• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 28

    See, it's not so bad! Helllloooooo again, everypony! So glad to see you all again. So sorry to have missed you all last night; after my eyes went crossed it seemed like it would be a good idea if I tried to get some extra sleep. You may have noticed that didn't wind up working out (although writing the news for a day was fun!), but in any event I am back with you all where I shall remain for the remainder of our time here in this event. We'll talk about the future a little more in a bit, ok? For right now, let's focus on the present. And the present is a dungeon master's dream come true, featuring a full 130 ponies locked up and chained to walls. There's so many bondage jokes I could make, but I'll restrain myself. I see Seth managed to forget to include our running total last night, but tonight we're back up and running with a stupendously amazing 5139 images. Talk about productivity!

    Of course, we can't forget the usual link to the submission guidelines now can we? As always, don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you need something from me. I'll always do my best to respond to a question. There's a firefly crawling on my curtain right now. How did it get in here? I'm sure glad we're back to stream of consciousness posting instead of last night's link dump aren't you?

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony cooking. Just like every other time I start to feel like I'm starting to make my themes overly specific and weird, I'm pulling us back to the simple happy times of a wide open theme rife with opportunities for puns. All forms of cooking are acceptable, including frying, grilling, steaming, smoking, and baking. As always, creative interpretations of any of these ideas are welcome alongside their straight mare cousins. Make me proud, my faithful students!

    So tonight I was smart enough to give myself some time to write here. So let's chat for a little about a subject that I know is on everypony's mind of late: when will the Training Grounds come to a close? I've been very coy on the subject all month, saying "the end of June" and then implying that it's a 30-day only event. I know that it's caused no small amount of confusion among you and I apologize for that. The truth of the matter is that I have never fully been able to make up my mind. Originally it was planned to run right up to the beginning of July, but as time wore on and my energy reserves depleted, I began to worry about my ability to keep coming up with interesting themes. At that point I jumped ship and started to consider the event in terms of being a 30 day project. It's a nice even number, right?

    Well, now that we're right up against the edge, I'm realizing I don't want it to end. This has been a long hard grind for all of us, but it has been more fun than I have words for. I look forward to writing this post every single night, even when I am deliriously tired. And I know myself well enough to know that when we do reach that final day, I am going to wind up crying like a mother who just dropped her child off at college. Actually, that's a very accurate description of how I feel about this. But the time is coming, and we all need to be prepared for that. For now, plan for it ending with Day 30, but please keep in mind the possibility that I will extend it up to next Thursday. There's also a very real chance we will be returning this event in an altered format after a break, so look forward to that! I think that's enough sentimentality for one night, let's go ahead and land on Jail (Just Visiting). I can't believe I just made a Monopoly joke. Cereal!

    1) By Thanqol (I do believe those first two years were the worst for Rarity, and I also believe that if things had gone on that way, this place would have got the best of her.)

    2) By ChaosDrop (Woah. Now THAT is a crossover!)

    3) By Gig

    4) By Tabs (This will be a recurring theme tonight.)

    5) By Garlic (This pony lucked out on his special talent.)

    6) By Tabs (While here, I'll have to ship Rainbow Dash with Braeburn and find a way to like it. I envy Tantalus pony over there.)

    7) By Artrageous (I'm being very lenient with late Madmax entries, because Madmax.)

    8) By Tarynsgate

    9) By EssAeEm (Don't eat yellow snow!)

    10) By nekoneko

    11) By Filly-pino

    12) By FoxOfWar (I would totally listen to a radio show broadcasted from the moon. Especially one run by Scratch and Octavia.)

    13) By Goggle Sparks (Once you're in the Derpy Zone, it's tough to get back out. Because you can't see straight.)

    14) By Goggle Sparks

    15) By Spaerk (D'aww, poor Celly. She had strict parents.)

    16) By Emerald Dust (Happy birthday!)

    17) By Easteu (Is that Star Control? o.o)

    18) By Saphin

    19) By Philith (Being a prisoner of your own mind is my idea of nightmare fuel.)

    20) By Immersa (She's making that face because she just wanted to ask me if I'd return her audio book, and where did all those Goombas come from?)

    21) By Smock (Eeeeeeee, look at the tiny Fluttershy!)

    22) By Sergeant Sprinkles: World's Greatest Party Clown##buttduster64 (The dungeon is implied. Moving on.)

    23) By Infinity

    24) By Alipes

    25) By Invidlord (Oh, so she's a Jedi. That makes sense, actually.)

    26) By Interrobang Pie (Yo dawg, we heard you liked dungeons so we made this ancient joke.)

    27) By MHPayne

    28) By DB (Celly is a firm believer in contrapasso.)

    29) By toonboy92484

    30) By Uncle Leo

    31) By Farvei (Those are some neat scribbbles.)

    32) By Nido Media (Well damn it. This sucks.)

    33) By Nullh (This is not the happy kind of bondage. Poor Fluttershy.)

    34) By Partition (Celestia is pleased you had fun at summer camp, and hopes the lessons you learned there will last you a lifetime.)

