• Discussion: You Are Now a Princess/Prince!

    Princess Celestia has UPGRADED you for her new colonization project.  Apparently, Equestria is a bit too over-crowded!

    You have been teleported to the other side of whatever planet ponies inhabit, with 90 mares and 90 stallions (30 of each pony type per gender) . It's time to build a pony nation!

    Celestia is giving you a few preliminary choices though:

    1.) What type of environment would you like?  (Desert, Forest, Underwater Bubble Houses, Enchanted Sky City, Ect)

    2.) You can tame one type of beast that has been in the show so far for defense only.  Remember, ponies are peaceful! You have animals to do your dirty work!  Which one do you choose? (Manticore, Dragon, Hydra, Cockatrice, Ect)

    3.) What is your society primarily going to focus on? (Science, Worshiping Luna, Rapid Population Expansion, Reading a bunch of bad fanfiction, ect)

    You need to figure out how to incorporate each type of pony (earth, pegasus, unicorn) into your fledgling nation with the goal of becoming a utopia in under 10 years! Are your unicorns the ones that maintain your bubble houses while your hydra taming earth ponies farm kelp and Luna worshiping pegusai write bad fanfiction?

    Your a Celestia tier dictator, so it's all up to you!