• Story: Fallout: Equestria (Updated 100% Complete!!)

    [Grimdark][Crossover][Adventure][Legendary] New Kkat approved side story!


    Warning: Comments contain spoilers.  In fact, the author strongly encourages spoilers in the comments.

    Author: Kkat
    Description:   Fallout.  With ponies! Set in an alternate future, one pony must learn to survive in a blasted, poisoned land... and possibly, with the aid of friends made along the way, bring new light into the darkness of post-apocalyptic Equestria.
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    [GRIMDARK][CROSSOVER][SHIPPING] Hey! A borderline clopfic for you guys! I think it goes without saying that this is probably not for everyone, but it is technically part of the story!

    Author: Pacce
    Description: Littlepip spends her first night with Homage and has to deal with a crisis of faith regarding what she's fighting for. Takes place right in the middle of Chapter 20.
    Fallout Equestria: A Mare Worth Fighting For

    Additional Tags: A deleted scene, Kkat approved.

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    1. An intro AND a prolouge? Now we're just being silly. At least mash the two of them together.

    2. Cutie Mark Crusaders 3 best friends forever? A throwaway reference or does that have significance?

    3. Im interested. cant wait for more :D

    4. I'm a sucker for Fallout, so I liked this.

      Also once again cutie marks being weirdly prophetic shows up. A PipBuck for a cutie mark doesn't make for an impressive cutie mark for your average Stable Dweller but when LittlePip becomes the hero of the wasteland I'm sure it's going to become fairly iconic.

    5. This was amazing! I feel ya, Sir Leadhead!

    6. Ponies, ponies never change

    7. The intro is 20% cooler when you read it in the narrator's voice, which I did.

      I'm enjoying this so far, the Stable's main door code is a nice little easter-egg of sorts. Though I find it somewhat bittersweet (probably because I like the CMC in the show).

      I like how life in the Stable is described and summarised, as it makes it easier to imagine in my mind's eye. I also like how it's clearly not going to be complete story conversion of F3, with the Overmare being compassionate being one of the biggest examples of that. It guarantees that anypony, whether they've played F3 or not, shall read this.

      All in all, a very good start, I look forward to more. With all of the fanart and captioned screencaps referencing the Fallout series I'm surprised a fic hasn't surfaced until now.

      >mfw when footnote at end of Chapter 1
      *mental squeee*

    8. I've actually never played Fallout before, but I'm super interested in this fic. I didn't think I'd get into something with OC ponies, much less a crossover, but this is interesting and well-written. Not only am I intrigued and want to read more, but I also now want to learn more about Fallout. :D

    9. @PixellatedPoni

      There's plenty of Fallout playthroughs on youtube, will give you a decent overview.

      And yes the Ch1 footnote was very cute.

    10. Im about to read this... but if its based on Fallout 3 and not the first two fallouts or Fallout: New Vegas I may not be as happy a man/boy.

      Reasoning behind this is While I played Fallout 3 first, I found out later on that Fallout 3 is a canon-story arc nightmare. While people hate New Vegas more, at least it was made by people who know the story, not a bunch of guys who read the Fallout 2 manual.

    11. Nice! When you first asked me about doing a Fallout crossover fic, Kkitty, I knew you could make it fun, but this exceeded all my expectations! It's a great start to what I hope will be an epic story.

    12. Okay... just read the end... Hmmm... New Vegas perk... Okay... Interest perked. Still hope for more Original story arc references, but Dont let MY fanboyism get in the way of your story.

      So far, pretty good. And Im saying that as a reader, not a black isle/obsidian fanboy. And as the latter I cant complain. :)

    13. The Bronyhood of Steel?

    14. Id say its the Colthood of Iron. I dunno why Iron, I guess I feel it fits more... However... the Colthood of Iron IMO should be xenophobic shut-ins, not "Glorious saviours of the wastes" as they were portrayed in Fallout 3... and the Denied existant Fallout Tactics and "Fallout" Brotherhood of steel. The last two mentioned were all a bad dream... a bad... bad... Dream...

    15. @5t3v0

      I've only played F3 (will eventually change that and track down the first two Fallouts), and to be honest I don't care if it is based on any particular Fallout game. To be honest, I believe it'll be based on all of the games - assuming the author has played them all and knows his Fallout lore.

      But, at the end of the day, if the story itself is good, then it shouldn't matter which installment of the Fallout games it leans on the most.

      I lol'd at anon's comment "Bronyhood of Steel". Though that seems to break the 4th wall to me...

      Also inb4 "Garden of Equestria Creation Kit"


      Pretty good so far, I'm noticing a mix of references between series, with the whole "go find out why so and so left the Vau- Stable.." being just like the opening for Fallout 3. But considering how freakin' dangerous some of the Everfree Forest denizens were..

      Radioactive Ursa Minor could probably beat a whole pack of Deathclaws.. :3

    17. Marvelous writing+fallout=*squeak*

      Oh, and the footnote made me explode, and then explode again.

    18. /r/ing Martigen's Mutant Mod to be updated with MLP equines so my Fallout 3 can have ponies roaming the Capitol Wasteland

      This fic is going to be awesome, I can sense it

    19. Damn it!

      Oh wait this is thier own pony self-bought Destruction.

      My story is the world of Fallout 3, namly Lyons Pride. going into equestria.

    20. Foal at heart
      Iron Hooves
      Mysterious Pony
      Action Philly/Colt
      Celeista powered
      Luna Pony
      Pinkie Party

      Are You Part Camel? (Camel of the Mojave)

      In my Hoofsteps

    21. ^
      Don't forget Filly-Killer/Black Widow, Stallion's/Mule's Back, Magic Whiz, and Light Trot

      I wonder if there shall be Super Mutants and Feral Ghouls - all in pony form. Deathclaws are easily mutated dragons in the Equestrian Wasteland.

      Hmmm... Equestrian Wasteland sounds good. I can imagine some annoying DJ called Three-Pony saying that on the airwaves just before "I Don't Want To Set Equestria On Fire" comes on.

      Colthood of Iron is probably the best suggestion for a pony-equivalent of the Brotherhood of Steel. But what about the Enclave?

      Author person, you better be taking notes, because my two most favourite universes are colliding together in your fic, and it is making me have a huge fanboy *squeeeee* about it

    22. Well, you got me curious, so by all means, write more.

      The only thing I will object, for now, would be "Cherchez la Filly". Filly is a term that, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, represents "a young female horse usually of less than four years". This means that LittlePip's special ability is to attract female jailbait, thus making it really weird. "Mare" would be more fitting. If you're going to use equine terms, it would be so much better to use them right. Yep.