    35) By Tabs (Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?)

    36) By DJ Rainbow Dash

    37) By Mr.Paulsen (The Pony and the Pendulum.)

    38) By Mere Jump (Turns out Derpy took over Equestria!)

    39) By GonzaHerMeg (It's surprising how often that turns out to be the answer.)

    40) By EssAeEm (This right here? This is 6 star brilliance. Bravo, sir.)

    41) By Atlur (I've often wondered why the pony depicted on the moon isn't Nightmare Moon more often.)

    42) By Sherlock Hooves (Maybe a little.)

    43) By Ori (How many ponies were rescued from their Happy Meal prisons? All of them!)

    44) By Ori

    45) By Vergioso

    46) By Dangereaux (Or two!?)

    47) By Chris

    48) By TensaiOni (Don't worry, Locke will be along shortly.)

    49) By Kitsune (Reversal of fortune!)

    50) By rich-tea (That's a pretty clever interpretation of the theme.)

    51) By T-Brony

    52) By Santa Claus (That's not what my desktop looks like at all. I don't have any shortcuts.)

    53) By SelectFew

    54) By WoefulWriters

    55) By Andï (Later Luna sends her to the asteroid belt for usurping her cutie mark.)

    56) By Justanotherpony (Can't get enough of these shrunken ponies.)

    57) By Chromadancer (Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh)

    58) By Jiyrath

    59) By ASGallardo (I like the use of their manes as the frame.)

    60) By Horizon Bound (Well hello there!)

    61) By Da Chi (This is... totally a lie. Yeah.)

    62) By DiZaster321 (If this doesn't make sense, go read Spark.)

    63) By DI-FL

    64) By Chocolate Splash

    65) By kits (I feel like a jerk.)

    66) By nissa_lion (Haha, oh dear. Poor New Mexico.)

    67) By The LaughingMare

    68) By Zach (Welcome to Candyland!)

    69) By PenguinPlayer

    70) By Amehdaus (By your own rules, I guess this is -10 points. Shame, I like the pixel art.)

    71) By Rydel

    72) By GeekyHooves

    73) By Brongaar (Hey there, Tirak!)

    74) By Colin (I bet that gets dizzying after a while.)

    75) By Lee Readman

    76) By purpletrauma

    77) By Kt Kat (Tiny ponies! Gleeeeee!)

    78) By Randomjack (What actually happened last night.)

    79) By MasterofRoku

    80) By 041744 (So close and yet so far.)

    81) By Argembarger (I'm sorry they aren't all winners.)

    82) By fetchbeer (Unlike me, many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment, and will die here like rotten cabbages. It was cabbages, right? I think it was cabbages. I'm not 100% on my Prisoner jokes.)

    83) By Rachel (Cats get banished to trees, apparently.)

    84) By Spurs (I love oil pastels.)

    85) By Relias (Muffin? Muffin!?)

    86) By Prismatic Pretzel

    87) By Erica C (Phoe Approved.)

    88) By Kooldude

    89) By RaspleZS

    90) By Kelz

    91) By badzerg (I'm so sorry I keep doing this to you.)

    92) By Ambrose

    93) By Kloudmutt (I have nothing clever to say. Excuse me.)

    94) By Neoridgeback

    95) By Buddy Vox (If only she had fingers.)

    96) By Pcjoyce

    97) By rabidcow147 (A classic mistake!)

    98) By Tenchi Outsuno

    99) By Albert (I feel like you could devote a whole show to Derpy trying to get a muffin and Celestia stopping her in some way.)

    100) By Lunar Apologist (I gigglesnorted.)

    101) By Colt.45

    102) By Kerrus

    103) By Frith (Your anecdotes about all the sharing of ponies with those around you never fail to make me smile. This picture is rather serene, too.)

    104) By Natry (I don't actually hate you, Celestia. Can I come home yet?)

    105) By Starlight Bolt

    106) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi (Glad to see you're sticking with the story!)

    107) By Muffinsforever (That's a very well done Canterlot Castle up there. Also, muffin cube!)

    108) By A Terrible Person (The answer is yes, but Celly gives as good as she takes.)

    109) By Shockwave

    110) By Windfall (If I knew how to code I'd get her out of there.)

    111) By TapeDiggity (You're right; the lighting on this one came out fantastically.)

    112) By Thattagen (I'm really, really sorry.)

    113) By nuclearsuplexattack

    114) By Eeful

    115) By DJ RBDash (So many tiny ponies. And this one's a Lyra!)

    116) By Keinherz

    117) By Sagebrush

    118) By Virga Rainboom (This is the best punishment ever.)

    119) By Fox E: (o.o)
    Linked for Phoesauce. The most prominent kind of sauce in this event. Buh?

    120) By Leaf Growth

    121) By djTeka (Aw.)

    122) By Passer Palmatum

    123) By Drilltooth

    124) By Liska (How did you get locked in the fridge?)

    125) By Circuit Mane

    126) By Starlite

    127) By ShoeboxWarrior

    128) By BronyQuest

    129) By Heireau/HarrowTprower

    130) By Periphery

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