• Discussion: What kind of regular articles would you like to see?

    Time for you guys to be a test audience again. If you're getting sick of this... well, actually, I still wouldn't stop even if you said yes. You secretly like it and I know it.

    So far, the blog as a whole has carved out a niche in the community by hosting several types of content. We have original fan fiction, original and show-derivative fan videos, and fan-made music. So far, however, there has been very little blog-specific content being showcased. Actually, almost none at all.

    We'd like to change that. But first, we'd like some opinions.

    Phoe and I are ready to begin regular columns focusing on whatever topics that you guys would like to read about. The problem doesn't lie with finding ideas- I can and do rant about whatever I want to for paragraphs at a time, and Phoe is much better at it than I am, just more reserved. No, the trouble is that we don't know what you guys want to read!

    So, have at it. Throw out some ideas for us. We'd like to get a good feel for the general needs of our readers before we start making these things. Titles, too. Titles would be nice. I'm terrible at titles.


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