• Introducing the Brony Thank You Project

    The Hub, Hasbro, and DHX Media have given us a wonderful gift that took the form of two entire seasons of ponies. We've had some great times, formed some surprising friendships, and at least a few of us have learned some life changing lessons along the way. Doesn't it all make you want to say thank you? Doesn't it make you want to give something back?

    Well, it turns out an enterprising somepony has already approached The Hub and asked if it would be ok to put together a 30 second ad spot to air on their network. They responded by offering some very reasonable rates. And that means the race is on for us to get the money together to get this thing put together and on television! I know that there are many of you out there without a lot of money to spare, and it seems like every other day I'm directing you at yet another good cause to dump money towards. But maybe there are some of you out there who have been saving up for a custom plushie or a commission, and to those of you I ask, might this be a better use of that cash? This is a chance for us to do something pretty unprecedented and get a voice out there from all of us to each of them (and royally confused some six year olds in the process). There's a pretty nice incentive package to go along with whatever level of backing you choose to give, so check it out.

    Here is the donation page with all of the details. Give it some thought, ok?

    A spokesperson for The Hub confirmed that the network has been contacted by this group about the possible purchase of commercial time.