• Nightly Roundup #218

    I know some of you only read this part on the roundups, so I have a query for you all. 

    After the break, you will find a snow pony Twilight Sparkle.  I live in Arizona, so we don't exactly have that seasons thing everyone else does.  Is it too late in the year to run an event based around snow ponies?  Would anyone want to go out and build some?

    Anyway, have some news!

    300 Drafriends References and Full Downloads!

    A few days ago, a video showcasing all 300 drawfriends popped up. The guy that created it has compiled all of the files into downloadable character packs.

    He did axe shipping and grimdark though, so sadly you will need to locate those elsewhere!

    Check out the compilation here.

    Snowpony Twilight Sparkle

    I'm thinking of doing a snow pony event. Is it too late for most states to get snow? Living in Arizona, we don't really get to experience it much!

    Russian Winter Wrap Up

    Crazy other countries and their silly va's!


    Aside from the rock candy looking like absolute hell on the teeth, that might be really good!

    BroNYCon Carpooling/Plane Group

    Primarily for the midwest bronies out there, this is specifically a group that helps build something for those heading to New York. Check it out here!

    Fluttershy Dragon Skyrim Mod

    Oh god why is her mouth open what is going on here I am going to hide now.

    The Mane 6 React To SOPA Being Dropped

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Spanish Steam Group

    Gotta speak Spanish in this one!


    Christchurch, New Zealand Meetup

    Where: Botanic Gardens
    When: 28th of January 2012

    Houston Facebook Group


    Swtor Guild

    Server: Anturi Reach
    Faction: Republic
    Contact: Rarity in game, or [email protected]

    Minecraft Server



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Knitted Ponies
    Derpy Custom
    Pony Belts
    Customs/Knitted Comissions
    Scootaloo Beanie

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here