• Nightly Roundup #15

    Oh Lyra, you so silly.


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    Yahoo Reports Bronydom, Fails at Image

    Another news organization has jumped on the "report about ponies because everyone else is" bandwagon.  Yahoo has stepped up the podium with pretty much the same thing the last 6 have said, including a link to a random youtube pony-ized movie trailer.  I'm pretty sure there is a template floating around the internet that these guys use.  You can find the article here, complete with it's g1 hippopotamus pony header.  

    Laser Engraved Custom Medallions Now Available

    Another pony merchandise shop has popped up.  This one rolls with a relatively large selection of laser burned medallions.   

    The majority of the 57 Medallions available are pony, though there are a few mixed in from other cartoons/anime. 

    You can find the shop here!

    Heart Attack Inducing Flutterbunny Up For Grabs, Are You Pony Enough to Go For It?

    Eneha over on Deviant Art is raffling off a clay Fluttershy in a bunny costume.  It looks like each ticket to enter is going for 1$, with a maximum of ten per person and a bonus free one with the purchase of five.  If you are interested, you can find the mane website here, or more information on her deviant art page here!

    Bronies Invade German Streets, Pedestrians Blame Hooves On Sudden Increase in Sidewalk Mortality Rates

    Another crazy brony has bought himself a custom license plate dedicated to Friendship is Magic.   You guys are making it really difficult to resist going out and getting one of these for my car.  G&PTrixie maybe?  Can licence plates have & signs on them?

    Team Fortress 2 Whips Player-base Into Shape With Riding Crops

    Not pony enough you say!?  Well just because the show doesn't make use of riding crops, doesn't mean everypony doesn't have one tucked away in their dressers!  Besides, this is the daily update!  It's made for these types of highly unlikely correlations.  Anyway, you can find Valve's possible shout out to bronies everywhere on this page!

    Sims 3 Pony Mod

    Another game crossover has popped up! This time it's the full mane cast as humans as a downloadable mod for Sims 3!  For those of you who are into that game, you can find it here.  Now someone design some real pony models for it so I have a reason to buy it! 

    Another Game Company Comes Out of the Brony Closet

    It's short, it's buried, but its there for everyone to see.  Near the bottom of this page, the creators of games such as Blaz Blue and various JRPG's drop the following quote when asked what game they are most anticipating:
    "Ninja Gaiden [III], Bioshock: Infinite, the new My Little Pony game… I mean did I say that out loud?
    That might be cool, actually. Liking My Little Pony is cool these days."
    I can't wait until that statement is straight up fact.  You can find the interview here!

    Equestria Daily News

    How the queues work

    A lot of people ask me how the hell the queue's work on this site.  Most of you who have emailed me probably received a response something similar to "added to queue!" with terrible grammar or misspellings abound. 

    Primary Updates

    You have probably noticed that most of the stuff on this site happens hourly.  This is where the PMVs/Fanfics/Drawfriends/ect are posted.  My goal is to give everything a chance to shine at the top of the page for a bit.  It's what separates this site from youtube/deviantart/fanfiction.net where things are lost to a flood of updates. (Technically this was supposed to go up at 11:00, but it took a while)

    Story Updates/Channel Updates/Podcast Updates/Random stuff

    These fall into the :30's.  I can't schedule Updates like I can with everything else, so be prepared for some variation here.  The "Update Queue" is where everything for this goes, and I periodically drop them off as the days goes on. It does sometimes get backed up, forcing me to do double updates (as you saw about 10 minutes ago with those two stories)

    Breaking News

    This can happen at ANY time.  If some crazy season two revelation pops up, or Jayson Thiessen tweets that the studio caught on fire and everything was lost, it goes up immediately regardless of the time!  Obviously covering a single cartoon is pretty niche, so there aren't nearly as many of these as I'd like, but they do happen, usually once a day or so. 

    Everything else/Fighting with Cereal/Trixie takes over___

    It just "happens". 

    Pre Reader Slots Open Again

    If you are interested in pre-reading/reviewing stories before they are posted, I have a few slots open again.  It's a volunteer position, so you aren't really forced into anything particular.  A quick warning warning though; the conversations that happen in pre-reader "chat" can be pretty... overboard, so if saucy images in Drawfriend Stuff throw you for a loop, you might want to avoid it!

    Requirements: At least 3 stories on the site with a 4+ star rating.

    And that is all for the Nightly News Update.  I'm going to try doing these a bit earlier so I can actually sleep at night. (Assuming I don't get distracted by some amazing reason to make a banner or stuck reading a 30k word fanfiction)

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