• BABSCon Packs a Punch with Brian and Brynna Drummond

    BABSCon is turning up the heat as they are pleased to announce the attendance of Brian Drummond and Brynna Drummond, VAs for some of your favorite background and secondary pony voices as well as the VAs for countless anime productions!

    Check on after the break for the full scoop.

  • Story: Together Forever


    Author: Snake Staff

    Description: Hundreds of years have passed since the wedding of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. As with all mortal life, Shining Armor was fated to die and his soul to pass from the world. But with magic, his end was averted. What price will his immortality demand?

    Together Forever

    Additional Tags: Immortality for a price.
  • Nightly Discussion #179

    Family hugs are best hugs! Lacking that get your nearest friend and give them a big squeeze.

    Evening everyone! Ready for chatting?

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  • Artist Spotlight: TheEmeraldThunder / Chiweee / Angelea-Phoenix / Graboiidz

    Yep, more delays. I really need to get scheduling these straightened out for the sake of everyone, including myself. Anyhow, the spotlight is back so let's check out what we have today!

    As usual, these posts are in similar style to the Tumblr Spotlights, a group of 3-5 artists will be spotlit each entry along with a small short description along with a small selection of their artwork! In order to make this feature work though we need people to suggest artists to us so make sure to send artists you think need some exposure to calpain@equestriadaily.com. Please also include a short biography I can work with as well as what medium you work in most.

    What sort of artists count? Suggestions should follow these criteria:

    • No clop or extensive gore galleries as those typically violate our content guidelines. If the artist has a safe for work gallery separate from their not safe for work stuff they or their fans can submit the safe for work gallery. If there is a mix of SFW/NSFW on a gallery the decision whether or not to include them will be judged on a gallery to gallery basis.
    • Don't be afraid to spotlight yourself as well as others!
    • Artists of all types accepted -vector, OC, traditional, digital. As long as it is pony and of quality it has a chance of being spotlit. 

    Now on to the artists!
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  • Drawfriend Stuff #1358

    There is nothing I like more than ponies being awesome. Ever since the early days of MOE and Ponykillerx I've been addicted to pony armor.

    And below the break, some of that and more! Expect saucy tags for whatever reason today.

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    Equine Magisters

  • Andrea Libman Wins UBCP/ACTRA Award!

    According to Meghan McCarthy over on Twitter, Andrea Libman has picked up an UBCP/ACTRA award for best voice! This is an annual event that goes on up in Toronto for variois acting categories.

    This specific category was actually won by her in 2012, when she nabbed it up against a whole bunch of other pony voice actors and actresses. 

    Feel free to go congratulate her on Twitter!

    Thanks to Sharp Shadow for the heads up!
  • What the apple?

    It's a :30 slot, that's an Applejack, you know what happens from here.

    Small language warning, get it below the break!

  • SFM: Five Nights at Pinkie's (Not the song!)

    We've seen several renditions of The Living Tombstone's "Five Nights at Freddies" song in SFM, but no one has really explored just the game itself with creepy animatronic ponies sneaking up on you. Can someone go ahead and make this now? I need it.

    Anyway, get some SFM below!

  • Comic: Out on a Limb / Magic of the Sirens 10 / Without Magic 28 / Two Royal Sisters / End of a Generation 5

    Derpy needs some practice at this hide and seek thing.

    Comics everyone! Click for full!

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  • Discussion: How Much Pony do You Show Outside the Internet?

    The internet has been completely bombarded with people rockin pony avatars, releasing pony music, writing pony fanfiction, and showing off their pony merch, but what about the real world? Bring up brony or ponies, and it's still pretty much a mystery to a lot of people.

    So, good citizens of ponyland, how much pony do you show off in real life? How far do you go with it? Are you the type of fan that wears pony shirts everywhere you go? Or maybe you wear a more subtle pony shirt, that people wouldn't pick up on without some knowledge of the show. 

    Do your parents and friends know about your love of cartoon equines?

    Hit those comments up!

  • Cosplay Compilation #38

    The best siren, in cosplay form... with a taco.  All of my dreams have been answered.

    And if Sonata Dusk isn't your thing, get 50 more cosplay images below! 

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  • Story: All of It, for Her


    Author: Pav Feira

    Description: Thirty five years. Been roaming Equestria from town to cloying town, looking for her. Not for lack of trying, mind you. Equestria's just that big of a place. There's only so many places left to look, though, and it'd be foolish to throw in the towel already. I'm getting close. So I'll do the same thing I did yesterday: search.

    All of It, for Her

    Additional Tags: A life that could have been
  • Poll Results: Friendship is Magic is Suddenly in a Completely Different Setting! Which Do You Want?

    And then Steampunk dominated a poll! I'm personally leaning toward the cybernetic/future style, but steam ponies is a close second.  This makes me want to run a steampunk art event.  How many of you would be up for entering that?

    Get the full results below!

    And New poll:

    What Creative Piece of the Fandom Do You Like Most?

    The creative side of the pony fandom has always been the fuel that keeps this train running. Without it we'd burn out long before a hiatus ends.

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