• Nightly Roundup #5

    Well, that was an interesting day, and an even more interesting drawfriend post.  Hopefully you all had fun in that little debate.

    Now on with the news, after the break!

    Ponies Crept up on Google Trends Top 20
    I'm a bit surprised at this one.  I know I have never googled "my little pony" before.  That tends to bring up...not so amazing results. 

    I could understand "Friendship is magic" or "Twilight Sparkle is the best pony", but definitely not the actual brand name!   People do seem to google very...strange things though.  Hopefully all those people looking up Army Wives found what they were looking for.

    Bronytoons Teaser Trailer
    Yesterday I had a news update about the Brony Toons group working on a fan animation.  They have released a teaser trailer for the show.  You can find it here! I know Hub doesn't usually shut these things down, but the old Zazzle shoe store got axed due to Dr. Whooves copyright infringement.  I hope they don't run into any issues there! 

    Bronies at AnimeNEXT
    Apparently there was a pretty big showing of bronies and general pony cosplay at the AnimeNEXT convention.  I think I might head down to kinkos and print a bunch of pony posters for the next one in Arizona!  I bet I'd make a fortune!

    Anyway, you can find all of their images here

    Ponies Take Over MMO-Champion
    A massive forum post over on the MMO-Champion website (Pretty much the main hub outside of the primary blizzard website for World of Warcraft) has hit the record books over there for largest post ever on the site.  Their Pony thread currently has 1580 PAGES of pure pony awesome.  You can find it here!

    VoodoPony Joins Bandcamp
    The new brony musician on the scene, VoodooPony, has set up a bandcamp page for all of this tracks.  You can find that here!  

    More Mumble Singalongs
    For those that found boundless amounts of entertainment in last night's ridiculous mumble brony singalongs, you can find two more embedded below!

    Another Roleplaying Forum
    Yes, another one!  For those of you who are into RP, you can find even more places to pretend to a pretty female pony with a perfectly combed mane (Not that this is a bad thing mind you).  That can be found here!

    Update Queue on EQdaily
    I have been getting a ton of emails about stuff that is currently in the update queue.  Right now it is...massive to say the least.  So please be patient.  Feel free to write another chapter and do a double update if you want!

    Hopefully you all found something to enjoy! Onward to tomorrow and the 40 emails in my box!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here