• Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 15

    Alternate title: Seth on the Beach. Goodness, do you feel that wit, or is it just me? Oh, that's what I thought. Well then! How about this? We've reached the halfway point of the NATG! Get out your noise makers, blow your party favors, throw the confetti and sip a refreshing beverage of your choosing. You have earned it! We're hitting the way point strong, netting another 304 drifters, shifters, and sailors to our growing menagerie! I... lost control of that metaphor somewhere, but look! Is that a total of 6117 images? I think it is!

    Jumping straight into the thick of things, let us swim up to shore and gaze upon the majesty and the wonder of the glorious ocean of our gallery. Do you feel alone? Don't! Feel at peace. It's relaxing to float about, sometimes. Or to drive and bank super hard around a turn, or to hop aboard a Jaeger and fight some Kaiju. Hey, it's all in there. Enjoy it!

    We're starting our third week now, and with a new week comes new things to think about, practice, and get pumped up for. This week's major focus is going to be expression and tone, and as a wonderful launching pad to that effect I present to you tonight's theme: Draw an excited pony/Draw a pony charged up! As ever, submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Friday, August 30. Let's go, ponies! I want to see you smile!

    You'll notice the general flow of today's post is a little bit different than usual. I'm as aware as anybody (perhaps more so) of how much monotony and routine can make a drudgery of any activity, even a really really fun one. And I can sit here and keep typing whatever pops into my head to keep making it feel fun and fresh, but after a while I think it all starts to seem a little bit flat. So with that in mind I tried to prepare something special for tonight. If you wouldn't mind, please click below the page break and hear what I have to say:

    So, full disclosure: I didn't cover anywhere near as much ground as I wanted to with this. I know there are a lot of you drawing for a lot of different reasons, some of you veterans and some of you true newcomers to drawing and art. And there's a lot of different reasons you might be struggling or bored, but even if I didn't touch on your issues specifically I just want you to know that I am listening, and I do care. Whether you're learning a technique or spreading your wings for the first time or even just having fun, I want to do my best to make sure you continue to stick around as much as you're able, because I want us all to stick this through together and have the most wonderful time imaginable. Thanks for sticking with us through thick and thin. You guys have a great night, or a fantastic day for our readers and participants from across the sea.