• Story: Mark of the Magician

    [Sad] This is an "Interquel" by another Author that takes place in between the end of Out in the Cold and before Shades of Midnight

    Author: The Mysterious Pony
    Description:  During the joyful celeberation of Midnight's first birthday, Princess Celestia seeks from Trixie the resolution of a longstanding mystery. What she gets is an answer far more than she had bargained for. An answer that is not only great and powerful but unimaginably bittersweet. The tale of how an orphan filly would become who she became to be. (An interquel of EsperDerek's series, Out in the Cold, which takes place between Reaching Midnight and Shades of Midnight written by Phoe.)
    Mark of the Magician (Link fixed! I actually used the wrong one, my bad :3)

    Additional Tags:  Flashback, sadness, revelations, magic, adventure,

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