• Animation: Battle for Life

    The first arc of the My Little Pony comics popped up over a year ago, and this animationis based on the ending of that.

    Some of the animation is a little bit stiff, but overall it does a good job of representing the battle.  Get it down below!

  • Comic: Nurse Woona 3 / TRIXIE SMASH! / Scientist Scoots 12 / Memories 4

    Looks like Luna needs to head back to med school which for her I bet involves playing Dr. Mario for six hours straight or Trauma Center, heaven forbid.

    Comic time guys, click for full!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Hot Topic Vinyl Records Now Available on their Website

    The Hot Topic exclusive vinyl LP collections are now available over on their website for those that don't want to take a trip to their store.  For a quick recap on what these actually include:

    • Luna version on the left, Celestia version on the right. 
    • Both albums contain 12 of the same tracks, with a bonus for each edition (Celestia/Luna), including The Gala Song, Love is in Bloom, and Becoming Popular (Promising the "best of" fan favorites).  

    Get Luna here, and Celestia here.

    Thanks to Sen555 for the heads up!
  • Spotlight Music: Shining Star / Lost Hope / Twinkles

    R.I.P. Applejack's Parents ;_;

    Get that in the first slot, some epic orchestral, and some drumstep to finish it! All below.

    1.) Shining Star - WoodLore (Vocal - Folk)
    2.) Artem Yegorov - Lost Hope (Instrumental - Orchestral)
    3.) Soundspark - Twinkles (Instrumental - Drumstep)

  • Story: Apple Loader

    [Slice of Life][Comedy]

    Author: short skirts and explosions

    Description: One week, Applejack saves Rarity's life. To show her thanks and generosity, Rarity buys Applejack a brand new Crystal Powered Servomatic Apple Loader 4000. Ponyville is so doomed.

    Apple Loader

    Additional Tags: silly-sweet, cartoonish, slice of life, comedy, Applejack has fun and nopony knows how to deal with it
  • AJ Appreciation Day Preparation!

    After AJ has consistently hit the bottom of most polls involving the mane six we decided to start an appreciation day for our little orange pony. Considering the spread of the terrible background pony meme over the past year or so I think she really does deserve some time in the spotlight. Our last two AJ days were great successes so let's make this one even better!

    Starting now till Oct 15th, everyone has a chance to send in whatever AJ related material they know of or have created themselves! That includes banners, art, games, music, ect! When you send in your AJ stuff make sure to put in the subject line AJ Day - Whatever you are sending in so it can be properly sorted and not eaten by our submit@equestriadaily.com box. Then when Oct 15th rolls around we can have a wonderfully AJ filled Autumn day!

    One last thing because I just know someone is going to bring it up in the comments. Yes, we will have some other appreciation days for characters that deserve some spotlight. A Celestia Day and Spike Day are just some examples we are thinking of so expect some more fun character themed days to come!

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  • We Love Fine Announces 17th Winner of the Pony Design Contest

    The princesses took this round from the looks of it. We only have four more rounds of voting to go before the contest officially ends.  If you still wanted to get your entries in, you can find the page for that over here! It still amazes me how fast this year went.

    And grab the one above over here.

    Thanks to Rick for sending it.
  • Gameloft Mane 6 Event Currently Under Way

    We haven't posted anything about the MLP Gameloft Game in forever.  It's currently running an event until the 11th of October for those out there that want to dive in and start with the mane 6. Each requires specific tasks to unlock, as opposed to the usual giant pile of money. 

    • It’s a US-only event
    • On September 29th players can collect bits to win Applejack (24 hours only)
    • September 30th-October 1st players can play the Equestria Girls Mini Game and earn points towards winning Rarity
    • October 2nd-October 3rd players can play the Mine Cart Mini Game and earn points towards winning Fluttershy
    • October 4th-October 11th players can play the Mine Cart Mini Game and earn bits to help them win Rainbow Dash

    You can download it over here!
  • Early Morning Discussion #9

    Ever just find something so funny you can't stop laughing? Looks like these two have hit that point.

    Time for some early morning talking guys. Get to it!

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  • Nightly Roundup #1065

    Don't worry, your friendly neightborhood dream patrol is on the case! Just open your mind to the government, nothing bad can happen.

    Get some news my friends!

  • Music of the Day #384

    Galaxy horse and Solar equine like music. What about you? Do you like music? Get music below.

  • Phantom Variant for MLP Comic #25

    Rainbow Dash is THE FLASH.  We had a bit of a break in variant swarms over the last few issues, but it looks like they are coming back in the 25th one.  We get a parody of the first appearance of the modern Flash. 

    Thanks to The Illustrious Q for the heads up! 

  • Nightly Discussion #125

    Oh Lyra, you so silly. Bon Bon loves you despite your goofiness, or maybe it is BECAUSE of your goofiness.

    Time to chat my friends! Get to it!
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