• Story: Piu Allegro // The New Roommate

    [Normal] I suppose band ponies were inevitable.  Octavia *IS* kind of cute...

    Author: Jimbo

    Description: The Grand Galloping Gala is an exciting night for many ponies, especially for the distinguished student quartet selected to perform there. But the road to success is not an easy one, as Octavia will soon find out.
    Piu Allegro FF.net
    Piu Allegro Gdocs

    Piu Allegro Live Reading

    Additional Tags: Octavia, pony quartet, Opus, Snoozaphone, Locrian, music, Grand Galloping Gala, Canterlot

    [Random] Indian in the Cupboard style stuff!

    Author:  Jimbo

    Description: A typical morning in a significantly atypical household. A twist on the "human in Canterlot" idea. Starring Colgate and her new human roommate, Sky Reacher.
    The New Roommate FF.net
    The New Roommate Gdocs

    Additional Tags: Colgate/Romana/Toothpaste Butt, human OC, Sky Reacher, brushie brushie brushie

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