• And Thus Begins the Sci-Fi Pony Era - My Little Pony Generation 5 - SPACE MARES

    What happens when a company has flooded a market with the same toys from the same world and setting for nine long years? People stop buying! You can only sell so many colorful castles and pink trucks before the armada of 5-12 year olds out there decide enough is enough! They may be able to watch the same Youtube unboxing video on repeat 300 times, but your average kid has a discerning eye when it comes to small plastic horses. They need something fresh, or they lose interest.

    Thus begins a new era for My Little Pony. A world built on the current sudden interest in space exploration. As the USA preps its new military "Space Force" and China ramps up production on moon base building, another 1960's race is all but inevitable. A certain toy maker has noticed, and they want a piece of dat pie.

    We at the greatest pony news site ever have some amazing news for you all today! It is with much excitement and many a fat check that we bring you the 5th generation of My Little Pony:


    No longer will the earth pony be forced to graze the same, boring grass fields. No more will the pegasus be constrained only to the sky! The cosmos calls, and the many denizens of ponyland trot forth into glorious exploration!

    And we will be covering it. 
    All day.
    Until you can't take it anymore.
    Until you want nothing more than to time travel back to wherever April 1st started and end humanity right there.
    Because that's what we do here at EQD
    Especially on this glorious day
    And maybe Luna 

    Full season synopsis at 5 AM blog time. From there, we reveal SPACE MARES in it's entirety throughout the day.  Prepare for it. Your ponies are going to SPACE.