• How to: Get Better Pony Toys

    Our ever-diligent Purple Tinker has received an excellent suggestion through contact from Ms. Faust regarding the lack of pony merch for older demographics. 

    How does one convince a goliath toy company like Hasbro to pay attention to a relatively small, but growing, demographic interested in one of their toy lines?  An army of pony-obsessed bronies won't do it, but what about someone with more power?  Someone who has the means of distributing and marketing the product? Someone who has, in the past, actually licensed My Little Pony before? I'm talking about none other than...Hot Topic. 

    Sure, there is sort of a stigma for the store if you are over the age of 16, but they really are the best option here.   Who else could convince Hasbro to take our money than a company that not only follows internet culture, but has stable retail outlets throughout the country? Lauren Faust herself suggests this route, and it definitely has merit.

    So here is the plan! Purple Tinker has cooked up this survey for us to fill out.  The only thing it will collect information-wise is your Age/Gender/Email, and some random questions.  Once enough bronies finish it, she is going to fire it off to Hot Topic in an attempt to convince them that there is, in fact, a market for more adult-targeted, licensed, pony merch.

    She will also be giving out Derpy Mail Stamps to 20 random people who take the survey! 

    With some luck, we might just get some kick-ass pony merchandise without worrying about Hasbro inevitably shutting it down due to licensing issues!

    You can find the survey below!  
    Purple Tinker's Pony Merch Survey