    23. We often call adult women "girls". It just one of those weird things about language.

    24. @Anonymous

      I wonder what the pony version of FEV and The pony master would be like...

      Oh Luna... the thought of Pony Master... (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/The_Master Warning... May be nightmare worthy)

      On second thoughts... Yeah... you can go later Fallout story arc... Ill supress my rantings/fanboyism... (though in all honesty, if you did go with the master rather than the, In my opinion anyway, Over used enclave, Would be interesting...)

    25. Though, Not to be harping on where people arent looking, I suppose the NCR would be the NPR (New Ponyville republic, or NFR if you go with Fillydelphia) Though with The NPR you could have a decendant of the mayor/the old mayor herself as someone akin to President Tandi from Fallout 2... depending on how long the time frame is.

    26. The bonus experience perks suck.

      Still, awesome story. Can't wait for more.

    27. At first I was like: Bollocks! She's already fucked in more ways than one!
      Then I was like: She might make it out of this yet!
      Then I was like: Holy shit!
      Then: Dude, you could have some gratitude
      And then finally: *manly tear due to the ancient terminal file*

      That's pretty much all I want to say about chapter 2. Other than this is already more emotional than I anticipated - I completely failed to register the fact that anypony leaving the sheltered life of the Stable is going to meet terrible and potentially scarring situations the moment they brave the Outdoors. The author's writing helped drive that fact home, and I'm grateful because I wouldn't appreciate the story otherwise...

      Keep it coming, I want to see what becomes of the Lone Mare/Stable Dweller/"Fearless Filly from Stable Two" (Three-pony ftw). I also have a gut feeling these loose notes and files Little Pip is going to find are going to relate to the show's cast, and I have a morbid curiosity to read about those too...

      So, judging that each chapter brings a new perk, are we looking at a 20 or 30 chapter work? What were the level caps of the other Fallout games, anyway?

    28. @Anonymous
      Fallout 1 had a level cap of 21
      Fallout 2 didn't have a level cap if I'm not mistaken

      Now on on the fic.
      The fact that you combined Fallout's 2 and 3 intros filled me with glee.
      But all the mane cast is dead. Unless one of them is a Ghoul.
      >Rarity as Charon
      All of my money!

    29. squeak...

      BoS cutie mark? Do want.

    30. Im only halfway through the second chapter and I'm having to repress several squees constantly as i read more and more. This is one of the most well executed crossovers ever. Love this stuff.

      I dont really think it's based on any game in particular, just on the fallout universe in general. Which is cool, Equestria is a lot different then the US I would imagine.

      Now I'm going to go finish it. *squee*

    31. And I just finished it. Good choice of perk, those XP ones are best taken early ;) Plus it justifies her learning the hard knocks of life outside the stable rather quickly.

      And I cant wait for more. :D

    32. >Rarity as a Ghoul

      I am strangely interested in how that would play out, more so than how it would be like if other members fo the mane cast were Ghouls, too.

      That said, it would be a bit much if more than one mane cast member was a Ghoul, and even one has the potential to derail the story if not handled correctly - but I think the author has it all planned out anyway

      Anyone imagining a Ghoulified Pegasus? That poses a lot of questions and issues. In the typical Fallout setting, a heavily mutated bird would simply shed all their feathers and become land-ridden, but even in the Fallout universe flying birds still exist (Look above Megaton in F3, there are Vultures circling).

      Plus, you have to consider that this crossover's radiation is not nuclear radiation, but something far more complicated; magic radiation. Magic, in it's broadest sense, is capable of practically anything, and so, the ill-effects of being exposed to uncontrolled magical energies - the radiation - could range from minor ailments, to mutations far beyond the reach of nuclear radiation, and death.

      So, a Pegasus exposed to magic radiation could retain their feathers or at least their ability to fly, but may suffer catastrophic changes elsewhere.

      I'm reading too much into this, I can only imagine the potential headaches that the author is going to feel as this story is continued

    33. Side note : I kinda wonder if it will follow more Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas... By that I mean, the interactions with the 'playable' Compagnions that join you and the Good-Bad Factions out there (both games handle them differently)...

      Atmosphere in general : I played Fallout (mostly the 2 'new' ones), and in those games I never really felt the emotions behind the whole ''post-apocalyptic'' thing that we should be feeling.

      But here, the feeling is more present, yes. I will say that it must be because we actual know the characters involved, we loved them and care for them... So, when THEIR world go all ''post-apocalypse'' on them, we fell much more inclined to be sad.

      Especially since we wonder... during the events that destroyed everything... how did they lived those last moments ?

      Then, we get sad, and beg to know what happened to them... wanting to be sure that they left with courage and, maybe, did they survived somewhere ?

      This story holds a dangerous potential, for good but also to turn bad if handled in the wrong direction.

    34. ^ Yep, Fallout, in Equestria. Any questions?

    35. It's very... sobering to think of all the places from the show looking so desolate. Filled with desperate slavers and pyscho raiders. This makes me wonder what happened to Twilight, and to Rarity and Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy...


      Even if it isn't accurate, I'm just going to pretend that the wars mentioned in the intro took place a few years after the mane cast had all died happily, of old age. That's the only thing that'll keep my mind at ease.

    36. @Anonymous
      ^ (Same anon, I wrote the earlier post before reading the final passage of the second chapter)


    37. Im assuming that she kept the combat shotgun. How much ammo does she have??? We need an item list at the end of each chapter!

      This tugs very hard on the emotions. Very good read.

    38. I'd say she has kept the Combat Shotgun. I would, as it is one of the best weapons for starting a new game on F3 (I never feel remotely safe in the subway tunnels until I have the oddly designed weapon in my possession)

      This is a fic that has captivated my interest so well that I'm finding myself returning to the comments section every few hours to discuss the fic with the new commenters.

      I wonder if there are Unicorns out in the Equestrian Wasteland who use attack spells instead of firearms... Perhaps the knowledge of attack spells is limited due to it being needed to be taught, and teaching materials being incredibly scarce in a post-apocalyptic world, thus leading to Unicorns only mastering telekenesis.

    39. A nice zombie Ditzy Doo? Who wrote a survival guide? This just makes the fan fic 20% cooler!

    40. This is completely unrelated to the topic, but did anypony else notice how it's been like a week since we hit 2 million hits and we're already less than 500000 to the next million?

    41. @Display Name

      Oh, I've noticed and I'm keeping an eye on when the blog reaches 3 million. We're a small but growing fandom, we are.

    42. I don't think you can really call it a "small" fandom when it's got any select handful of people pumping out more quality material in a week than the entirety of most other fandoms do in months.

      Growing, however, definitely.

