• Wallpaper Compilation #134

    Bat ponies? Bat ponies. I'd join Luna's guard. Clearly superior in every way.

    We haven't seen many wallpapers come in lately, so it's a bit short. No sense sitting on these for another month though! Get 25 wallpapers below!

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    Honor and Duty

  • Story Updates - March 29th

    Story update time! Visit the school house, the moon, or wherever. Yay Fanfics!

  • Beware the Horns

    This video does make a good point doesn't it? All these unicorns causing all this trouble in Equestria. You would think a race of ponies that can seemingly do anything would be a bit more responsible!

    Get some horn warning below.

    (Note: Season 5 Spoiler near the end )

  • Drawfriend Stuff #1484 - I Love Derpy

    Look at that Derpy. What pony of perfection right there. Some say her wall eyes are a disability, I say they are her greatest feature.

    Cheesy I know.

    Go get some art.

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  • Animation: Muffin Breaker

    I bet a bunch of you out there have never played one of these side scrolling beat-em-up games before. For those old people like me, have some nostalgia in the form of Derpy and Sonata Dusk woopin changelings.

    It's rad dude.

  • Story: Of Angels

    [Slice of Life] 

    Quote: An intimate look inside the mind of a character who would never allow us this glimpse if he could help it.
    Pre-reader TheSlorg

    Author: PaulAsaran

    Description: All his life, Angel Bunny has been plagued by a single question. At long last, he has an answer, and he longs to reveal it. Doing so may be the single most important thing he's ever done, but Angel doesn't know how to deliver the message. After all, rabbits have no need of writing. 
    Angel needs to learn. Knowing this task is far too important to let his pride get the better of him, Angel does something he never thought he'd do: ask for help. There's only one pony for the job.

    Of Angels

    Additional Tags: Angel Has Something To Say
  • Legends of Equestria Opening Servers Once Again on the 10th of April

    The folks over at Legends of Equestria are once again running an open server event.  If you happen to be free from the 10th to the 12th of April, expect to be able to hop on and be a pony for the weekend!

    And if you are attending BABSCon, be sure to hit their panel up at 1:30 PM on Friday April 3rd.

    Thanks to Lori for sending it!

  • Spotlight Music: Neverending Strife - SlyphStorm (redone) / Worlds Beyond

    An awesome remix of the classic H8_Seed song "Neverending Strife" starts us off with Sylphstorm, followed by a bit of original rap starring CxDr and Rhyme Flow. Something for everyone! Get both below.

    1.) Neverending Strife - SlyphStorm (redone) (Remix Electronic)
    2.) CxDr + Rhyme Flow - Worlds Beyond (Vocal - Rap)

  • Comic: Remember Trixie / Old Appleoosa, Hope / Quest for Apple Bloom 15 / Isolation 57 / Without Magic 49

    Heh, this sort of does feel like the selection process for the new mascot. Seth's heart will always belong to Trixie! Also, shame on you Calpony for wandering around naked like that. Hide your shame!

    Comics my friends! Click for full!

    Comic Updates:

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Kinda Animation and PMV!: Fall to the Clouds Luna / Lost Friendship

    I know this OC is breaking all sorts of rules, but I love everything about her. Why am I so weak to the over the top OC ponies? Next thing you know, EQD will have an alicorn for a mascot.

    Anyway, get an awesome animationish PMV to start, and something more traditional afterward below!

    1.) PMV Fall to the Clouds Luna - ft. LilyCloud
    2.) [PMV] Lost Friendship

  • After the Fact: Friends Forever 14

    Spike's and Luna's mini-journey had some pretty serious MLP Canon building. Time to analyze it! Get some After the Fact for Friends Forever down below.

  • EQD Mascot Report - Day 7 - BUTT SYMBOL

    Artist: TheDaWaffle

    I'm seriously amazed at how many awesome ideas and mascots are coming in. I'm also a little bit terrified. How the hell are we going to choose from all of this? So many designs! The "potentials" folder currently has 70 ponies in it. We need to narrow that down to two! Hold me EQD.

    I skipped a few days so as to not be obnoxious with the mascot posts, but I think this is an important topic that will obviously play a large role in the final pony. Cutie Marks are a thing, or Butt Symbols as Lauren Faust so expertly coined them. Quite a few variations have come in based on our usual logo, with most choosing to adopt the "Q". This is probably the one I personally am liking the most, and we even got two that added a wing to it.

    The current plan is to meet up at BABSCon and go through the ponies in person. Maybe we can do some of that at our panel? If you are there, be sure to drop by at 5:45 on Saturday!

    Now go! Check out some butt symbols below the break.

  • The Friendship Express 2015 - Writeup and Gallery

    The first ever Friendship Express in Malaysia has come and gone and it was pretty successful! While the crowd was a bit small at 150 confirmed registered and unregistered guests, the convention heads are positive they'll do even better next time around.

    Check below for their presser and for a link to a photo gallery of the event!

    The Friendship Express 2015 Writeup
    Photo Gallery

    Twitter: Calpain