• Music of the Day #174

    Why does this image make me think the hat is going to turn on her at any moment?

    Have some Music of the Day with 11 songs total while I go make sure that one of you douchebananas didn't curse it.

    [1] Source
    Nicolas Dominique - Sethisto Plushcore
    Instrumental - Plushcore

    Yep... he did it

    [2] Source
    Mogul Dash - Morning Shimmers

    [3] Source

    [4] Source
    Taps - Sound Barrier ft. Feather (Enlightened Remix)

    [5] Source
    Rainbow Rising by M Pallante
    Vocal - Rock

    [6] Source
    Pinkie's Brew Piano Cover: get the neighborhood bumpin edition

    [7] Source
    Luna comes to me in a dream
    Vocal - Folk

    [8] Source
    Von Victova - Octavia's Orchestra
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [9] Source
    Sprocket (music) - Starmetal : Nightmare Moon Prepares
    Instrumental - Prog Rock / Ambient

    [10] Source
    Restored - A Beautiful Heart - Callenby
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [11] Source
    [Psy-Trance] The Malevolent Nightmare Moon