    43. A chapter a day, eh? That's quite impressive. Me likey.

    44. After reading this, It really makes me want to start up my New Vegas that I never finished, but it just wouldn't feel right though after realizing just how bad the wastes would be.

      The worst thing in game is scavenging and surviving the wastes. She's had to deal with double crossing, trust issues, surplus gore, and smelling, tasting, and seeing it the entire time all while not being able to have the "I'm the main character so I can just overpower anyone who disagrees" mentality. All of that and it's only a mile or so out of the vault. Consider me humbled.

    45. This is amazawesome. I have a new favorite incomplete fic on the site.

    46. This is EXCEPTIONALLY well-done and immersive. If it were a game or novel, I'd buy it.

    47. A good replacement to Moira Brown. Can't wait to here whose filling Three Dog's shoes.

      Keep fighing the Good Fight in Equestria, childen...

    48. Why would you choose Swift learner (horse sense)? It's a waste of a perk!

    49. Just read the latest chapter (3) and wow, this is.. absolutely fantastic. Wonderful writing, excellent blending of settings, and you've managed to portray the Raiders as the psychos that they truly are. While ALSO carefully tiptoeing the line between descriptive and gorn (our protaganist looking away in horror is very appropriate).

      Keep up the fantastic work!

    50. Excellent, this latest installment had my full attention from start to finish. At least we know that The Lone Mare (LittlePip) isn't going to give in to the hostility and cruelty of the Wastes. I think the story would lose it's edge if she became "Evil". That said, it's clear she's already being scarred by the Wasteland, with her rage in combat being evidence.

      So there's a Mysterious Pony of some description who is hacking the Sprite-Bots, and appears to be backing up LittlePip, will this invisible hacker return? I can hardly wait to find out!

      I like the little references made to the show's original cast. The medical box sporting Fluttershy's coat colour and Cutie Mark, Big Mac Memorial, and a Ghoulified Derpy to name a few. It'll be interesting to see how LittlePip reacts to learning who the 'zombie-ponies' really are.

      I'm not complaining about he perks, I can see the logic behind it. LittlePip is a well-read pony, and has an attention to detail thanks to her lockpicking and work with PipBuck computers, so it makes sense that she is a fast learner and is able to absorb information like a sponge. Hardly a waste of a 'perk', since this story is aiming for a more realistic approach, and so nopony is strategising their selection of perks.

      You have the raiders down to a T, by the way, even the Pool-Cue raider was spot on. I've never understood why the melee ones have no fear and charge at me when I've got a Flamer, or any firearm for that matter, but oh well...

      Keep it coming, I'm loving this.

    51. @Anonymous

      I've already have a guess who the hacker might be (assuming it isn't an OC, which, in this story, isn't a bad thing) but I'm hoping that we see more of Ghoul Ditzy soon enough.

      Perhaps she can be The Lone Mare's friend?

    52. You know, now that I think about it, I was completely fine with seeing gore in Fallout. Sometimes I even screwed around with dismembered corpses, throwing them to and fro like toys. In fact, sometimes I think there isn't /enough/ gore in media today. But it's just sickening to think of all those mutilated ponies hung to walls with railroad spikes. And all the damage done to those captives... Man, the apocalypse is sounding less and less cool every minute.

    53. @Anon of 7.23pm

      That's what happens when you are emotionally attached to the world you are in. Like it or not, Fallout 3 (only game I've played, so only example I can give) isn't good at drawing you in and holding your heart captive, and screwing with your emotions. So you end up playing the game as a 'gamer' rather than as an actual human, the disconnect makes you able to not think twice about gore or mutilating bodies.

      These ponies have already got you by the heart one way or another, and so you feel pain when you imagine their world destroyed and lives ruined. But also take into account the author's first-person writing perspective, and lead character showing the emotions and feelings we SHOULD'VE felt while playing the Fallout games, and we have a much more deep and involving experience.

      Chapter 4 was awesome, though a little jarring to go from camping in a sewer to scavenging a weapon factory. I now have no idea how many days LittlePip has been in the Wastes.

      As much as I liked the reference to Nineteen Eighty-Four with Pinkie Pie representing Big Brother, I find it somewhat of a plothole that the Element of Laughter is being portrayed in such a manner, and the original Elements of Harmony are being spoken of by Watcher not a momenty later as being a virtues of good (which they are). My complaint is that it simply does not compute: It makes no sense that the story of the mane six lives on as a message of hope and goodness, yet Pinkie Pie is the face of something oppressively evil - all because of a reference to a different universe! It probably shouldn't bother me so much, but it does...

      If I were LittlePip when she was being sniped, I would've used the StealthBuck to evade the sniper and locate him - even if he spots you before you disappear you can still evade his shots long enough to lose him and/or kill him. But given the fact the LittlePip is in a *real* life or death situation, isn't familiar with the Wastes, and simply does not have the time to plan these things in the middle of combat like a gamer, I am happy to let that detail slip - but only if the StealthBuck is accounted for in later chapters; be it used, sold, or stolen.

      Other than a few details like that, the story is going great.

      I did notice some spelling errors, and I think one or two sentences have been worded wrong, you might want to re-read the chapter to be sure.

      Keep it coming, but make sure you keep these trip ups in the story to a minimum - you do not want to start bringing down the quality of your story now, especially not for a kick out of referencing something completely irrelevent to the two Universes you have crossed over.

    54. The experience perk is really terrible for a player character, who will get it right eventually, no matter how many reloads it takes, so at first I was irritated to see it taken. But it definitely makes sense for a sheltered young pony alone in the wasteland who desperately needs to get stronger as quickly possible! I can't imagine how bizarre it'll be for the Wasteland inhabitants to meet a blood-soaked, naive, idealistic death-dealer and bookworm pony.

      I wonder if Velvet Remedy also had help from the Watcher? There's no way a singer without special technical or martial prowess could cut it in the Wasteland without help. And of course, something had to motivate her to leave.

    55. Not usually a fan of OC ponies, but i must say you know how to introduce new characters beautifully GREAT READ.

    56. The thing that really made me love Fallout was the background history. The "what if" possibility the games portrayed had me enamored. The pre-war artifacts Littlepip stumbles across does the same thing. It makes me wonder what it was like before the firestorms and makes me want to keep reading just for that fact. And that's just part of the reason why I'm loving this story. All in all, an amazing story! Keep up the good work.

    57. You FIEND! You found the two things I absolutely drool over and combined them into a mass of awesomeness! Now I'm going to be doodling Fallout ponies for months! I mean, the possibilities!

    58. @Anonymous
      If you recall the episode "Green is Not Your Color," Pinkie had a nasty tendency to pop up in time to guilt Twilight into not talking. I wouldn't be surprised if Pinkie was menacingly eating an apple on the poster.

