• Pony Alignment Chart

    Apologies if you hate these, but coming from a Dungeons and Dragons background I always find them entertaining.  There was one floating around before this that didn't make much sense, but this one does a pretty good job, even if it isn't using REAL alignments.  I guess there aren't enough evils in Equestria to warrant an actual alignment chart unless we play off of fanfiction.


    1. Yay! Post this on 4chan to see everyone rage! It's the new trolling tactic.

    2. Only one comment on something? What a glimpse into the past, when this site didn't have 84.5 million hits. Now this comment is gonna be a time capsule, and now it'll be revisited in a few months, and people will say "only 84.5 million hits?"

      I'm a time-traveling demon now.

    3. lol, this is amusing, love em all.