The Great and Powerful Trixie refuses to update the blog today until all anti internet bills are sent to the moon.

    Seth is tied up.

    Click here for why.

    More Links from Xyro:

    SOPA Bill Text

    PROTECT-IP Bill Text

    Contact your representative or senator

    Black out your website!

    Change your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ icons to black out SOPA

    Read up on these bills and how it impacts everyone - Techdirt

    A short video I put up about the direct impact on this fandom.

    Ghost being awesome

    Sopa Pony Game

    ~The Great and Powerful Trixie
  • Epic Skyrim Mod

    Okay. So some of you might have seen the Skyrim horse retexture mod that basically made all the horses look like giant freakish pastel colored monstrosities?

    This isn't that mod.

    THIS mod makes your ponies look like THAT. Links after the break.
  • More Glorious Pipe Cleaner Ponies!

    Hasbro needs to hire PonyCrafter.  I want the entire set!  After a pretty long haitus, it looks like she is back and making ponies.  I know I said it last time, but I didn't even know pipecleaner came in so many colors.  These must take forever to make!

    Check out a few more new ones below, and go subscribe here!

    Also another Trixie, because the only pony she gets along with is herself. 

  • Discussion: You Are Now a Princess/Prince!

    Princess Celestia has UPGRADED you for her new colonization project.  Apparently, Equestria is a bit too over-crowded!

    You have been teleported to the other side of whatever planet ponies inhabit, with 90 mares and 90 stallions (30 of each pony type per gender) . It's time to build a pony nation!

    Celestia is giving you a few preliminary choices though:

    1.) What type of environment would you like?  (Desert, Forest, Underwater Bubble Houses, Enchanted Sky City, Ect)

    2.) You can tame one type of beast that has been in the show so far for defense only.  Remember, ponies are peaceful! You have animals to do your dirty work!  Which one do you choose? (Manticore, Dragon, Hydra, Cockatrice, Ect)

    3.) What is your society primarily going to focus on? (Science, Worshiping Luna, Rapid Population Expansion, Reading a bunch of bad fanfiction, ect)

    You need to figure out how to incorporate each type of pony (earth, pegasus, unicorn) into your fledgling nation with the goal of becoming a utopia in under 10 years! Are your unicorns the ones that maintain your bubble houses while your hydra taming earth ponies farm kelp and Luna worshiping pegusai write bad fanfiction?

    Your a Celestia tier dictator, so it's all up to you!
  • Everfree Northwest Officially Open for Registration!

    You have probably noticed the new button on the side bar.  It's convention time for us West coasters! Everfree Northwest has officially opened up it's registration, and from the looks of things, this is going to be an epic gathering! 

    They gave me some copy paste to explain it all, so I'll let you read it all below!

    And hit the website up here for more information.  
    The wait is finally over. To everypony who patiently waited with bated breath, we welcome one and all to Everfree Northwest! It is our distinct pleasure to announce that we are now taking pre-registration for our one-of-a-kind event in Seattle, scheduled for August 17-19. If there's one thing we learned last week, it's not to underestimate the power and awesome numbers of our new community, so bearing that in mind we will state up front that, being a first-year convention, space at our venue is finite so be sure to sign up now! Also, those who wish to have a table in our Dealer's Room should register as soon as possible as the number of tables at this time are extremely limited!

    We are pleased to announce the following Community attendees for our event:
    • Sethisto (who needs no introduction)
    • Tekaramity
    • Bronyville Radio
    • Mic the Microphone
    • And many more!
    There will likely be more guest announcements as we draw closer to the event, so stay tuned, follow us on Twitter, and don't forget to sign up on our forums!

    If you require accommodation during your stay in Seattle, please be sure to take advantage of our special convention room rate with the code "MLP" when registering for your hotel room with the SeaTac Airport Holiday Inn. This rate also includes complimentary buffet breakfast for two adults per morning, per room!

    We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everypony who made this community effort possible, especially our brilliant graphic artist, SilverTail of Wolftail.com, as well as our tireless backend designer, Blobbus, who both created our website and registration system from literally nothing. As our registration system is custom-tailored for our needs, we appreciate your patience for any technical difficulties as we continue to refine and improve it, so please report any issues with the site to [email protected]

    Thanks again to all of you for your patience and we hope to see you there!

    "It won't be the same without you, so we hope that you say yes! So please, oh please, RSVP and come and be our guest!"

  • Cancelled Big Mac Episode Idea

    Another really interesting tidbit from Lauren Faust's DA page.  Apparently a full on Big Mac episode was planned, but turned down in the end.  It sounds like it would have been a fun one too!

