• Season 5 Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash Promos Appear

    Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle look to be the last of the season 5 pony promos. As with the last few, expect a mix of both new and old scenes as each pony is celebrated for their specific element. Get it down below!

  • Early Morning Discussion #155

    At this moment the only response is a boop to the nose of course! Just be prepared to run before she teleports you to a volcano or something.

    Morning everyone! Sleep well I hope?
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  • 7 Days of Pony - Rarity

    7 Days. That's a week! We have just a week of waiting to go!

    Four years ago when I first stumbled upon the wonderful world of pony, there was one character I went in expecting to absolutely hate. A fashion crazy, materialistic, prince obsessed drama queen?! Every single one of those goes against my nature! Rarity was doomed!

    I was so wrong...

    Look Before you sleep rolled around, and suddenly Rarity became... tolerable. I was starting to crack. Would I fall for this pony that represents my polar opposite? Hell yeah I did. I fell harder than a bowling ball dropped from the space station. Suited for Success happened, Rarity lost her materialistic little mind in the most spectacular crazy cat lady way possible, and I suddenly found a new favorite pony for WEEKS. If you know me, ponies don't last WEEKS. Only TRIXIE lasts WEEKS. And shes a god not a pony!

    The voice acting, the Rarity tantrums, the slapstick! Rarity is pretty much a parody of the ridiculousness of the fashion industry, and I love every second of it. So today, we celebrate 2nd best* fashion horse.

    Hit the comments with all the ways Rarity has CHANGED YOUR LIFE!


  • Apples to the Core and Shake Your Tail - Tesla Coil Style

    SHOCKING. Tesla was a badass, and his namesake coils do badass things. These in particular play music with the power of SCIENCE!

    Get two songs below.

  • Story: Daring Do(esn't Need a Special Somepony)


    Author: Fahrenheit

    Description: A.K. Yearling doesn't write love stories, because Daring Do usually spends Hearts and Hooves Day tearing through Equestria in a no-holds-barred search for candy. There's no room for anypony else in the chase. Especially not some stuck-up stunt flier.

    Daring Do(esn't Need a Special Somepony)

    Additional Tags: Overly dramatic quest for truffles
  • Nightly Discussion #303

    Poor Sweetie Belle. Maybe some snow shoes would have helped her out a bit more in this situation, eh? Though maybe not till next year, the snow is melting fast around here!

    Evening everyone! Ready for the weekend?
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  • Story Updates - March 27th

    Have a bug.

    Then get some story updates below the break.

  • Poll Results: What real life retro-modern era should Equestria be modeled after in a past-centered episode?

    I'm going to go ahead and end this one a bit early, because that discussion post from a few days ago really needed a poll, and I totally derped this one. You guys should email me about that next time!

    Regardless, the 1980's won out, which surprises me. I was rootin for the 60's.  Tie dye ponies and FRIENDSHIP just sounds like it would work.

    Anyway, get the results of this one below, and get the new poll on the side bar.

  • Daniel Ingram to Announce Number of Season 5 Songs and New MLP Album!

    BABSCon is really looking to be one of the most awesome conventions of the year! With that concept art released at PonyCon, the premiere party at BABS and now this I wonder if we can expect even more events like this in the future?

    So if you're at BABS the weekend after this week's make sure to catch the major song Daniel has for us and how many songs we can expect throughout the season!

    Thanks to Andrew for the heads up!

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  • Spotlight Music: Bats! - Caleb Hyles Remix / Limbo / Balloons

    Bats gets metalized, ponies go DARK,  and Mandopony becomes e-Famous on a massive scale as a bonus because why not! It's music time! Get it all below!

    1.) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Bats! - Caleb Hyles (#WinterWrapUpWeek) (Remix - Metal)
    2.) Limbo - Reverbrony Feat. Illya Leonov (Vocal - Dark Metal)
    3.) "Balloons" - Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Song | by MandoPony (Vocal)

  • Equestria Girls McDonalds Toys Also Heading to USA and Canada Next

    The McDonalds Happy Meal website has updated across the board, with Equestria Girls and their companion ponies heading out in the next round of toys with Transformers. They look to be recycling all of the oldschool models (with some extra butt symbols for Cutie Mark Magic), and dropping EG as the new thing.

    Expect to see them in April!

    Thanks to Maera for the heads up.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #1482 - SPARTAAA

    As if Trixie would ever be a simple messenger mare. What it this MANDESS?

    Alright that was bad. Go get some art.

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    This Is Sparta

  • Just One Week Left! (Season 5 Hype Train SFM!)

    Just one week left til the premiere my friends! We're almost there!