    59. @Anon of 8.10am

      True, but her almost-murderous insanity in that episode was something that hasn't been seen in other episodes. And it relates to her strong moral core. So to have her being the poster-pony of something that doesn't respect a pony's right to keep a secret or two is rather contrasting.
      I assume you have read Nineteen Eighty-Four, but I can't help myself but stress that The Party (ironic how they're called that and we're talking about Pinkie Pie) is ultimately the polar opposite of Pinkie Pie's moral compass. The Party seeks to control everyone, prevent any and all secrecy, and destroy all bonds of friendship. And in that book, they are powerful enough to do it successfully.

      Yes, Pinkie Pie is crazy, and unpredictable, but she knows what is right and what is wrong. She would never agree to being "Big Sister" in any society, not just because she is the living embodiment of the Element of Laughter, but also because she knows how wrong it is.

      This wouldn't have been such an issue if the half-hearted reference to George Orwell's book had not been made - it is a completely different universe after all, and it clashes with the two primary universes that this fic combined. It would also have not been an issue if the Elements of Harmony were not spoken of - which creates the heavy contradiction that I draw my criticisms from. But since the Equestrian Wasteland is based on the Fallout and Equestrian universes, omitting the Elements of Harmony in favour for a throwaway reference to a completely different universe would be risky to say the least. And judging by the Watcher's dialogue, the Elements are likely to weigh heavily on the outcome of the current story

    60. @Anonymous
      It may have been a 1984 reference, but don't assume that means Pinkie Pie = Big Brother.

    61. @Anonymous

      Maybe there isn't a Level Cap...

      Ok so Pinkie Pie was in the government,Applejack made weapons and Twilight invented coke...
      My hopes for ghoulified Rarity are slowly being destroyed.
      But that's what you get for having impossible expectations

    62. @Anonymous

      "Horse Sense" is a great perk when you're playing with the level cap removed. -:3

    63. I'm figurin' Pinkie Pie's image and reputation were probably used without her permission (or under duress). We ARE talking about an Equestria which clearly started going to hell in race-war with zebras even before it actually went to hell in a spellstorm.

    64. Nice to see more of Ditzy Doo (or Ditzy Ghoul as I like to call this version).

      Another great chapter, with some real tension. Chimeras are always creepy but ones that can reproduce via parasitic reproduction? *shiver*

    65. Ahh, some nice prejudice-y stuff for our protagonist. This was needed, seeing as she was taking all the changes in her life way easier than she should've. Seeing her actually clinging to something from her past life _is_ more realistic, even if a bit weird, in this part of the story.

      Pinkie Pie as a Big Brother? Fair enough, she has her moral code, but as long as she _thinks_ that this is for the best, i think she'll keep doing whatever is required (if there even anything that is, Big Brother was never a certain somebody, IIRC)

    66. LilPip must've been hauling rump in order to have gone from the Raider-infested town of Ponyville to the salvaged town of New Appleoosa. Is her Agility like 9, or something?

      I enjoyed this chapter, Calamity is an interesting pony. After the initial encounter of him in the previous chapter, I got the impression he was a hardened, lethal, and professional caravan guard (or mercenary at least). So to see him show that he has a lot of heart, and that he accompanied LilPip to Stable 24 not to rescue his reputation or boost his ego, but because he felt guilty just for the act of attempting to kill and/or killing somepony (enemy or no), completely blew that assumption away. Almost killing LilPip - who turned out to be innocent and was mistaken for a Raider - must've really tore him up on the inside, knowing that he actually feels.

      There was a good deal of action in this chapter, balanced with some dialogue and information about the Stable. Those creatures seemed extremely vicious and frightening, the mere thought of being bitten by one sends a chill down my spine.

      The filly who accidentally created them seemed to have been uniquely powerful, and I wonder if there was anything more to her or not. Perhaps she managed to channel enough of the energies to fight the demons she spawned, and save a few Stable residents. But that's a different story entirely, and will probably be lost forever within the Stable's ruins

      First major quest, finally found a hospitable place, and already a little bit of a local heroine. LilPip is already on the path to becoming a legend of sorts. Humourously, it appears that the populace of New Appleoosa are slightly overestimating LilPip's experience in the Wastes. With Crane asking her to deal with Stable 24 and the Chimera (LilPip still has little experience in combat and the Wastes), Calamity assuming almost the same thing (and being surprised by LilPip's reaction to the storm), and the locals thinking highly of her for rescuing the captives from the Raiders in Ponyville (when LilPip had a lot of dumb luck and dumb Raiders helping her survive the fight).

      Ditzy made a nice return to the story. I'm pretty partial to the civilised Ghouls, and naturally I like the character the fandom has created called Derpy or Ditzy Doo - depending on who you ask. So I felt some joy to see that she was alive and well, but the fact that her condition may lead to her becoming a Feral Ghoul is saddening, to say the least. But given that she's been a Ghoul for over two-centuries, I doubt she will 'snap', as some of the fearful locals put it.

      Looking forward to the next chapter. LilPip is making some progress - if surviving long enough to be sent out on a possibly fatal mission counts as progress. I wonder if her original mission to find Velvet will come back into the picture now, or perhaps that cause has really been lost now - it's been about 6 days now with no leads

    67. It's only a matter of time before she realizes that the Stables weren't designed to save anypony...

    68. Something I hadn't really thought before reading the last Chapter, not that it's linked to it, directly...

      But... The Elements of Harmony.
      The most POWERFUL artefact(s) of the entire Equestria Kingdom... Well, what happened to them ?

      Their bearers must have had something other than just ''boom, you're dead'', right ? Their Element must have had some sort of weight in all this, protection or whatnot... Maybe their Element ''put'' them (bearers) in stasis to allow the safe-keeping of the Elements ?

      Same for the 2 simili-goddesses-super-powerful-Alicorn... I seriously doubt they just ''poof-ed'' away ? Maybe, to prevent a truly TOTAL destruction, did they used themselves as some sort of living magical barrier, in order to make like a buffer, so that the Overcharged magic would dissipate progressively and ''safely'' over time ?

      ...All sort of questions... So little answers... ;) Or is it ?

    69. Yet another amazing chapter! Love Calamity, hope he sticks around as a companion.

      I also like how you portrayed Stable 24, and how you didnt outright state what happened there or what kind of 'test' Stable-Tec was doing there (with the stallion-centric propaganda) but you showed it through the terminals and posters. It produced a similar feel that I get from the game as I work out on my own what happened in a Vault. You sure know how to implement that golden writing principle: Show, Dont Tell. Excellent work. Cant wait for more! :D

      As for Lilpip, I wonder what her stats are? hmm... I'm going to hazard a guess. From what I've read, I'm pretty sure her tag skills are Lockpick, Science, and Repair. as far as her stats... well, she obviously has higher then average intelligence, probably has pretty high agility as well, but she dosnt take hits well, so perhaps a low endurance? hmm... Plus she's been pretty lucky these past few days.

