• Avril Lavigne Drops Ponies to Her 53,000,000 Facebook Followers

    What is with famous people lately? It's like every day a new one is posting a pony reference or something. You have probably heard of Avril Lavigne here if you grew up in the last few decades. Shes kind of a big deal. Now all of her Facebook followers get to bask in her ponyness. Friendship really is magic.

    Thanks to SerenaTheMoonPony for the heads up!

  • Nightly Discussion #362

    I heard you all don't appreciate that bat song thing from season four. Incredibly ridiculous. Discuss why you dislike this concept thingy.

    Or go discuss whatever below!

  • Dev Guy on Steam Has a Bunch of Pony Stuff

    Quite a few of you have sent this one in over the past few days, but no one sent any screenshots! We finally have some, and they do not disappoint. A new game on steam called "Dev Guy" has a whole bunch of little pony references in it. Everything from posters on the wall, to wallpaper cutie marks, a mini-figurine, and even what appears to be a pony themed mini-game are included. 

    Head on down below the break for a bunch of screenshots!

  • 99 Episode Celebration - 9 Of the Best Songs of the Last Five Seasons!

    Pony has always had a huge musical presence, from the simple short jungles like Giggle at the Ghosty, to the epic ballads that cross entire episodes. Each season usually ushers in roughly sixteen new songs.

    Continuing on from our 99 episode celebration covering characters the other day, we hit the songs now! Expect fangasming, expect history, expect glorious pony music!

    I should probably mention, than these are in no specific order and are our opinion, so feel free to drop your fav's in the comments. Everyone loves different things about this show, that's what makes it so great!

    Head on down below the break to check out our top 9 songs of the last five seasons!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #1542 - ADVENTURE

    Bad news! The art compiler broke. Good news! We have art anyway. It's just in the super oldschool format. Lets start with some Daring Do to represent the adventure in that, and get a bunch of art down below!

    Source 1

  • Story: Night Rose

    [Slice of Life][Romance]

    Author: Grand Moff Pony

    Description: The sun has set, the moon has risen, and crowds fill the ancient streets of Marecelona to celebrate the night away. Among them walks a solitary mare in a long red coat. Few notice her, but those who do know exactly why she is there. She is there to dance.

    Night Rose

    Additional Tags: The dance of a lifetime
  • Ponies Are Now... Kirby? Radz Announces My Little Pony Candy Dispenser

    Just in case you haven't been surprised enough lately, we now have yet another toy line of pony figurines on the horizon. Radz has all but applejack in their very Kirby-esque form coming blind box style along with in the packaging found up above. The core concept is to dispense candy if that wasn't obvious. 

    Have the exact product description from over here:

    Radz Brands launches My Little Pony Characters in their exciting line of toy candy dispensers. This new Radz co-branded collection includes four of the hottestMy Little Pony characters: Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie! Each pony comes with a candy refill pack and a mini My Little Pony character poster.
     It looks like Applejack isn't included unfortunately. Probably due to that hat!

    Get an image of the dispenser below the break.

  • Grand Brony Gala adds Claire (Sweetie Belle) and James Corlett

    Conventions keep on building up their army of guests! We have Sweetie Belle and her dad James heading to Grand Brony Gala in July for all you Floridians out there. Head on down below for the press release and announcement video!

  • PMV: Pony Soda

    Such glorious synching. In a world where most PMVS are focusing on effects these days (and still cool at that), it's nice to see one of these "match the music perfectly" ones. Get it down below!

  • Animation: A Paper Derpy Concatenation

    Derpy has been pretty big in the news lately, so lets celebrate with more paper Derpy! Expect the same Paper Mario charms you have come to expect from the series. Get it below.

  • "Master of Parasprites" Game Heads into Dungeons

    It has been a while since that Master of Parasprites game first appeared. Our last video involving it took place in a grassy field against some earth elemental looking monsters. The game engine has since been changed, and the team upgraded from a single person to two.

    You can find a demonstration of the main pony character walking around in a dungeon below.

  • Past Sins Animation Part 2 Releases

    For those following Cross Guard's Past Sins animation series, the second installment has released! Expect to be confused if you don't follow the book or series, but if you do, it has improved a lot over it's first incarnation.

    Get it below!

  • More 14 Dollar Shirts Arrive

    As always for new episodes, we have more fourteen dollar shirts appearing. And once again, teepublic is the place for them. Imagine that! Have some links:

    Filly Dash and Gilda
    You're The most Basic of Jokes 
    Got Bits?

    Thanks to Micheal, Andrew, and everyone else for the heads up.