• Ponies Around the World Quick Update

    I wasn't really expecting this many entries for this event!  Ponies around the world is sitting at 155 emails, most of which are 2-5 images each.  thats... 310 images to be safe. 

    Tomorrow at 11:59 PM PST is the deadline, and if past events are any indication, that means I'm going to get 100 more emails all rushed in the last 6 hours. 

    This is probably going to take a few hours to sort and post, in fact i might do it in waves since I can barely keep up as is with the normal workload. 

    If you sent an image without your name/location on it, completely un-resized, you would be doing me a huge favor if you went back and:

    -Added the information to it
    -Resized it to something manageable, preferably under 1000x1000px.

    If you do find the time for this, please keep it to the same email thread if possible.