• TV Pony Movie on the Way

    Over at the Toy Faire 2013 Investor Relations event, it looks like a bit of information is coming out relating to a TV release pony movie is popping up.  Have  a quote:
    Whoa! Mr. Frascotti acknowledged “Bronies”; thanked them for being great fans. My Little Pony TV Movie announced. He also mentioned that there will be a New IP for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. This new IP is for Older Girls; Teenage and above. The name of the IP will be revealed at a special “Pink Carpet Event” at San Diego Comic Con 2013. My best guess is that this is the rumored “Equestria Girls” trademark.
     I guess we won't find out everything about it for a while here, though knowing pony, something is bound to pop up eventually!

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in.

    (Update) Have a slideshow. (or here)

    (Update) Head on down below the break for the audio version from the actual announcement!