• Bronycurious - My Little Pony Tales is the Anti-FiM

    I bugged Digibrony to find me more neat analysis videos, and a day later he sent me this one Bronycurious released yesterday.  The general jist of it is comparing "My Little Pony Tales" to Friendship is Magic, from the heavily pushed romance to the general character styles shown throughout. It has some language, and older gen fans might be a bit put off from it, but over all its a reasonably funny comparison that does a good job of actually digging into the root of the issues that the older show had.

    That and his OC pony has a cool moustache.  I suddenly have the urge to go watch Aladdin for some reason.

    Anyway find it below! And welcome our new Analysis category, because no fandom can call itself a fandom without pulling apart every single aspect of a series and digging through every single little detail!