    I'll let you read about it above, or copy pasted below:
    Big Mac is a stallion of little words. He just keeps his opinions to himself. I think he knows he's around three opinionated mares and it's easiest to just go with the flow.

    We had a Big Mac centered episode idea where he was helping all three of them one day, just going along with what they wanted to keep the peace (the running gag being that his three family members were quite verbose and he spoke only with facial expressions) but finally got fed up and took off. The Apple ladies worried that they had taken his easy going nature for granted and made a big production out of apologizing and promising not to take him for granted ever again, only to find out that he went into town to get another hand- er, hoof- to help. Of course the only words he'd say were to graciously accept their apologies and promises anyway.

    I thought it was cute and I LOVE non-verbal gags and acting in cartoons, but it was turned down. - Lauren Faust
  • PMV: Equestrian Mythos / 20% Cooler [PMV]

    These are pretty impressive! First off we have a really neat Asian style mythology PMV, with all the monsters from the show highlighted.

    And second, we have Rainbow Dash being an awesome rapper. Someone needs to extend that scene for the full song!

    1.) Equestrian Mythos
    2.) 20% Cooler

  • Story Updates January 17th (Evening)

    It's story update time! Remember to use the update tag to look up past updates easily.  There are usually two a day.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #307

    Source 1
  • Music: More Than a Chicken

    Oh god my mailbox.  So many emails about this. 

    It's awesome, vocals and all, check it out after the break! 

  • Story: Raindrops Keep Falling

    [Normal][Adventure-Lite] Raindrops is so happy

    Author: Stormy Seas
    Description: Raindrops believes her cutie mark predestined her to be a weathermare, but she was not content with that life. Then fate helped her accidentally drop a piano on the head of Celestia’s star pupil. With Raindrops depressed and adrift, her friend Seafoam convinces her to take a sightseeing cruise with a captain she knows. Raindrops heads out with Salty Breeze, but when the tour runs into a strange event the pair find themselves lost at sea. Worse, a massive storm is approaching quickly. Together, they must make it back safely and, along the way, perhaps discover what’s been missing in Raindrops’ life.
    Raindrops Keep Falling

    Additional Tags: Slice-of-life, Advice, Sailing
  • Comic: In Which Vinyl Scratch Proposes / Squeezin It

    Click for Full

    I don't know how this whole Scratch/Octavia shipping thing came about, but it's growing on me.

    And Fluttershy is best squeaky toy.  

    Click for Full
  • We Love Fine Adds Messenger Bags, and Luna is Metal

    Our buddies over at We Love Fine have expanded their selection once again with messenger bags, because only the actual target demographic of this show uses backpacks these days.  I think it was college when I started seeing people ditch them for various other carrying devices.  It's just... cooler.

    They also added a new Luna shirt that sort of fell under the radar!  I can dig this.  She would make a perfect metal artist.  Just check out her chariot.  That thing is HARDCORE.

    Or... Celestia, shes hardcore too though!

    I am not sure if our coupon code works on these, but you can give it a shot anyway.   The link however does not, so hit up this page for them!

  • Comic: Lessons Learned / Baby Growth

    Just a one pager above, pretty deep though! That poor OC pony...

    And some Pinkie Pie being an awesome baby sitter below.  

    Click for Full!
  • Music: Cupcakes (Knoedels remix) / Winter Wrap Up (Winter Coolness Remix) / Evil Enchantress Rock?

    It's remix time! Two electronic, and one rock. I think the actual titles reveal their specific modified tracks well enough.

    1.) Cupcakes (Knoedels remix)
    2.) F3nning - Winter Wrap Up (Winter Coolness Remix)
    3.) Evil Enchantress Rock?

  • Episode Update: Hearts and Hooves Day

    Madmax does the best 80's Cheerilee. 

    We tossed Hearts and Hooves day up back when The Hub asked us to do a poll for their Valentines Day marathon, but it didn't have a synopsis.  Zap2it tossed one up, and I'm sure you will all go crazy over it (as always). 

    Check it out after the break!

  • Story Updates January 17th (Morning)

    I started playing age of empires and ignored the email box thinking it would be the normal slow night thing, but it totally wasn't.  I think I got all the story updates filed out of there!

    Also, you may notice a new button on the side bar.  We will have a post up about that tomorrow evening! 

    Have some after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #218

    I know some of you only read this part on the roundups, so I have a query for you all. 

    After the break, you will find a snow pony Twilight Sparkle.  I live in Arizona, so we don't exactly have that seasons thing everyone else does.  Is it too late in the year to run an event based around snow ponies?  Would anyone want to go out and build some?

    Anyway, have some news!