      Here's my guess:

      Strength: 4
      Perception: 5
      Endurance: 3
      Charisma: 6
      Intelligence: 8
      Agility: 7
      Luck: 7

      keep in mind that's only a guess, peoples ;) and before anypony goes and tells me that's a terrible build or something, im not saying it's a good build or not, im just guessing at the stats of Lilpip based on the story so far.

    70. I think megaspells makes this setting BETTER than canon fallout. They were pretty much using the word "radiation" as a stand in for magic anyways.

      Also "green isn't your color" pretty much makes Big Sister Pinie Pie canon.

      Also its well written.

    71. So uh, where's DJ Three-Pawn or whatever you decide to call him and Equestria News Radio. He's gotta be a descendant of Vinyl Scratch.

    72. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
      I love this fanfic. Keep up the good work!
      I think early on (like chapter 2) you misspelled apple "apply", and a couple others, but I forget because I'm loving this too much.

    73. I'm not sure I agree with some of the perk choices here, but you're the GM here.

    74. "Lightning flashed outside. I gasped, jumping back from the window. I could have sworn I saw a the head of a giant pink pony, the size of an ursa major, peering at me over the hilltop, grinning."

      Creepiest. Mental image. EVER.

      Also, this is the most awesome fanfic in existence. MOAR!

    75. i want more. now.

    76. Loved the sixth chapter! I can't think of anything that I didn't like or anything that could've been done better.

      So, one Virtue down, five to go, am I right? I hope this is a major plot device, and something really amazing comes out of it. Otherwise this fic shall just be 'Fallout with ponies' rather than 'Fallout: Equestria'.

      I agree with Anon of 2.07pm, that excerpt is a really creepy image. But knowing what it was, and what caused it to happen, it becomes a creepy image that foreshadows something good.

      The ponified Bobblehead is a nice touch, too, I assume it is a Strength statuette, and the way you described how it's effects are instantly applied to LilPip is another good piece of imagery - well I could imagine the boost.

      Another noticeable piece of imagery is the descriptive of the effects of the Mint-Als "Party Edition" (forgot the name) 'chem', which made it clear, in more ways than one, what it was designed for, and how dramatically it affects the pony who ingests one.

      Now, I wait, oh what a cliff-hanger! Outnumbered, without support, and probably at a disadvantage in terms of firepower (Lil Mac would've made the obstacle ahead easier, too bad there are no bullets left for now), LilPip will need more than just her luck, which has saved her more than once, to survive this quest - especially if she's going to free all the slaves and get some answers from a certain pony...

    77. oh yes DO WANT

      *reads every chapter up until now*

      now somepony needs to create "Little Macintosh" in Fo3's G.E.C.K.

      i presume it's a unique scoped .44

    78. I imagined it to be a unique 32. Pistol, that DOESN'T suck like all 32. Pistols. Making the stats for it would be easy, and (with a little practice) I could probably place it in a world cell. But I'm not a modeller, and I don't know how to edit textures in F3, so the real unique aspect of it isn't possible from me due to my lack of experience

    79. Why.. why is it slowing down.. I wants more.. this is the only pony fanfic I read... why isn't there more yet? (spoiled by every-day updates? me? never!)

    80. @Anonymous

      Surprisingly close. Chapter Seven might give some more hints. BTW: She does have the Trait "Small Frame". -.^

    81. @Anonymous

      Sadly, I'm about to take off for four days at a convention, so I will probably not be able to write more until I get back. However, Chapter Seven is taken to task by my proofreaders at this moment, and should be up by tonight or early tomorrow.

    82. Thank you, everypony! I'm thrilled by the wonderful reception to this story. It inspires me to go on! ^.^ (Like every good artist, my batteries are charged by feedback! -.^)

      There will be a delay of several days between the posting of Chapters 7 and 8. Sorry for this. Can't be helped.

      And sorry for having not said anything sooner. This site and my normal web browser don't talk to each other well.

      Again, thank you all!

    83. Read the intro in the Narrators voice.
      Read the DJ's lines in 3dogs voice.
      Began changing the OC characters to F3 characters without noticing it.
      >Mfw this is the best Fallout fic i've ever read.
      Just to sate a question, is Calamity the "Jericho" character? I pictured him as Jericho from F3.(Without the background, needed evil karma)

    84. sooooooooooooooooooo goooood.

    85. Well, holy shit, things are heating up!

      Not only is Old Appaloosa a slaver town, but it is also headed by what appears to be a lesser-Goddess - an evil one at that! The significance of this winged unicorn isn't yet obvious, but at least it appears that such creatures are immensely powerful, yet are still mortal.

      Still no hints as to whether or not the Virtue of Laughter is an independent source of power, or a piece to a larger puzzle... yet.

      We have some major developments in the story now that I am eager to learn about. I really want to read more about the Virtues/Elements, the reason behind the winged unicorn ( is there more than one? Are they Celestia/Luna tier or lower?), and also why Velvet Remedy even left Stable 2 in the first place.

      I theorise that Velvet is going to have some influence in LilPip discovering another Virtue, and as she does so, it'll be a nice touch to see LilPip demostrate the virtues through sub-conscious action. Like she'll always remain in good spirits and try to cheer up others, which demonstrates the Element of Laughter; she could start going by a policy of letting a pony live long enough to shoot at her, and/or never killing a downed enemy who is unable to fight, something that shows the Element of Kindness; and helping Wastelanders by giving them food, water, and weapons for free can demonstrate the Element of Generosity.

      Thinking about it, finding a single living creature who posesses all of the Virtues/Elements is something that would be rare, and extremely inpsiring in even the normal MLP universe, since the Elements were split between a number of bearers equal to the number of Elements. Now place a living unification of all six Virtues/Elements in one pony inside a post-apocalyptic Equestrian Wasteland, and things are more than 20% cooler, and that pony is likely to wield power that matches that of Celestia herself.

      Oh, I do love imagining complex things such as this, but I have strayed far off subject...

      LilPip's telekenesis training paid off, and not a moment too soon! The latest perk seems like something that she shall benefit from, given that she is carrying a lot of equipment and weaponry. I really hope LilPip's medicince skill improves, though, because she's taking a lot of damage in these quests and confrontations and with a companion and now some rescued slaves to worry about, being better at medicine would help things greatly.

