• GIANT Luna Portrait Built with 19,000 Legos

    Sometimes you all amaze me. It's hard to do that with 5 years under my belt,  but it still happens. This is one of those times. Someone going by the name of Kristopher has put together a whopping 19,000 Legos to create this gigantic, 75 inch squared Luna portrait. I can't even draw Luna, much less create her out of a humongous pile of plastic bricks.

    Get another image below!

  • Friendship is... Raptors? New Mod for Ark: Survival Evolved Arrives

    If you follow me at all outside of EQD chat boxes, you probably know that I'm a pretty huge proponent for ponifying absolutely everything. Harry Potter? Ponify it. World of Warcraft? Ponify it. Shawshank Redemption? Morgan Freeman would make a great pony. Imagine my amazement when I opened the submit box to find this.

    Did we need to ponify raptors? Probably not. But why not celebrate it now that it has already been done? Look at how cute Fluttershy's talons are. Best raptor.

    Get a bunch of images and a place to get it below!

  • EFNW 2016: Chantal Strand & Shannon Chan-Kent to Attend

    Making one of their first appearances since being reformed this season, the voices of Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara are making their way to EFNW next year! That's right, Chantal Strand (Diamond Tiara) and Shannon Chan-Kent (Singing voice for Pinkie and VA for Silver Spoon) will be attending this coming year!

    Check on after the break for the full details.

  • We Love Fine Black Friday Sale Pony Part Begins

    Happy Black Friday week! Yep, it's a week long now. Or a month in some cases! We Love Fine has been doing daily deals on various fandoms, and today marks the start of the My Little Pony section until the 27th of the month.All the pony stuff is now available at a reduced price with the following codes:

    Use code MLPFAN15 for 15% off all purchases
    Use code MLPFAN25  for 25% off purchase over $75

    Head on over here for pony stuff! 

  • Pony Riding Up Into Space

    A Brony working at the NASA facilities in Florida decided to do something a bit exciting! They decided to put a little pony on one of the resupply crates heading to the International Space Station. Scheduled to ride up on the Progress 62P craft on December 21st, this pony will join the few ponies that have made it into space so far!

    Fare well little pony!

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  • Fan Animation Equestrian Tales Releases Some Awesome Animatic Shots

    What is looking to be one of the next major fan animation projects has released an animatic style showcase of their upcoming project. If you aren't sure what that is, be sure to catch up on their earlier promo. It's pretty awesome looking.

    Anyway, go get it below!

  • European Apple Bloom Magazine Figure Appears

    If you are one of the many people collecting the My Little Pony magazine figures over in Europe, Applebloom has started showing up in Russia. Now that the princesses are out of the way, it's looking like the CMC are next on the chopping block.

    Get more images below!

  • Early Morning Discussion #352

    Amazing that Pinkamena, the dark side of Pinkie, has hung on for so long. I guess people really like this alter ego, huh?

    Time for some morning chat!
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  • Agnes Garbowska SPOC Sneak Peek Friendship is Magic #39

    Even while on vacation—in Japan—Agnes Garbowska still finds time to get work done. While traveling on a long train ride—in Japan—Agnes decided to pass the time drawing away. What did she draw while in Japan? Ponies of course. And she tossed up this little Single Panel out of Context Sneak Peek from Japan!

    I wonder… since she did this comic work while in Japan would this technically mean that she's an MLP Manga Artist now? Like S-Bis and Akira Himekawa are?

    Anyways, for those of you tired of me referencing an old Ed, Edd, and Eddy joke can check out the sneak peek after the break!

  • Writer's Training Grounds: "The Mane Attraction" Prompts / "The Hooffields and the McColts" Submissions

    Which of Coloratura's appearances do you like better? Pop star or plain pony?  I've seen both opinions these last few days.

    Time for our second-last writer's training grounds this season.  Get your prompts below!

  • Nightly Discussion #542

    Very important instructions to have when dealing with a pony. You don't want to mess up your first impression do you?

    Evening my friends! Ready to chat?
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  • Drawfriend Stuff #1722 - Heart Attack

    What ever started the heart attack induced by cuteness thing? Is that even real? Maybe it's all a made up internet thing. All of this is a lie.

    Have a possible heart attack, then get some art below.

    [1] Source

    Comfort Winter by Bugplayer

  • Lauren Faust No Longer Working on Medusa

    Awhile back we reported on one of Lauren's new projects 'Medusa' and unfortunately we have some sad news for you Faust fans out there. Apparently she is no longer directing the project as according to Lauren:
    “I very much enjoyed my time at Sony Pictures Animation and was extremely excited about the progress our amazing team was making on Medusa,” Faust told Cartoon Brew today. “But, as it happens at so many studios with so many projects, we ultimately ran into creative differences on the direction of the project. I do not know if Medusa has been shelved, but I am no longer working on it or at Sony.”
    According to Sony the project has not been shelved, but regardless of the circumstances we wish Lauren the best and look forward to her future projects.

    Thanks to PinkiePie97 and SleepySteve for sending it in!


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