• MLP: CCG The Crystal Games New Theme Decks - Part 1!

    A new expansion for the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game means new theme decks, which are a great entry point for new players and a must-have for many players thanks to the great cards inside. For example, in this case we now have Mane Character cards for two of the most requested characters in Friendship is Magic! And that's only two of the five spoilers in this post!

    Today we have Adam from the MLP: CCG dev team here to say a little about one of the two theme decks new to The Crystal Games. Check it out below the break!

    The Crystal Games expansion for the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game is coming soon, and two weeks before booster packs arrive on shelves will be the release of the new Crystal Games Theme Decks, which highlight some of the set’s new mechanics and contain several exclusive Crystal Games cards.

    The first of the two theme decks is a Purple and Yellow deck fronted by Spike the dragon and a pegasus whose name I can’t quite seem to recall at the moment.

    As you can see, many of the Crystal Games Mane Characters flip a little more slowly than Manes from previous sets – but have particularly punishing effects when they do. Spike excels at playing his own Troublemakers while simultaneously keeping opposing Troublemakers out of his way, while Bubbly Mare makes it pretty difficult for a slow opponent to make use of too many banked actions all at once.

    This deck takes things a bit slowly, plays a lot of Troublemakers, and likes to win by sneakily manipulating faceoffs – something it has several ways to do!

    Hummingbird makes sure that your opponent plays fair and can’t win a faceoff by simply flipping more cards than you, and A Hasty Retreat can be a pretty potent surprise for an opponent who thought they had the edge in a faceoff – especially if they’re about to flip a card. These two cards can make it pretty dangerous to tangle with this deck once it gets going, especially when backed up by a few more new entries to MLP: CGG from The Crystal Games.

    Of course, all the magic tricks in the world can’t help you win a faceoff if you don’t have the action tokens to play them, so this deck packs some action ramp, too.

    Cheerilee is happy to generate some extra actions, and is well-practiced at keeping big groups of small Friends under control. Impatient opponents who try to develop their board too quickly with Cheerilee in play are likely to learn a costly lesson in restraint. An aggressive strategy that didn’t slow down to handle Cheerilee first would find its speed sorely tested. It could be argued that they would be taken to school. The joke is that she is a teacher.

    Between action ramp and faceoff manipulation, if you like to patiently build up your defenses and spring a trap on your opponent when the time is right, this deck will keep your opponent guessing. If on the other hoof you're more interested in keeping your opponent off-balance while you race them to the win then you'll want to read Part 2 of The Crystal Games Theme Decks, featuring Princess Cadance and the Cutie Mark Crusader!

    Thanks Adam!

    Like he said above, be sure to tune in next week for Part 2, showing off the other new theme deck. And don't forget: if you aren't checking out @MLP_CCG on Twitter and the Enterplay Facebook page then you might be missing out on new spoilers every day!