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  • Nightly Roundup #951

    Calpain is taking a break tonight, so I'm taking over! We have everything from Italian openings to WWE People and their Pinkie Pie plushies.  Head on down below for all of it, and use those comments for your usual chatroom.

  • Music of the Day #296

    Are we ever going to see a followup on Fluttershy's surprise fangs at the end of "BATS!"? She doesn't need to be all hissy and growly, but she did look good as a bat!

    Get some music below!

  • PMV: Technicolor / Reach

    I have no idea what is going on up there, but it seems like a reasonable segue into some PMVS.  Expect a good amount of custom animations and some fun music in these! Both below!

    1.) Technicolor (PMV)
    2.) Reach [PMV]

  • Comic: Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 - Deleted Scene / Subliminal Teaching / A Bond that will Never Break

    I love these ponymotes.  Someone get this guy a comic deal or something.  Have one of those, and two comics!

  • Awesome Elsa Style Plushie

    It's a pretty slow news day today, and Elsa is awesome, so I figured I'd just toss this one up instead of wait until we get enough for a plushie comp.  Now we just need to convince Disney to collaborate up with Hasbro and mass produce stuff like this for the rest of us!  How much would you pay for one of these?

    Create by Nazegoreng.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #1137

    Hopefully you all got a good look at last night's Blood moon! Or celebrated Luna in general!

    Onward to the art!

    [0] Source - Viwrastupr 

  • Story Update - April 15th

    Story updates! Death in Ponyville and more! Get it all below.

  • MLP 30th TV Special Anniversary

    Thirty years ago this week, the first incarnation of the MLP hit the small screen, premiering on TV stations across the nation. Children all over the country were introduced to Fire Fly, Meghan, Spike, Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack and more and would shape a still young girl named Lauren Faust's life. So, in celebration of the anniversary check on after the break for a rare copy of the first TV special that even includes segues to and from commercial breaks!

    While a lot of us didn't fall in love with ponies till recently, we owe it to these past incarnations for what we have today.

  • Custom Compilation #118

    I've been playing a lot of Portal lately and of course pony obliges by giving me this cute Luna Turret to post. Isn't it beautiful?

    Time for some customs guys! Check it out!

    [1] Source
    Princess Luna Custom Portal Turret

  • Comic: Liquefy / When Villains Win Pt 23 / At Home Vet / The Bath Battle / Maybe Later Spike Pt 1

    Derpy should know not to trust Trixie, but I guess she doesn't seem to mind helping out. Better get a sponge...

    Hey everyone, time for comics! Click for full. We also have some multiparters today so make sure to check their descriptions for links!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • New Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo Brushables on Taobao

    Looks like Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are getting some bling as well according to these pics that popped up on Taobao. Every pony is getting funky designs and such recently! I wonder who is next and where is Apple Bloom?

    Thanks to the MLP Merch blog for the heads up!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Convention Compilation - April 15th

    Babscon is less than a week away. It's amazing how fast time flies. It's also amazing how last minute half of EQD can be when it comes to deciding to attend something. Expect a bunch of us to be there doing normal EQD stuff (playing guitar hero and taking over iHop if the last few conventions are any indication)

    Anyway, have some headlines!

    Journey to Everfree Northwest: Horsing Around
    Midwest BronyFest 2014 - Kansas City Announcement Video
    BronyScot News
    Trotcon Musician Attendee List

    And get the full press releases below!