• Nightly Roundup #1046

    Just because you're asleep doesn't mean you can avoid spending a day with Pinkie!

    News time my friends, get it after the break.

  • Nightly Discussion #96

    It was genius of the show staff to give Equestria such a long history. With 1000+ years to explore there is almost an unlimited amount of history you can cram into MLP without it seeming out of place or excessive. Hopefully we get lots of world building next season!

    Hope you all had a great Sunday. Relax in the comments and chat!

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  • Music of the Day #369

    I like to think this is a regular occurrence at Fluttershy's house. Random ex villains sneaking visiting for tea. 

    And then there was dubstep. Get your Music of the Day below!

  • Adiago Dazzle TV Commercial

    For those of you curious about how the actual EG dolls are being marketed this time around, we have a new TV commercial for the Adiago Dazzle and Twilight Sparkle ones.  Expect the usual if you have watched kids TV in the last few years.  Get it below!

    Thanks to Jason and Berry for sending it! 

  • Story: Gravity

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Avox

    Description: While digging around the Royal Canterlot Library, Princess Twilight stumbles across an old friend.


    Additional Tags: Old Friendships Will Never Die
  • My Little Pony Lanterns Pop Up on French Website

    A french website going by the name of trousselier has bunch of these lanterns from that toy fair from a while back  up for sale at the moment.  Just Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle are available, but they do come in an assortment of colors for you to choose from.

    While they don't appear to be popping up on English speaking sites yet, others from the fair have shown up over time throughout various major retail chains.  Chances are these will to!

    More images below.

    Thanks to James for the heads up. 

  • Story Updates - August 31st

    I think this Twilight Sparkle has seen the front page here more than any other image on EQD.

    Time for story updates! Go get them below.

  • Comic: Be Kind / DIscorderly Conduct / Luna Academy 3

    It can be hard to feel good about yourself at times, but it's a good thing to sit back and think of all the good things in life and all the people that love you to give you proper perspective. Maybe we can all learn a little bit from Derpy here, eh?

    Lots of comics today, appropriate for a Sunday. Click for full!

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  • Drawfriend Stuff #1274

    I have no idea who Duchess is, but that image is awesome.  Those colors, that detail, the cute ears.  It's perfect.

    Get some art below!

    [1] Source
    Duchess (commission)

  • Animation: Lyra ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Something short and sweet, with some surprising Russian accents on Bonbon and Lyra. Expect the water buckets.  Expect the angry Bonbon. Get it below!

    Thanks to Dvixer for sending it! 

  • Five Nights at Pinkie's

    The Living Tombstone released a new Five Nights at Freddies song yesterday, and in usual pony way, it has already gotten the Pinkie Pie treatment.  Could you survive 5 nights at Pinkies? Would you even have the guts to check out the cameras?

    Get it down below.

  • Discussion: What Oldschool My Little Pony Villain Do you Want to See Return Next?

    We see oldschool stuff creep into our newschool ponyland all the time, with Tirek probably being the most significant.  An old villain was brought back and beefed up for our millennial brains to absorb (or older fans to nostalgia about). 

    It turns out, older generations of MLP had quite a few big villains throughout their episodes, from The Smooze to a creepy bee thing called Queen Bumble .  Some actually have really interesting concepts overall, that we could probably see work well in modern day Equestria.

    So good citizens of Equestria Daily.  You have once again been given that blank check to summon any old villain from any of the previous generations of My Little Pony for a revamp.  Who do you want to see return?  Who would you have voice them?

    A good list can be found over here in the Antagonists section.
  • Comic: Her Number One / Speed Demon / She Can't Decide / Crazy Future / A Tricky Morning

    I know not everyone likes this ship, but I do find it adorable at the very least! Hopefully we get more Spike and Rarity moments in the future.

    Comic time again gang! Click for full!

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