• Story: Until Forever

    [Slice of Life][Sad]

    Author: Pascoite

    Description: Ponies gravitate toward Twilight. Through charisma or just getting thrown together by circumstance, she's gained a lot of friends, but when has she ever simply walked up to a pony and said, "I'd like to be your friend"? Time for the Princess of Friendship to fix that.

    Until Forever

    Additional Tags: Lesson learned the hard way
  • CAHHRAZY stuff in Episode 100 of Friendship is Magic - What do you Think?

    Without revealing anything spoilery, William Anderson talked about the 100th episode of the season, already promised to be something special if the SDCC panel was any indication.  From his quote, it sounds like some amazing stuff is on the way for it.  Get that and more below to avoid the spoilers!

  • Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #47

    Got to admire the effort put into these medals! I can totally see a pony general wearing some o these.

    Lots of stuff going to BronyCon, check on after the break to see what you can expect at the convention!

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    Pony Military Medals

  • Story Updates

    Who is your favorite ship? Hopefully one of these fanfic posts covers that.  Now go get some updates!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #1241

    I'm sold on that moonblade thing people keep drawing Luna with, in both scythe form and more moony form. Best warrior pony.  Someone mod her into Dota 2 so I can go play that. 

    And below the break, more moonblade, and more art!

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    Warrior of the Moon

  • Story: Exit Through Canterlot (Update: Complete!)

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: TheBrianJ
    Description: After the most important night of her career is ruined and its saboteurs not even so much as punished, Octavia's life changes. She begins to pursue a path that has never been seen before in Canterlot, where concertos and rhapsodies give way to controversy and rebellion.

    A path where symphonies are composed not with instruments, but with spray paint.
    Exit Through Canterlot (Update Part 19-Epilogue!)

    Additional Tags: Expression, Controversy, and Street Art
  • Animatic: Everyday A Little Death

    The Count of Monte Cristo series has hit it's next installment, with SPIDERS, Dash being sad, and more.  If you have watched the last two, you know what to expect.  Get it down below!

  • Comic: Crushed to Death / Worst Background Pony / It's Not My Fault I'm a Horse 3 / Bento Pox

    Trixie sure does make a good Snidely Whiplash sort of villain in MLP. Might be easier to stay reformed Trixie!

    More comics guys! Click for full!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Hot Topic Variant Cover for #22 Revealed

    Considering Weird Al released his latest album recently it makes sense that we'd get a Cheese Sandwich cover from Hot Topic! I'm sure Trixie wouldn't mind sharing the limelight. You can nab this edition starting August 13th!

    Thanks to The Illustrious Q for sending it in.

    Twitter: Calpain

  • Game: Medieval Equestria Project

    If you've been to any conventions within the past year or so you might have seen this little game at one of the booths at BronyCon, BABSCon, and Everfree Northwest. When I first saw it at BronyCon 2013 it was still in its earliest of stages and showed promise, but after seeing it again at Everfree Northwest this year I was blown away at the sheer potential this game concept has.

    If you're a fan of open ended exploration and discovery this game sounds like it will be right up your alley! But to make it a reality the game needs help. Now that the basics have been established, the game lead Raynaron is looking for a variety of skilled individuals to contribute to this adventure and make it a reality!

    Check on after the break for more information on the game (including a video) and info on how you can help!

  • Cosplay Compilation #15

    Chrysalis cosplays are always my favorite. They are just so varied.  I'm cool with the sword with holes in it here.

    And below the break, loads of cosplay! Now go!

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    Queen Chrysalis III

  • OFFICIAL DJ-Pon3 Remix Album Planned for This Fall from Hasbro

    Like pony remixes? It's something we do all the time here in the fandom.  It looks like Hasbro is jumping on board with Lakeshore Records by hiring the producter behind I, Frakenstien, and Underworld Awakening for an EDM album of pony remixed pony songs. 

    The exact description:

    DJ PON3 started out as a background character who never actually speaks on the show.  As an electronic music DJ, she lets the music she spins speak for her,” says Matthew Proulx, director, brand marketing & business development of Hasbro Studios.  The album will feature original remixes by various artists from a selection of the series’ own music, originally written by Composer Daniel Ingram.  Stay tuned for the full roster of album artists and track listing.  DJ PON3: MLP Remixed is expected to release this fall.

     I'm going to file this one under awesome.  Get the full press release below the break.

    Thanks to Curtis for the heads up!

  • Stay Brony My Friends Charity with Ian and Claire Corlett

    That's right everyone, you get two awesome pony folk for the price of one this time around on Stay Brony My Friends as Ian and Claire Corlett pop up on the show. Claire is of course the adorable voice of Sweetie Bell while her father did the voice of Silver Shill.

    As is usual with Stay Brony My Friends we have another opportunity to support a charity of the guest's choosing! While most of the charities on the show have been for humans in need, Claire and her dad thought we shouldn't forget about our furry friends as well and has asked for donations to the British Columbia SPCA.

    There are some prizes to be won for your contributions so check on after the break to find out how you can participate!