• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 25

    Our day counter is getting terrifyingly high, isn't it? We're entering the final stretch! There are signs of the sheer hugeness of this event all over and it just makes me want to dance (don't worry, you'll see plenty of that after the break). Case in point: the sidebar has for some time been totally incapable of hosting all our awesomeness on the front page. If you're interested in digging through older galleries but can't seem to find them, just hop over to the Event Archive and it'll all be there clear as crystal. We've pretty much been dominating the Events section all month! As for tonight, we've racked up a total of 142 movers on the dance floor. That brings our grant total up to 4,660 ponies. Wow!

    Gonna be a link heavy post today, I think. Here's tonight's reminder about the submission guidelines, as well as your daily reminder that you can contact me at [email protected] if there's anything you need from me. If it seems like I take a while to respond, sorry. I get swamped. Other times I fire off a response in seconds. It's like a lottery!

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony... drawing. Delightfully meta, no? Tonight's theme is actually a dedication to world famous pony comic artist Madmax, who I'm told is having a rough time of things right now. There's a thread asking ponies to try and draw something to help cheer her up, and I wanted to offer you all the chance to chip in if you're interested. She's done a whole heck of a lot for this community, and this is a great opportunity to say thank you. As always you are never obligated to interpret these themes in a single way, so make the picture you want to make, but there's definitely bonus points to be had for drawing Max's pigtailed OC. Sales pitch mode, deactivated.
    Madmax Pony!

    It seems I'm moving 60% slower than normal and haven't really given myself time to ramble entertainingly at you folks tonight. Sorry about that, I got a little caught up in information diving and the next thing I knew it there was the deadline. I'll be super funny tomorrow, I promise. For now, please enjoy So You Think You Can Dance, Pony Edition:

    1) By Krekka01 (When I saw this, I squeed. Loudly.)

    2) By Thanqol (Beware the dancing devil banana.)

    3) By otherunicorn

    4) By ChaosDrop (There will never be enough pictures of young Celestia and Luna. Ever.)

    5) By dinoburger (Sillouhette with tears on the moon = lovely)

    6) By Philith

    7) By TheMediocreSock (It's funny because they are French.)

    8) By Jimbo1023 (Pinkie don't hurt me. Don't hurt me no more.)

    9) By Mellowbloom

    10) By Conner Cogwork (Some rave/vocaloid ponies.)

    11) By [LG]Gamer

    12) By EssAeEm (How do you transliterate the Peanuts song?)

    13) By Infinity

    14) By ASGallardo

    15) By badzerg (It's tempting beyond words to come up with themes just to make your story more difficult to tell. =P)

    16) By Smock (You can so be a vengeful avatar of spite and still look cute dancing! See?)

    17) By Alipes

    18) By Invidlord

    19) By DCPIP (I have often wondered how ballerinas work in a land of hooves.)

    20) By Argembarger (I'm curious what sort of routine she's been trying.)

    21) By Rydel (Look how soft and beautiful those colors are.)

    22) By Doppelgänger (She escaped again.)

    23) By Mere Jump

    24) By DB (It is a legitimate form of exercise! Which just so happens to be a turn on for Dash, apparently.)

    25) By Caron

    26) By Emerald Dust

    27) By ASGallardo

    28) By rich-tea (We're talkin' thriller, thriller night. There ain't no second chance against the thing with fourty eyes, girl.)

    29) By Dangereaux (We can dance, we can dance, we're doing it from wall to wall!)

    30) By Brongaar

    31) By Circuit Mane

    32) By pageturner1988 (I'd sing more Jackson lyrics here, but I can't place that outfit and don't want to guess wrong and embarass myself.)

    33) By Tibberly

    34) By Saphin

    35) By Partition (You're right, this should have happend in the episode.)

    36) By Lucky Charm

    37) By Nido Media

    38) By Dr. Trotson (Ponies in the disco. Ponies at the Taco Bell.)

    39) By Chromadancer (Ponies at the disco. Ponies at the gates of hell.)

    40) By kits

    41) By kits

    42) By kits

    43) By Jdan-S (It's a shame she had to work the Gala, huh?)

    44) By GonzaHerMeg

    45) By Amehdaus

    46) By TensaiOni (Now here's a pair of references we can all enjoy!)

    47) By Kitsune

    48) By Nero

    49) By Gear X. Machina

    50) By PinkamenaPie

    51) By Chris

    52) By Atlur (Believe it or not, I only just started reading Penny Arcade like a week ago.)

    53) By Afentis (Kazatzka!)

