• Nightly Roundup #17

    I didn't have time to do a drawfriend today, which is scary, because I have actual work tomorrow, and drawfriend posts take forever even with only one day of stuff to build from!

    This means no new Lyra for the image, sorry Phoe. 

    So have some Majoras Mask.   I downloaded that today, but an awesome person from here gave me Terraria on Steam, so now I have to go play that.  I already added the pony mod for it. 

    SCIENCE Needs Help in Determining the Best Episode to Convert Your Friends!

    A while back, I linked an experiment on ponychan that was using SCIENCE to determine what the absolute best episode to show off and convert new bronies is.  I'm adding a poll to the side bar on the bottom right.  Here is some copypaste that they have requested I tell you before you go vote, because typing all of this out in my own words would take forever!

    • Don't vote for your favorite episode; vote for the one you believe will make the most people join the herd.
    • It is encouraged that you read the ponychan thread before voting to get an idea of what they're looking for, but nobody will know if you didn't.
    • These eight episodes were chosen by a recent poll on ponychan. If the episode you would have chosen isn't on the list, it's because it wasn't popular enough in the poll.
    • The people running the experiment still need more volunteers, so if you want to expose your friends and family to the glory of Equestria, say so with a tripcode and email address in the ponychan thread FOR SCIENCE!
    So there you have it!  Now go help them out! You can find the ponychan thread here

    UK Friendship is Magic Air Date and Time

    A few days ago I had an announcement up about Friendship is Magic's big debut over in Europe.  It looks like boomerang will be rolling episodes out at 3:00 PM over in the UK.  No clue what time that is elsewhere over there in Europe, but I'm sure you guys can do the math!  You can find the page here

    Protoss VS PONIES, Who Will Win?  War Organizer Needs YOU!

    Someone over on Stacraft is creating a map based around Friendship is Magic, complete with an entire pony race.  He needs help from people that are experienced in skins and actors.  You can email him at this address if you are interested. 

    Ponies Invade Anthrocon, Furries Now at least 20% Cooler. 

    I know this is extremely controversial on several fronts, but I'm tired of answering emails about it.   Some crazy furry people have created Applejack and Rainbowdash costumes and paraded around a recent convention.  Have a youtube video!   No need to bombard this in comments!  I'm not really a fan of the culture thing either, but hey some of you apparently are so... yah!  Please just straight up ignore this if it isn't your cup of tea.  Or you can join the drama going on in the comments of the video instead! 

    Pony Toys Invade Peru!  Millions Fall to the Friendship Plague!

    I promised Phoe I would make the headlines more interesting, but her 3 semesters of journalism definitely make me look like a blundering fool.  Sorry guys!

    Anyway, pony toys are showing up over in Peru now.  You can find the video here!

    Sweetie Belle Derell Meme Doing.... I got Nothin


    Have a link

    New Key To Webcomic Success Found! Convert to Bronydom!

    Another slew of comics has joined the herd.  Have some links!

    This is Normal (As well as a few other comic pages!)
    Commander Kitty

    Someone needs to convince Madmax to set up a site for all of her pony comics.  She would make a fortune in shirts and coffee mugs.

    Saturate the World in Ponies One Birthday At a Time

    Target is currently carrying FiM birthday cards for $2.99 a pop.  I admit, that Twilight Sparkle is cute and all, but I think a new vector of her would be pretty neat...  I mean, they could just raid Deviant Art for some! 

    Screw Attack Covers Ponies, Proves Gaming Websites are Way Cooler Than Real News Media

    I'm glad at least some culture has absorbed the FiM so thoroughly.  Maybe we will see a pony game that isn't on [INSERT PORTABLE SYSTEM HERE] using [INSERT 30 DOLLAR ENGINE HERE]. 

    Or they can just hire this guy.

    You can find the Screw Attack article here!

    Sky Pigs Adds Ponies, Becomes Relevant. 

    A flash game most of you have probably never heard of (But is surprisingly fun) has added a possible shout out to FiM.  These ponies look reaaaly familiar....

    You can find the game here!

    Dash Mark Shoes! I'm Tired of Headlines!

    Phoe is crazy.  It's official.  I'm going to back into speed mode for the sake of not looking at the clock and wondering where the last hour and a half went, followed by the sudden realization that I still have 20 emails and an entire morning to schedule!  Have some Dash shoes from Kaji.

    Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me Plugs Bronies Again.

    That NPR game show thing invited Bill Clinton...and asked him questions about ponies.  The segment airs tomorrow, so I guess we will see how it all turns out?

    Equestria Daily News

    Media Archive Changes, Need Feedback!

    There is a media archive over on the right hand side bar for those of you who didn't know about it.  Inside, you can find a PMV section that I don't think anyone uses.  It's also a pain to sort.

    I'm considering just keeping specific sections of that archive, and axing everything else.   Trailers/PMV's are kind of pointless to store.  I don't really have a ton of quality control for the stuff.  The music section would be the least hit, since having easy access to 8bit brony and Eurobeat brony is really helpful. 

    What say you blog readers?  Do any of you actually use anything other than the story/art/news archives?

    And that is all for tonight's news! This took forever, and I have a ton of other stuff to do, so feel free to email me a list of typos! Thanks!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here