• Story: Shades of Midnight (Update Side Story 2!)

    [Normal] This is actually an addition to Out in the Cold by an entirely different author.  Apparently EsperDerek (The person who wrote the original) Liked it so much they forced her to submit it!  It's not required, but you might want to look into reading it before this, if only because its an awesome story anyway. 

    Author: Phoe
    Description: All grown up and off to Canterlot University, a homesick unicorn finds comfort in a trip down memory lane. An exploration of the character Midnight, Twilight and Trixie's daughter from the Out in the Cold series by EsperDerek.
    Shades of Midnight

    Additional Tags: experimental, homage, slice-of-life, fanfic of a fanfic

    All Side Stories After the Break!  


    [Normal] [Crossover] [Sad] And a spinoff by another author because you guys love writing about Twixie and their kid!

    Author: Sunset Rose
    Description: Set in Ponyville in the storyline of Shades of Midnight, (Written by Phoe), a young unicorn, Autumn Dancer, is spending her life in blissful happiness. Learning magic, and growing under the loving guidance of her parents until certain unfortunate events shake the foundation of her life to it's core and introduce some particular elements in her life that she never experienced before.

    (A special thanks to EsperDerek and Phoe for this. EsperDerek is the author of Out In The Cold and has been a huge help in this. Before anyone asks, I do have their permission to use their material.)
    Cries In The Autumn Wind Part 1
    Cries In The Autumn Wind Part 2

    Additional Tags: Magic, Loss, Cheerful, Parenting, Cameo, Twilight Sparkle, Trixie, Lotus, Rarity, OC ponies


    Author: EsperDerek
    Description: Little Midnight was a dream come true for Twilight Sparkle and Trixie. But when the tiny foal falls ill in the night with a mysterious sickness that neither of them has seen before, will even 'Princess Mommy's help be enough to save their daughter?
    Dreams of Midnight (New!)

    Additional Tags: Mothers worry over their daughters

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