    54) By TheLaughingMare

    55) By DI-FL (I would like to dedicate this picture to every parent who put their dreams on hold to raise their children. You'll never read this, mom and dad, but I love you.)

    56) By Nullh (What's it like drawing ponies on a plane? Cramped, I bet. Way to be dedicated!)

    57) By Axwrend

    58) By cartoonlion (Derpy showing off her special talent.)

    59) By Ambrose

    60) By Kitty Tail (Bust a move!)

    61) By Horizon Bound (Fan dancing Lyra? Yes please.)

    62) By Ori

    63) By zorg

    64) By toonboy92484 (There's very little you can say to this.)

    65) By DiZaster321

    66) By PenguinPlayer

    67) By Gunny (Everypony do the Gummy!)

    68) By fetchbeer (Irish step pony. Lookin' kind of familiar.)

    69) By Kephra

    70) By harley (I cannot use a hula hoop to save my life. I hope that never comes up.)

    71) By Ego (Well that certainly put an interesting spin on things.)

    72) By Natry

    73) By Moof (That kind of looks like it hurts.)

    74) By Blightedangel (I'd sing *this* song, but quite frankly the lyrics suck. Oh well. Parachute pants!)

    75) By Lunar Apologist (Teaching us two things - that I can dance, and that Lyra's posture is job related. I never knew!)

    76) By Tenchi Outsuno (Lyra shares my enthusiasm for dance music.)

    77) By Kloudmutt (That's definitely Kloudmutt. I can tell because of the... ahem.)

    78) By Immersa (Flamenco is a wildly appropriate dance for her, I think you would agree.)

    79) By Windfall

    80) By Kyouhen

    81) By Frith

    82) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi (The thrilling conclusion! Dance Party in the other dimension!)

    83) By Starlite (Note to the curious: it's not my birthday. Note to the artist: if Lyra ever told me You can be my bench, I would faint on the spot.)

    84) By Uncle Leo (FYI, being friendly on the internet does not make you creepy.)

    85) By Mr.Paulsen

    86) By Buddy Vox (Brohoofs are being offered to ponies who get the reference here. I won't spoil the game.)

    87) By Goggle Sparks (Go go, Derpy! Do it for Dinky!)

    88) By Sherlock Hooves

    89) By Foxtrot (Do what you love, and love what you do.)

    90) By Neoridgeback (My sister and I burned through seven different dance mats playing this at home. It's a wonder we didn't go crashing through the floor.)

    91) By Virga Rainboom (Your pony has a really neat tail.)

    92) By Drilltooth

    93) By Doombah (In another dimension, with voyeuristic intention, well secluded, I see all.)

    94) By Djrk16 (I don't know Swedish. But have some Caramelldansen Twilight while I don't sing along.)

    95) By Kooldude (I bet this game is so much easier with four legs.)

    96) By Jeff (Happy Father's Day!)

    97) By Relias (This is a really good style blend.)

    98) By Kt Kat

    99) By 20percentcooler

    100) By Shockwave (I need to know for my own sanity - what are you doing that causes you to submit your image 9 times every night? o.o)

    101) By Albert

    102) By Prismatic Pretzel

    103) By Da Chi

    104) By PinkiePied

    105) By Starlight Bolt (Gotta gotta be Crazy Looooop... ah, hell on toast.)

    106) By McGack (Oh like you were going to do anything but horde that until the final boss anyway, Maxim.)

    107) By MasterofRoku

    108) By Kelz

    109) By Aku

    110) By Easteu

    111) By Zach

    112) By The Recliner (That's just fantastic. Phyra? Maybe?)

    113) By Shake (Some Lonely Island ponies.)

    114) By A Terrible Person

    115) By MHPayne (Pinkie saves the day! Also the comic.)

    116) By Periphery

    117) By Spurs

    118) By rabidcow147

    119) By BronyQuest (Twilight, when will you learn?)

    120) By Syggie

    121) By RaspleZS (*rimshot*)

    122) By 8ftmetalhead

    123) By DJ RBDash

    124) By Fallin' Winter (That's every theme in there. Really.)

    125) By Leaf Growth

    126) By Tenchi Outsuno (next time just upload them all and let me decide if they're good enough!)

    127) By Tenchi Outsuno

    128) By ShoeboxWarrior

    129) By Thattagen

    130) By Muffinsforever

    131) By Virga Rainboom

    132) By Passer Palmatum

    133) By nuclearsuplexattack

    134) By TapeDiggity

    135) By Pcjoyce

    136) By Fox E:

    137) By Eeful

    138) By djTeka

    139) By HyperMark (janzybrony)

    140) By Moogie

    141) By Jena-su

    142) By Randomjack