• Extended Preview of Friends Forever #20 Appears - 5 Pages of Discord and Somemare You Might Have Heard Of!

    I love this cover. Seriously Discord and Princess Luna having a slumber party! I love it!

    And if this is indicative of the sort of shenanigans that we'll be seeing these two get up to in this issue, consider me completely sold!

    Of course we have the extended preview right below the break to to help that make judgement. Be sure to check it out… that is if you don't mind spoilers.

    Special thanks to Brenda Hickey, Chevistian1, and Mordum for the heads-up!
  • Short Animation: Discord and Spike, Love at First Sight, Appul Horse Vs. Celeryjack, and Applejack's Lullaby

    Yesterday we had that gigantic SFM True True Friend animation, and today we have a bunch of short flash cartoons! Get everything from Rick and Morty to madness below.

  • Animation: My Little Portal: Episode 7

    The Greata nd Powerful TRIXIE poretalizing portals. Expect facehoves, expect slightly dark situations, it's My Little Portal again. Head on down below the break to check out episode 7!

  • Early Morning Discussion #286

    Your OC of the morning is a white changeling thing discussion people. How would you treat a hive of these?

    Or discuss whatever below!

  • Artist Training Grounds V: Day 15

    Well everyone, it certainly has been one heck of a ride. Fifteen days and fifteen pony prompts all you guys faithfully stuck to and shared to the world to not only show your gumption and ambition, but your creativity and fun spirits as well. Just like the pic we're using for the header tonight I hope you hold on to your drawings and look back on them someday with fond memories, and hopefully, after getting more experience under your belt as you continue your artistic journey!

    For those of you looking to continue your artistic journey, consider checking out the ATG Alumni Group on DeviantArt! They're great guys and can continue the ATG fun until we have another round in the near future.

    Tonight we received 131 partying graduate ponies, bringing our total to a nice 2720 entries!

    We've got one final prompt for you guys tonight and it's a simple one or extreme one depending on the path you take: Draw any previous theme/Draw every previous theme. Think you guys have one more night in you to revisit or a theme you might have missed or wanted to try again?

    As always, you can find our submission page here.

    We've gotten some confusion on how to submit to our submitter. In the space for the picture URL you want to put in the image URL link. To find this, upload your picture somewhere whether it be dA, Derpibooru, Imgur or wherever and right click on the image. In Chrome you want to click the 'Copy Image URL' button or something similar in other browsers. Input that URL and you should be good to go!

    We've got a tutorial below too if you're still having trouble!

    If a picture you made doesn't end up in the gallery tonight, please try resubmitting it. Sometimes things get eaten.

    Check out our newest gallery after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #1236

    It's a moony night tonight, so have a moony moon princess to moon away on your moon'd pony news that covers this moony community. Enjoy the moon.

    Get your Nightly Roundup below.

  • Music of the Day #553

    Did you guys get any of that Fallout music done yesterday? Fallout 4 is just a few months away! We need it before it releases ye foals!

    Now go get some Music of the Day below to hopefully spark some creative drive.

  • Radio Play: My Little Pony "Forever Young"

    Want boatloads of custom art, a really neat little story, and some incredibly awesome voice acting? We have a new radio play from a team lead by DRWolf001, with all of the above. Give those ears something to do, and treat the eyes between scenes. It's a good one.

    Get it down below!

  • Ponyville Ciderfest is having a Labor Day Sale

    For all of you over in or around Milwaukee, Ponyville Ciderfest is running a weekend Labor Day sale. Head on down below the break for all the awesome news to go along with that!

  • Nightly Discussion #463

    Fluttershy has opened up a Fluttershy dude ranch where you get to spend a weekend camping with her. How many bits would you spend for this opportunity?

    Or discuss whatever below.

  • Spotlight Music: All or Nothing / A Tropical Octav3 Acoustic Cover

    Does the Tropical Octav3 count as a classic in pony time yet? I'd assume it is. Get an acoustic variant on that, plus another awesome metal song from Reverbrony to go with it. Both below!

    1.) All or Nothing By Reverbrony - Mixed and Mastered By Secret Metal (Instrumental - Metal)
    2.) MLP Acoustic Cover - A Tropical Octav3 - Coconeru and Steven, A.D (Remix - Acoustic)

  • 251 Pony Object Models for Source Engine Released From The "True True Friend" SFM Video Earlier

    For years now, we have had relatively basic source-based 3D Models for a lot of things floating around Ponyville. Things are about to get incredibly awesome though. You may have noticed a TON of custom assets in that True True Friend SFM video earlier, and the creator has decided to release ALL of it for the community to use. Altogether, there are 251 objects to play around with, ready to use in Source Film Maker.

    If that sounds like something you'd like to play with, head on over here for all the download packs!

    And get a few extra images below.

  • Comics: Tea Party / The Deadly Lick / Bad Ponies / ES:SoD #144

    Well, that was unexpected. It's comic time. Have ponies being cute, evil, and whatever else! Click for full.