifiers, 2 NA qualifiers and 2 EU qualifiers before the Main Event. The 1st NA qualifier will be this saturday, at 2:00 PM Central Time.

    Noteworthy Links:
    Post on Team liquid about the tournament, including how to sign up, rules, qualifier info, ect:
    Stream Link for viewing the tournament:
    Our Custom Overlay (WIP)

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Spitfire Plush
    Derpy Plush

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here