      There's much talk of Battle Saddles now, I don't suppose that these things equate to F3 Power Armour, in that they require a special perk to use, right? Or perhaps LilPip just isn't a Big Guns type of pony - since the things appear to be designed for either wielding a big gun, or two small guns at once. Whichever the case, I do wonder if we shall see LilPip making use of one at some point.

      Excellent story so far, I have my fingers crossed that the next chapter shall bring a fulfilling close to the latest quest, and that LilPip's original mission - and subsequent sacrifice of a safe life - shall not be all in vain.

    86. Okay so each fallout game had the same structer...
      1 Get out of home because of quest
      2 Find that everything is fucked up
      3 Find subtle hints that everything will be fucked up even more
      4 Complete first quest
      5 Something happens and everything you did for the first quest is for nothing(you find the water chip now kill the master, You found the GECK but you're village is destroyed,You find your father but now he's dead)
      Also at this point you just did 30% of the game
      6 Destroy greater evil

      The first 4 steps are done and the fifth one is possible if Velvet died. Let's see where this goes.

      Also another alicorn? Let me guess FEV?

      I agree with what Nova said about the Elements and princesses. Too many pieces don't fit. But only time will tell...

    87. So, from this chapter, I deduced that Big Sister Pinkie Pie was actually letting people get away with drug dealing behind Celestia's back, and that Velvet Remedy is a descendant of Fluttershy.

    88. Friendship. Friendship never changes. In the year 2077, after millennia of conflict with the zebra clans, the destructive nature of ponykind could sustain itself no longer. The world was plunged into an abyss of megaspell fire and radiation, but it was not --as some had predicted-- the end of the world. Instead, the apocalypse was simply the prologue to another bloody chapter of Equestrian history. For although ponykind had succeeded in destroying the world --friendship, friendship never changes. In the early days, thousands were spared the horrors of the holocaust by taking refuge in enormous underground shelters, known as stables. But when they emerged, they had only the hell of the wastes to greet them --all except those in Stable Two. For on the fateful day, when magic rained from the sky, the giant steel door of Stable Two slid closed... and never reopened. It was here I was born; it is here I will die. Because, in Stable Two: no one ever enters and no one ever leaves.

      I got bored and just started replaying Fallout 3, and this was the results after re-watching the intro. ^-^

    89. Am I the only one getting a "The Master" vibe from that pony she dropped the boxcar on?

      The way she was talking is making me think that she might be based off of him, but her shape is recognizable as a Pony so maybe my hunch is wrong.

    90. Read latest chapters again. I said it before, I will say it again, and keep saying it.

      I absolutely love this fic. So very, very much. Whenever it ends, I totally wouldn't mind a sequel or spinoff of another Vault.. err, Stable Dweller's tale. But I hope it doesn't end for a long while.

      *so much love for this story*

    91. After reading the latest chapter, I went to try and get back into Fallout: New Vegas. This failed after realizing that the Mohave Desert is a far less compelling place than the Equestrian Wasteland.

      I love how well you incorporate hints of the original show and make it seem canon. Doing the little level ups and perks at the end of each chapter also makes things more reminiscent of the games. Lilpip and Calamity's personalities are also well developed which helps the story feel realistic.

      That being said, due to failure of getting back into Fallout: New Vegas, I will instead relinquish the privilege and thrill of exploring the wastes to Lilpip as her story has proven far more interesting than mine.

    92. I just keep lovin' this series. Damn good writing! And the mechanics of Fallout have been thought out and well-translated to ponykind as well.

      Frankly, I daresay it's some of the best all-around Fallout fanfic I've ever read...and I've been playing the games since the original was new.

    93. I gave up on Fallout 3 in Megaton, so yeah... Still, I am a huge fan of the first two games, and that combined with the general quality of the writing is mroe then enough to keep me interested. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    94. So, I presume that our little adventurer already found two elements - the element of loyalty in the case of Calamity (a bit of a stretch, but this is merely a theory), and an element of kindness - that would be Velvet Remedy (kinda obvious). Funny enough, she herself fits an element of honesty (she goes kinda heavy on "trust me", and never betrayed that trust yet).

      The alicorn - well, I presume you put some work into that, and say that this is pony equivalent of an Super Mutant. Why? Well, the horn glows - IIRC - with the colour of the pony's cutie mark, or fur. Thus, it's purple for twilight (both fur and a cutie mark), blue for Rarity (cutie mark), white for Vinyl Scratch (fur), and I'm sure there are other examples I'm too lazy to check. Thus, green light means that the pony has something to do with green, the collor corresponding to the mutants. And, she _is_ superpowered - they don't call her a goddess for no reason. This is even more of a stretch than having Calamity as an element of loyalty, but hey - a theory is a theory.

      Oh, and - that "There is always a DJ-Pon3" - was awesome. Gave me tingles.

    95. Very awesome story so far! i'm in love with your writing and i can't wait for future chapters. keep up the excellent work :D

      6 out of 5 stars because this fanfic it 20% cooler

    96. So, I presume that our little adventurer already found two elements - the element of loyalty in the case of Calamity (a bit of a stretch, but this is merely a theory), and an element of kindness - that would be Velvet Remedy (kinda obvious). Funny enough, she herself fits an element of honesty (she goes kinda heavy on "trust me", and never betrayed that trust yet).

      The alicorn - well, I presume you put some work into that, and say that this is pony equivalent of an Super Mutant. Why? Well, the horn glows - IIRC - with the colour of the pony's cutie mark, or fur. Thus, it's purple for twilight (both fur and a cutie mark), blue for Rarity (cutie mark), white for Vinyl Scratch (fur), and I'm sure there are other examples I'm too lazy to check. Thus, green light means that the pony has something to do with green, the collor corresponding to the mutants. And, she _is_ superpowered - they don't call her a goddess for no reason. This is even more of a stretch than having Calamity as an element of loyalty, but hey - a theory is a theory.

      Oh, and - that "There is always a DJ-Pon3" - was awesome. Gave me tingles.

    97. love the latest chapters! Pinkie Pie's face appearing gave me the chills. But Lilpip discovered the virtue of laughter, and everyone needs a little of that in postaponyliptica. Calamity is awesome, I wish I could have him as a companion in the games.

      I also love the fact that Lilpip is realizing a few things about herself and the world around her, like her bout with sexisim and the fact that she shot those slavers based on what they were wearing, only to realize that she had done what had been unfairly done to her. Sure, sometimes ya gotta do that for survival, but it was a revelation all the same for her, I'm sure she'll keep that in mind for future encounters.

