• Story: To Be A Mule

    [Sad][Slice of Life]

    Author: Archonix

    Description: She smiles at him every time she comes to visit the stately home where he works as a gardener, but Dilly DaliƩr has never spoke to her.
    Nor will he ever.
    Because he's a mule and she's a unicorn, and those are the rules.

    To Be A Mule

    Additional Tags: A mule falls in love
  • Spotlight Music: Unified Evil / Forest for the Trees

    Journey across Equestria with Equestrian Soundscapes, or skip right to the evil side with some Symphonic Metal.  Get both below!

    1.) DasDeer - Unified Evil (Instrumental - Symphonic Metal)
    2.) Pon³ - Forest for the Trees (Cover) (Instrumental - Acoustic)

  • Awesome Celestia and Luna Sculpts

    The comics have awesome covers, and now we have an awesome sculptured rendition of one to go with it. Emilysculpts over on Deviant Art created this, and at a quality level like that, I think it deserves it's own. 


  • Story Updates - October 24th


    Get some story updates below!

  • Spotlight Music: Apple Acres / Sweetie Bot Breakdown

    SWEETIE BOT. Get a bunch of her in the first slot, and some progressive house dedicated to the Apple family in the second! Both below.

    1.) Sweetie Bot Breakdown (Instrumental/Vocal Splicing - Super Duper Dance)
    2.) Apple Acres - Panic (Instrumental - Progressive House)

  • Rainbow Rocks TV Viewership Ratings Are In

    TV Media Insights contributor Douglas Pucci dropped some stats for Rainbow Rocks over on his Twitter page.  It looks like we have the following for it's three showings:

    10/17 - 610k
    10/18 - 477k
    10/19 - 357k

    Not bad at all for the new Discovery Family network!

    Thanks to Andrew for the heads up.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #1328

    So, the other day i was talking to someone about ponies.  They said horses smell awful.  I agreed.

    Luckily ponies take showers in Equestria.

    PS. more people need to do this at conventions

    [1] Source
    Time to wash :3

  • Interesting Point From a Yahoo Article of a Mother With a 6 Year-Old-Pony Fan Son

    With the movie looming in 2017, an article writer over on Yahoo going by the name of Gwynne Watkins wanted to point out an issue effecting the male audience of the show that doesn't include us.  While "Brony" merchandise has been around for a few years now, the boys group under the teenage years doesn't get a whole lot of love on that front.  Clothing in that size tends to be exceedingly girly and focused on dresses, and most of the more durable toys focus on the customization and mane brushing aspect as opposed to the awesomeness that is Rainbow Dash or Applejack. 

    Now that we have a full on big budget movie looming, she asks that Hasbro consider creating some things for the younger male demographic.  I'm sure a bunch of you have younger brothers who you have talked into watching cartoon ponies.

    This does not mean she is asking for male ponies for them to connect to. Applejack and Rainbow do a good enough job there. That is all explained over in the article though.  Go check it out. 

    Thanks to SleepySteve for the heads up.
  • Musicians Wanted for Seeds of Kindness 4: Shine Together

    Seeds of Kindness has been going strong all these years, raising around $150,000 for various projects.  The fourth installment of the charity album is ready to go, but they need more musicians to make it work!

    If you fit the bill, head on down below the break for information on signing up.

  • Legends of Equestria Seeking Writers!

    In what has to be a first in this writer filled fandom of ours, a major game project finally needs you guys instead of artists and coders! The Pony MMORPG Legends of Equestria is seeking talented wordsmiths to help shape the world and flesh out the ponies.  If you fit the bill, head on over here for the recruitment page!
  • More OnlyFactory Plushies Appear on Ebay

    China apparently can't be contained.  Onlyfactory has once again dropped a whole bunch of plushie ponies off.  Included in this set, we have:

    Sitting Rainbow Dash
    Sitting Applejack
    Sitting Twilight Sparkle

    Head on down below the break for images of all of them! As always, buy at your own risk. 

    Thanks to Sonata Dusk for the heads up!

  • The 14 Coolest Things from the Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Commentary

    The folks over at Topless Robot got their hooves on an early copy of the Rainbow Rocks Blu-ray and compiled a list of "The 14 Coolest Things from the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks Commentary". Check out the full list over on the Topless Robot website or check out some key points below.

    • There is a commentary track in a My Little Pony movie and it is awesome!
    • The original Equestria Girls was not originally intended to be a franchise and a sequel was not originally planned.
    • The opening of the movie (pre-credits) occurs chronologically with the ending of the original Equestria Girls. Meghan McCarthy states in the commentary that six moons have passed when we jump to next scene in Canterlot High. (6 moons equate to about 5 1/2 months)
    • The directors wanted to make the instrument-playing as accurate as possible.
    • Unlike the show, Depth of Field can be used much better with humans and so Rainbow Rocks introduces that element throughout various songs and scenes.
    • It was intentional NOT to use the My Little Pony theme song in Rainbow Rocks. This gives the Equestria Girls franchise its own identity.
    • William Anderson wanted the orchestration for Rainbow Rocks to be dynamic and epic at the same time. The example used was the build up when we go from Canterlot High to Ponyville, the music will give you chills.
    • The book in which Twilight learns about the Sirens is a callback to the first episode where Twilight learns about Nightmare Moon.
    • Some scenes were designed to be long because they wanted to "milk" the fact. The example used is when Twilight returns to Canterlot High and Sunset is offering her hand, Twilight is hesitant about her help. This was done on purpose.
    • Another scene that was "milked" was the scene in the gymnasium when the girls try to defeat the Sirens by using the "Magic of Friendship" but fail.
    • There's a lot of characters "not having it" in the movie. You see a lot of this from the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Luna, Celestia and various other characters.
    • The kitchen scene with Twilight and Sunset was a last minute addition that plays such a key role to building a trust between them.
  • Octavia in The Underworld's Cello Stream Event and Demo Release

    The team creating Octavia in: The Undweorld's Cello has a stream party planned today, showing off the most recent build of the game.  They have also announced the release of the new playable demo, dropping on the 31st of this month.

    If you have no idea what this is, their Youtube is a good place to check it out.  Head on down below the break for a couple of videos!