• Convention Compilation - July 8th

    Lots of conventions going on lately, and more to come in the future! Have some headlines:
    • Fillypanana 2013 PRe-Event Conference
    • BronyCAN Travel Arrangements
    • Running of the Leaves Con Urgent News
    And full press releases below the break!

    Fillypanana 2013 PRe-Event Conference

    Fillypi├▒ana, the upcoming MLP fandom fair in the Philippines, has been quietly announced since last April, yet the important details are still kept a secret. Not to worries, Filipino fans, cause we here at Team Fillypi├▒ana will unveil everything thru a pre-event conference on August 31, 2013 at the Great Eastern Hotel - Manila, Quezon City.

    This pre-event conference will be the tell-all of the upcoming December fair, so expect the following to be revealed:

    - Date, venue, and admission rate
    - The three key areas named Market, Gallery, and Cafe
    - Highlight activities such as The Silent Auction and The Canvas
    - Participating merch sellers

    And many more to unveil on the conference!

    Plus, there'll be an open forum for everyone to ask questions or give suggestions. Plus prizes from Hatah Hatah and My Little Crafters await for the lucky raffle winners!

    Now, do you want to be one of the first to hear the announcement? Then head over to the pre-registration form by clicking this link and make a reservation! Only PhP 550 as attendance fee, including dinner.

    We hope to see you all Filipino fans here at the conference! ^_^

    BronyCAN Travel Arrangements

    Are you seeking to attend our convention but you may not have the means to get here? This announcement is for you! Force Start has collaborated with us in setting up travel arrangements to help bring you to BronyCAN!

    For Canadian attendees: We have several cross-Canada brony buses leaving from several locations in the eastern provinces. Buses will leave from Quebec City, Toronto, Sudbury, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary. If you are interested, feel free to read the details and sign up here (You MUST sign up before July 23rd, 2013):

    Sign-Up Sheet (Alberta Only):

    Sign-Up Sheet (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and other eastern provinces):

    Transport with us on our buses and you will be entered in to raffles for MLP merch such as DVDs, vinyl figurines, and figure sets, all valued at over $250!

    For United States attendees: You can book flights to Vancouver B.C. from your location in the US with United Airlines and American Airlines at a reduced price. Use promotion code "ZQET787750" at United Airlines or promotion code "A1883DA" at American Airlines and get 10% or 5% off your flight respectively! Discount codes are valid from August 18th to August 29th inclusively.

    That's all for now, and we hope to see you at our convention!

    We would like to remind everyone that those interested in registering for BronyCAN may do so via our website: http://www.bronycan.com/registration.html

    As well, anyone looking to purchase a hotel room for the event is encouraged to use our special promo code "BRONYCAN" to get an awesome discount exclusive to our attendees. (Free gift basket full of pony merch, Wi-Fi, airport shuttle, and parking included in price!): http://www.bronycan.com/hotel

    If you book a room at our hotel, the Executive Airport Plaza, you will be entered into our Hotel Booking Draw: http://www.bronycan.com/contest.html You could win an invite to our VIP dinner with our guests and staff, your hotel room, your two-day weekend pass, and a $100 gift certificate to spend on meals!

    Finally, we’ve got many more great announcements on the way, so make sure to follow us on Tumblr: http://ask-bronycan.tumblr.com
    , follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/BronyCAN, like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BronyCAN, and keep an eye on our website for the most up-to-date BronyCAN news!

    Running of the Leaves Con Urgent News

    Running of The Leaves Con Colorado needs your help. We need to sell hotel rooms or there will be no Running of the Leaves con. You see the hotel will only allow us to stay if a certain number of hotel rooms are sold by the end of August. Badges are $35 and a rooms start at $79 a night. More info can be found here.