      I wonder if she got addicted to mint-als? meh, addiction penalties are easy to get rid of ;) I use alcohol in the game all the time to give me an extra ten pounds of carrying capacity. I also spend a lot of caps at the clinic getting rid of addictions... but the benefits of drugs really pay off if you use them at the right moments ;)

      I think it would be interesting if they met a zebra on their journeys. They have been portrayed as monsters in the Equestrian wasteland for generations, Lilpip and crew's reactions to meeting one would be interesting. Provided they dont shoot at the scary stripes first before asking questions. Maybe they encounter a zebra foal? hmm... so many scenarios that can be played out, so little time, lol. You've managed to make a concept by combining two awesome things to make both of them even more awesome then before.

      I think the alicorn was a super mutant. also, boxcar = win. Loved that scene. No spells? I dont need no fancy spells! Block this, slaving bitch! *squish* simply awesome. Those mighty telekinesis perks would be essential for any good unicorn character build, methinks.

      She tried to put a bandaid on a bullet wound? Sure, they're magic bandaids, but I think somepony needs to put points in medicine...

      In my opinion, this is the best fanfic ever. Keep em coming! If you ever need a proofreader, I'm available, and experienced at proofreading ;)

    98. though alicorns being super mutants makes sens in terms of fallout and the FEV in terms of fallout 1 and the plans of the master building a super mutant army. i think it could also be a equestrian equivalent to an enclave officer (iteration woo!) getting slave labor to rebuild canterlot / build a new capital.

    99. Read the 2 new chapters, some of the new comments, and...

      -Alicorn:Super Mutant-
      Meh... I think it would be better to see them as : Behemoth Super Mutant...
      In Fallout 3 there's like 3-4 of them. Rare encounters, but they exist. So, it would work with the story, I believe?

      Next is...
      -The Main and Sub cast characters-

      So far, we read/know that Sweetie Bell is ''alive, but a Ghoul'', and with the (ghoul) son? of (dead) Vynil Scratch.

      Scootaloo probably died in the destruction of Stable-Tech HQ (or something.

      Applebloom is still a mystery.

      For the main cast, well... except a quick mention about Applejack and Big Mac... We know nothing of what may or may not have happened to them ? Hard evidences I mean.

    100. Not sure how the Elements of Harmony are supposed to play out in this fic but making Ditzy Doo the new bearer of Laughter actually makes a lot of sense. Even in the show she's always shown grinning or at least smiling; she just strikes me as a cheerful person and even as a mute ghoul that apparently hasn't changed one bit.

    101. @nova_25

      I thought the pink pony mentioned in chapter 3 was Pinkie Pie. Maybe that's just me...

    102. I created an account solely to tell you all that it is a MUST to listen to this fallout playlist whilst reading.


    103. I don't think the Alicorn is a pony version of a Super Mutant. Rather, I think the Alicorn is it's own species, since it hails directly from the MLP universe. Super Mutants are, well, mutants.

      I assume the Alicorn is called Stem (forgive me if I'm wrong, I've only read the chapter once, and it was before I went to sleep), and she seemed too much like a normal pony to have been a Super Mutant. I'm thinking that she is an ultra-powerful Unicorn, and as a result, was capable of 'leveling up' into an Alicorn.

      I'm waiting patiently for the next chapter!

    104. This comment has been removed by the author.

    105. @Anonymous
      ''Mentioned'' maybe... On a poster if I remember correctly, like with Fluttershy and the MedKits.

      But what I meant was that we don't -really- know WHAT happened to them (Main cast or CMC, except for Sweetie Bell). Are they really dead? HOW did they died, IF they died... If they didn't die, then they must be ghouls?

      That's what I meant. We have yet to get decisive infos on those subjects.

      Maybe we will learn their -fate- in later parts... I do hope so.


      A previous Anon. said ''super mutants'', the basic and very common Super Mutant like in Fallout 3.

      Me, I said ''-Behemoth- Super Mutant''... People will remember them as behind the most powerful AND rare monsters from Fallout 3. Rare and Powerful are tags quite similar to the description of an Alicorn.

      Just saying.

    106. Well it depends on what type of FEV is being use

      West Cost (F1, F2 and New Vages) they were death on two feet could take heavy weapons without much troble, smart-ish and work with others, in which making them Alicorns work

      East Cost (F3) were dumb kill crazy brutes who attack any one and could be killed with basic weapons

    107. Personally, I reckon that the Alicorn isn't any form of Super Mutant, neither West nor East coast. I am familiar with East Coast Behemoths (for the record, there are five including the one that appears outside GNR, unless you use Martigen's Mutant Mod on the PC version), but I don't think the Alicorn is even compareable to it - the Alicorn was crushed by a train car, I reckon a Behemoth would survive that. What I'm saying is that not everything in Fallout: Equestria is going to be a mashup of Fallout and Equestria, some things are going to be pure Fallout and other things pure Equestria (firearms and telekenesis, respectively). The Alicorn is probably at least 80% Equestrian Universe, with the other 20% there on the off chance that this particular Alicorn was the result of some crazy science from Fallout like FEV, or some sort of genetic mutation acheived through other means.

      In general, though, I think the Alicorn is probably all-Equestrian. The two original Goddesses are missing, and perhaps their powers were bestowed upon other ponies prior to disappearing - but some of the new Alicorns went corrupt with power. At this moment in time, that is what I'm thinking, rather than the Alicorn being a victim of FEV or a form of Fallout-style science.

    108. or maybe here the FEV was disign to make new alicorns if something happen to the princesses. and the Master found it, and the rest was history.

      because that Alicorn was acting like a Gen 1 (Master made) Super Mutant

    109. For a while i kept putting this story off thinking it was just another "what if we combine this and this" stories, but after seeing all the good reviews i gave it a read and i have to say this story is amazingly well written and can't wait to see more.

    110. I am going into no-FO:E withdrawls. *sob, sob*

    111. Dear Luna! I want to play this game.

    112. "The sky exploded! It was like the sound of a gunshot, if the gun was wielded by Celestia Herself and was made out of pure awesome."

    113. Just as I was going to go to bed...

    114. I just can't get enough of this fic.

      And someone was asking whether or not it could be done up as a rulesheet ala what was done for Pathfinder...

    115. More fantasticness. Keep up the good work!

      *eagerly reads newest chapter*

    116. This fic is so awesome, so awesome in fact that it caused me to start a new save on F:NV. Can't wait to see the next update.

    117. God I love this so much! I want to go play fallout now except fallout doesn't actually have ponies and awesomeness D:

    118. @roycalbeck
      That was me. Will somepony get on it. Thanks.

