• John De Lancie's Ravnina Callout Update! - Meetup Organization Underway, and Free for College Students

    The other day, Phoe announced John de Lancie's interest in getting a whole bunch of you down to the Ravinia Music Festival.   A bunch of bronies in the area have already started planning for it! The Chicago meetup groups have collaborated to hopefully get a huge showing there, but they need your help!

    Head on over to their Google Group page and sign up, and help get everything organized.

    The lawn that they plan on taking over is actually free for college students with a valid ID apparently, so you don't even have to drop the 10 bucks to meet up with John and grab an autograph while listening to awesome classical music and enjoying a picnic with an army of other pony lovers.

    Reminder: The specific times for these are August 16th in the evening, or August 18th in the afternoon.