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    Daily reminder that Dash has a cute side. 
  • Nightly Discussion #56

    For some reason I can totally picture Lyra making a metal band. I wonder what other bands ponies in Ponyville would make if they had a chance. I bet there would be some surprises that's for sure.

    Start of a new week, but that doesn't mean we have to quit chatting. Dive into the comments below!

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  • Music of the Day #348

    Dash with bubbles. I have absolutely nothing constructive to say about that.

    Get some music of the day below!

  • Second Round of Micro-Series Comics Appearing in Stores

    The next set of Micro-Series comics have started trickling into stores.  These in particular were found at Wal-Mart, as well as Toys R' Us.

    For those that don't know what these are, they basically resemble the main pony comics in micro form, with a bonus sticker, micro poster, and tattoo. 

    More images below! Thanks to @NemariaCosplay for the heads up.  

  • Spotlight Music: Alikorn / The Last Octave / Smile On

    Octavia always did look better with a messy mane. Clean cut and proper is so 30 years ago. 

    We have a Silva Hound Kife Pony collab to start, followed by some Octavia based drumstep with vocals to top it off, and finish with a bit of rock from Vylet.  Get all below!

    1.) Knife Pony & Silva Hound - Alikorn (Instrumental - Progressive House)
    2.) Starlight & Faux Synder - The Last Octave (Vocal - Drumstep)
    3.) Smile On | Pony! | Vocals by Vylet | Coming Soon to Horse Friends Pt. 2 (Vocal - Rock)

  • Pop Lyra and Cheerilee Listed on Amazon

    Like Cheerilee? How couldn't you.  Shes the best teacher.  I'd let her teach me.  I bet I wouldn't suck at math if she was my teacher. 

    And what about Lyra? What fanon is your favorite with her? Hands and madness, relationship with Bonbon, or both?

    Anyway, we have two more POP figures appearing over on Amazon.  Expect the usual replaceable manes, tails, and other objects.  Get a bunch of images below, or get Cheerilee here and Lyra here!

  • Ponies Around the World 2014 Submissions - Day 2

    There is a part of me that dreads this event each year, not due to how many submissions we get, but because of how much I end up wanting to travel after seeing it. Some of these locations just look awesome.  The mountains in that one up there with the giant golden statue are already on my bucket list now.

    It's always cool to see how much ground we cover as a community.  Literally every country has been hit at this point I think. 

    And if you missed the last post, you can find that over here:
    Ponies Around the World Day 1

    Now get your daily ponies taking over the world below!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #1233

    I keep forgetting how epic that finale was, and you guys keep reminding me.  I wonder how they will top it next season? Will Twilight ascend to an even more powerful form? Will it go all the way to Dragon Ball Z levels with galaxies collapsing and dimensions being torn asunder?

    Get your art below as always!

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    Taste da rainbow

  • Equestria Publications - Past Sins Printing Round 2

    Equestria Publications is running it's second round of printing for the hardcover version of Past Sins.  This is a crowd run campaign, so if they don't hit enough, they won't be able to run it.  The first edition was a huge success, so they are hoping to get the rest of the people out their copies of their own.

    Actual cost for the book will be determined by how many they can bulk order, so only signups are available right now.  If you want in on it, head on over here. Hopefully they can get enough interest to get another round going!

  • Ponymania Photo Finish Brushable Now for Sale

    Joining the Equestia Girls version is a brushable Photo Finish figure in the Pony Mania line, we have the actual pony popping up now too.  This one clocks in at 10 bucks total, which is technically cheaper than some of their previous special edition ponies at Toys R' Us.  I guess we will see if she will shoot up in price like Zecora did back in the day?

    Get her over here!
  • Story: Cold Light


    Author: Scramblers and Shadows

    Description: Ponies discovered the world of Amaranth three years ago -- a desert world filled with the ancient and mysterious artefacts of a dead civilisation. It has become the new frontier: Salvor airships seek riches, sky pirates prey on the weak, and idealists seek to unify the disparate.
    Scootaloo, now a young mare, has gone missing in Amaranth. Sweetie Belle follows, in search of her friend, but stumbles upon the secret behind Amaranth -- and soon finds herself the target of a number of powerful and dangerous ponies, and in the midst of a plot that could destroy Equestria.

    Cold Light

    Additional Tags: Steampunky, New Weird adventure tale.
  • Hasbro Misses Revenue Mark, Makes Gains in Boys and Girls Toys

    The revenue report for Hasbro is out and while the company as a whole missed out on its revenue mark for the quarter, causing shares to drop, there were definite gains in the boy and girl divisions. While games and preschool products took hits, the girls division which comprises MLP rose 10% while the boys division saw strong sales of action figures due to the release of Transformers and the popularity of Spider Man and Iron Man.

    Looks like even when Hasbro is in a slightly rough spot we can count on ponies to help keep the company on solid ground. Not only that, the Daily Finance makes note that competitor Mattel's Barbie is losing appeal as kids switch to brands like MLP that have stories that appeal to kids of that age.

    If you want the technical details, check out the two articles this info came from below! Thanks to everyone for sending this in.

    DailyFinance Article
    Reuters Article

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  • Piano Style: Rainbow Factory Solo and Duet

    We've posted a few of these, and you all seem to enjoy them. Interested in seeing what piano style looks like for Rainbow Factory? Head on down below the break to check it out!