• Adventures in Equica: Unicorn Training Released!

    After a long wait Unicorn Training has finally released on GooglePlay! Are you guys ready to help Clover the young apprentice learn spells and take on dangerous dungeons? With over 10 different spells to learn and 9 dungeons to explore it's quite a bargain at $1 to own the full version. Not only that, money earned from the game will go towards an iOS port!

    Curious? Check on after the break for all the info you need on the game, a new game trailer, as well as where you can buy it!

     It's finally here! Unicorn Training is up on Google Play (and so is the free version!). The full version costs $1 and profits will help me buy a Mac so I can port to iOS someday. Thanks to everyone who kept this project alive by following my disorderly antics and boosted my morale enough to continue working even when I felt like just dropping everything and moving on.

    Now enjoy that game I promised!

    Master powerful magic, venture through dungeons, and explore the monster-filled forest of Equica!

    Clover is the unicorn apprentice of Grand Swirllock the Bearded. She needs to learn the 10 basic combat spells every mage must master to survive fights against the monsters of Equica.

    Beat the dungeons to unlock more spells and extend your life energy! Beat all the dungeon bosses to prove you’re tough enough to take on any dangerous quest!

    - Unlock 10 Different Combat Spells!
    - 9 Dungeons Crawling With Monsters & Treasure!
    - Plunder Caves For Gems & Items!
    - Find Cupcakes, Potions, and Power-Boosting Equipment!
    - A Vast & Mysterious Forest Awaits…

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