• Blogger Returns!

    So two nights ago, Google decided to do a maintenance on Blogger.  They were a bit short on night crew staff though, so they hired some free-lance coders to do the work.

    Trollestia, being the stellar deity that she is, recommended Derpy Hooves, and because you guys keep writing about how much of a silent genius she is, Google brought her on board without any sort of test.

    Well needless to say, Derpy Hooves is in fact, not a genius.

    She is actually really bad at coding.

    So the maintenance was botched.

    Luckily, the Great and Powerful Trixie took time out of her EXTREMELY important and always busy schedule to fly down to the Google HQ and fix it all for them.  Unfortunately it took her a day to get to the server room, because crowds of Google employees wanted to pet her PRISTINE mane and tail.   She literally had to wade through an armada of them.  The actual fixing process took the Great and Powerful Trixie less than a few minutes.

    tl;dr)  Google done goofed and we lost ponies for a day.  15 hours worth of posts are gone, but will supposedly be brought back soonish, so I am not going to re-post them to avoid double posts.

    tl;dr #2) Ghetto Dash Banner because trollestia is HORRIBLE LUCK

    tl;dr #3) Big compilation posts incoming! 

    tl:dr #4) Please go Re-vote on story upload posts! 

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here