    119. LMAO what made you write this?!

    120. @Anonymous


      No, Velvet Remedy is a descendant of Sweetie Belle, who was the original Overmare of Stable 2

      The alleged ghoul was Vinyl Scratch

    121. Author, lemme just say this fic is inspiring. I only wish that my drawing skills were actually good because I'd like to draw your characters. This fic is awesome.

    122. Chapter Nine will be slightly delayed due to my proofreader needing to go to bed early. But it is almost done and will be up tomorrow!

    123. Kkat, all my love to you for the epicness of this story. I don't even want to call it a 'fanfic' anymore; there needs to be a term that's 20% cooler specifically to describe this amazing story.

      You have inspired me to sit down with the GECK and find some way to script this train scene using the F:NV engine.


    124. I wonder how many of us picked up Fallout 3/New Vegas because of your awesome story, only to put it down again due to the lack of a narrative to speak of (or ponies)

    125. @Fast and Free
      Speak for yourself, this awesome fic just makes me want to play more of those awesome games. :)

    126. So are the Pegasus ponies like the Enclave?

    127. Okay, I will freely admit that the image of a unicorn cutting off her own horn to better resemble an earth pony legitimately horrifies me.



    129. This makes me want to write a New Vages verson (since your's seem to be more of a Fallout 3)

      but I can't spell

    130. I am regularly going to Fallout 3 and Fallout:New Vegas nexus and searching for 'pony'. I'm hoping it's only a matter of time before somepony makes a pony mod.

    131. I see forshadowing for Lilpip's next quest: The Sparkle-Cola Challenge. Sparkle Grenades FTW!

    132. Wow, Lil'Pip is making some poor choices in the Perk department.I mean, light step works until the traps are triggered by your companions. Has she even picked up the educated perk yet, I can't remember?

    133. I'm pretty sure unicorn horns can grow back in some cases. This is the best grimdark story anyone could ever find that will inevitably hook you if your a fallout fan.

      Also the Littlepip upgrades at the end of every chapter seem mostly geared toward the fact that it's what Littlepip does that chooses them and not a concious choice of her own will in acquiring perks.

      This is not a game for Littlepip but actual life, any perks are just side notes to what she's actually learning instinctively.

    134. @Benschachar
      On top of what Anon said, you have to keep in mind LilPip's allies are smarter then the average in game ally purely off the fact that they are not driven by an AI. They are intelligent people who can take different paths and help work plans. This includes plans to wait or take an alternate route.

    135. @Gwatt

      That does help that the other allies have their own effective stats outside of combat like Velvet's speech skill.

    136. @Batty Gloom

      I think she cut off her horn because of what happened to her family.

      "But Silver Bell, sometimes when she’s frightened or worried, the spell happens all on its own. She didn’t mean to. It was an accident."

    137. Decided to read this out of boredom, didnt expect much... because... come on? ponies and Fallout?

      And then after a long sitting through the current nine chapters. I was mercilessly proven wrong... Well played Kkat... well played. :D

    138. I'm not sure why, but I suddenly fear that the author will make the main cast be like they all went bonkos with power... (sigh)

      >“Have you ever heard the old saying ‘The portal to hell is opened with the incantation of good intentions’?

    139. the latest chapter was yet more undiluted awesome from the genius that is Kkat. I find myself patiently waiting for the next chapter that will no doubt be just as amazing.

      and yeah, it's not like Lilpip is choosing her perks from a screen, she's living through this stuff, picking up the skills to survive as fast as she can. The fact that her S.A.T.S is now 20% cooler made me chuckle. I would have laughed, but the sadness that came right before that made me kinda depressed. Poor Sweetie Bell...

    140. @Sir Leadhead
      That wasn't ''Sweetie'' Belle, it was ''Silver'' Bell.

      From what I remember ''Sweetie'' Bell is :
      A) A ghoul singing with Vynil Scratch's (ghoul) son. (not sure if the mention was about her ''physically'' or just like a record with her voice)
      B) Or she was the first Overmare at Stable 2. (Pretty sure it is said 1-2 Chapter before)

    141. I'm really enjoying this story Kkat. Keep up the good work!


    142. I do not know whether to love or hate you for ending on that particular note, and then following it up with "SATS is now 20% cooler".

      I was laughing and hating myself for it at the same time.

      You sir, are genius on the hoof.

    143. I just noticed that a reader asked me (via Google Docs chat while I was AFK) for permission to commission fanart of this story. I'm incredibly honored! Anyone wanted to create or have created fanart of this certainly had my permission. ^.^

      I'm happy people are enjoying this story so much!

    144. @Anonymous

      Someone finally gets it! Yes, the perks are not things Littlepip is consciously choosing but rather abilities she's learning as she goes. These are purposely not an optimized build because this is not a game for Littlepip, and no one has sat down with a list of all possible perks, math-hammered it for days, and come up with a to-do list to make her super awesome in ten easy steps. The closest thing she has is the survival guide, and that's written for a general audience, not a pony from Stable 2.

    145. @Nova25

      I do not pretend to know what is in the mind of the author, but I do know that the author respects the mane cast, so I doubt anyone needs to worry about the entire cast going power mad. Could one or two of them have done so? That's possible - war can do terrible things. I think though that the quote ‘The portal to hell is opened with the incantation of good intentions’ rather clearly implies that most, if not all, still were attempting to do the right thing to the very end. I have a personal theory I'll keep to myself for now (in part because it's still half-formed) about what caused things to fall apart.

    146. I wonder if Gawd will join the cast as the embodiment of loyalty. It would be an interesting development as she is loyal in a strange way but can she even use an element of harmony due to not being a pony?

    147. My name is Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite fanfic on Equestria Daily.

    148. @Nova25

      I never considered that. I always thought that they didn't have the right mentality for the job. I mean going to the battlefield and order that even the zebras to be treated?
      A huge mistake! They were in war. One well placed shot and then the Zebras would have gain a huge advantage by destroying the moral of the remaining mane cast or cloud their judgement with thoughts of revenge...

      Also it's just me or does Watcher has a little to much information?
      Yeah anyone could take a book and find basic information about the war and elements but to know how Celestia and Luna thought about the mane six and so much about the elements? Such information would be known only by someone close to them... So unless he is reading from Luna's Journal in Canterlot Castle I have my suspicions

    149. Ten Chapters?

      Man, you are just a powerhorse. -:D

    150. Ditzy Doo will be the best mother Silver Bell ever had.

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      At this point, Littlepip has seen four of the Mane Cast: Fluttershy (Sparkle~Cola billboard), Applejack (statuette), Rarity (statuette) and Pinkie Pie (everywhere). She hasn't seen Twilight Sparkle or Rainbow Dash yet though.

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    182. This comment has been removed by the author.

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