• Have some Flutterdash / Typography

    I have to admit, I got kind of bored of the whole pony shipping thing for a while.  It was fun back in the day, but seemed more ridiculous as time went on.

    Then this happened.  Yeah, at first I thought it was nonsense - they clearly never make contact.  I figured it was just bronies over-analyzing things as usual.  I also figured the videos people were sending me were edited beforehand to include that "smooch" sound.  Imagine my surprise yesterday when it was pointed out to me that it totally wasn't.

    Not 10 minutes later, someone sent me this PMV.  I am now a supporter of Flutterdash.  You have all re-corrupted me.  Thanks a lot.

    And just in case shipping isn't your thing, have some Kintetic Typography of Good ol' Days too. 

    Check them out after the break!

    Update: This is a joke guys, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash shipping is not canon :p