• The Massive Smile Project!

    The Massive Smile project is a giant collaboration between almost every vocal artist in this fandom to produce a huge choral version of Pinkie's Smile, Smile, Smile song, a la "We Are the World" by the late Micheal Jackson. It's amazing and you should hear it and you totally can in just a little bit, but first you should take a second and learn why this is happening. No, the answer is not "because it can", as compelling as that may seem.

    This collaboration is being done in conjuction with Bronies for Good's Seeds of Kindness charity, which is seeking to raise $10,000 to build a clinic in Uganda (then put up a Green Village in Burundi with any extra money to teach people there how to earn sustainable livings for themselves). It's a phenomenal charity and every bit worth your time, attention, and money, especially considering the wonderful pony remix album they've put together as incentive for your generous contributions. Seriously, there's no downside to this. Just go drop a couple of dollars in the communal piggy bank and watch the magic unfold.

    As a special bonus, once that initial $10,000 goal is reached, The Massive Smile Project will unveil an official music video being created specifically for the song. It's going to rock some little pony socks off. So make the numbers go up and then see that happen. But for now, you should check out this song, because it's sure to brighten up your day, and it's waiting for you just below the page break: