• Night Roundup #16

    I think I fixed all that email crap.  It took forever, but it's done.  It also delayed the Nightly Roundup, again!

    I still need to do everything else so this will be a bit brief. 

    At The Gala Singing Project Seeks More 

    Another one of those "pile 50 people into 1 song and pray it sounds good" projects is under way, this time with At The Gala as the focus.

    If you want to join in on the festivities, you can find the ponychan thread here for all the information you could possibly want about it.

    Two Inch 4pack Pony Set Finally For Sale Online, Minus Ridiculous Prices

    These have been up on amazon for a while for 20 bucks, but a website called Entertainment Earth finally has them available for a reasonable price.  

    These things are probably the most show accurate toys out there, but they are very small, coming in at just under 2 inches in height.

    You can find them here for $10.50!

    Whining Confirmed as the Most Annoying Sound Ever, Rarity Beyond Pleased

    Rarity's super secret ultimate weapon has been scientifically proven to be the most powerful ability in known to man or ponykind!  Who would have thought that the fashionista would surpass even the supreme sun goddess and her sister in terms of raw ability?  You can find the article here!

    Pony Cupcakes and More! 

    This team of bronies has been hard at work at creating just about everything pony related.  One of their most recent concoctions is a whole slew of cupcakes with everything from Cutie Marks to Derpy Hooves.  You can find all of their creations here! And the person that submitted all of these asked me to give a shout out to her best brony Kaji, wishing them a happy birthday!  I'm pretty sure you guys have the cake covered, now go hit up the official party guide to really make it kick ass. 

    Another Brony Forums

    A Group from one of the FiM pony steam groups has set up a forum, and is looking for people to join in.  You can find it here!

    Shutterfly Escapes From the Depths of Hell! 

    BREAKING NEWS: Shutterfly, the mythological abomination of death and destruction, has recently been spotted creeping around Ponyville.   It is highly suggested that you avoid it at all costs!  The creature has been known to mercilessly slaughter innocent ponies, with seemingly no instinctual reasoning to back it up.  It just enjoys it!

    You can find real life footage of the beast here

    El Goonish Shive Plugs Ponies

    Another web comic has joined the herd, sadly it's only in the blurb below the actual comic strip.  You can find it here!

    Equestria Daily News


    I have cleaned up the 600 random emails in the other box, and hopefully dug through most of the important replies.  If I missed yours, feel free to let me know.  Pre-reader stories are again back on track, sorry about the wait.  Tomorrow might be a bit more fanfic heavy than normal, but that's what happens when they build up!

    And that is all for tonight;s roundup! A short one, I know, but I have a lot of stuff to do now that I'm done fixing the email problems!

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