• Plushie Compilation #181

    This fandom sure does move quick. We have quite a few Gildas already. Expect that, along with tons of other plushies down below! Get jealous! Get envious! I know I am.

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  • Pony Collection Contest 2015 - Tons of Awesome Collections Arrive!

    How ridiculously amazing is your pony collection? Time to find out what the fandom has for theirs! 114 people sent in their awesome gigantic pony powerlevels, and we have them all here for you to browse.

    I can only imagine how much some of these cost. My poor Funko / 4DE / Custom collection pales in comparison. Though I do have more blindbags than I know what to do with in a box somewhere.

    Head on down below the break to check out a bunch of awesome collections!

  • Wut..? Pinkie's Last Party: Live-Action Music Video

    What happens when alcohol, horse tranquilizers, a Pinkie Pie plushie, and a camera mix? Whatever this madness is. I've been told it is both brilliant and horrifying by the people I passed it around to. Lets see where you fall on that one.

    Head on down below the break to check it out!

  • Discussion: Unpopular Opinions - What is Yours?

    Unpopular opinions... we all have them, and people probably give you hell for them. My Little pony has an incredibly strong fandom all things considered, but we butt heads on issues all the time! Favorite pony, favorite episode, best song, it's an endless list! This also means people are quick to defend their main points of attraction to the show. It's a natural fan reaction after all.

    Lets get that dirty laundry aired out! You have unpopular opinions, and it's time to confess! Think Derpy is a waste of airtime? Want Luna locked back on the moon so people will shut up about her? It's all you today!

    What are your unpopular opinions fandom?

  • Poll Results: Spike is now a pony! What race is he?

    I'm actually surprised you all picked Earth Pony for spike. I would have thought Unicorn would have been a bit more realistic with the fire breath and all, but I suppose he does have a lot of those earth pony traits.

    Next poll:

    We are coming up on the 100th episode, time to reflect! Which episode so far is your favorite of the season? Get it on the side bar.

    And get the results of this one below the break!

  • Cloudsdale Music: Flight to Cloudsdale / City in the Clouds / My Home

    If these songs are any indication, Cloudsdale is the most relaxing place in Equestria. Have three songs dedicated to that floating city we all love, covering mainly melodic dubstep and chillstep for genres. All below!

  • SFM: Wanted

    In an alternate universe, Diamond Tiara and Silver spoon have suddenly become outlaws. Expect westerny standoffs and CMC being wanted just about everywhere, and even a bit of Apple Bloom singing that Steel Horse song.

    Get it down below. 

  • Early Morning Discussion #207

    Your Sun and Stars demands tribute! What do you sacrifice in their name?

    Or discuss something else below!

  • Nightly Roundup #1195

    do you agree with this Dashie? Are you in fact, awesome? What levels of awesome do you think you count as? Can you out-awesome Rainbow Dash?

    It's roundup time, which means the usual roundup news! Get it all below.

  • A Bunch of People Review - Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

    As I've noted in the Drawfriend post, our compiler is currently dead. This unfortunately means our normal format for posts like this is a little bit different.

    Regardless, we have reviews from around the fandom! Head on down below the break for all of them as always. And click the image to go check it out if it looks interesting to you!

  • BONUS 99 Episode Celebration - 9 Best Background Ponies

    Here at Equestria Daily towers, we have decided that celebrating 99 things isn’t enough, and so we will be celebrating an extra 9, making 108 instead. This does mean that the 100th episode will now be pushed back to 109, but we’re sure you won’t mind.

    Today, we take a look at 9 of the best background ponies. So many ponies. So many colors. Head on down below the break for this amazing post written by our very own Blueshift from the pre-reader squad.

  • Nightly Discussion #363

    Season 6 has been completely replaced by Fallout: Equestria! How does this make you feel? What is your initial reaction to our now post-apocalyptic ponyland?

    Or discuss whatever below.

  • Hot Topic Selling the Vinyl LP For Buy One Get One for $1

    For all you old fashioned vinyl record collectors out there, the Celestia and Luna set is now on sale at Hot Topic. Right now, you can grab one of them for 7$ off, and get the second one (or another of the same apparently) for 1$.

    Have some links:

    Celestia Vinyl Record
    Luna Vinyl Record

    Thanks to Prariedawg for the heads up.