• Nightly Roundup #117

    Town drunk edition.  I wonder if we will see any Berry Punch sneaking drinks in season two?

    Have some news.

    Comics With Ponies

    1. Political Ponies
    2. Awkward Zombie
    3. The Gutters
    4. Gmod Idiot Box (Spike NOOOO and Fluttershy "sqeaks".

    Welovefine Unboxing

    Someone has recorded an unboxing of a couple of shirts from welovefine if you guys were curious about what exactly comes in the boxes! Check it out here!


    Source : Carolyn

    The Greatest and Most Powerful Holder Ever

    NOPONY comes close to the Great and Powerful Trixie when it comes to propping up books!

    Groups/Guilds/Ect Looking for More

    Colorado Brony Group


    Mid Ohio Con - Colombus, Ohio

    When: Oct. 22, 2011

    Where: The Jedi Assembly


    Tepic, Mexico Meetup


    Gaming with Hooves Steam Group


    License Plate

    I've considered one of these, but I'm pretty cheap. I'm glad others are doing it in my stead!

    Fighting is Magic Huge Update

    The team over at Mane 6 has released a while bunch of new information about Fighting is Magic, including a few new .gif's for us to post EVERYWHERE. Check out their page here for the full article!

    Friendship is Witchcraft Auditions

    The Abridged series "Friendship is Witchcraft" (My personal favorite, but I'm supposed to be unbiased so you didn't see this alright?) is seeking a few new voice actors for both Cheerilee and Scootaloo.

    Check out the video about it here!

    Ditzy Doo Song Storyboard

    The same person that releases the Derpy Hooves voiceovers, BaldDumboRat, is currently working on a song storyboard project. Check it out here!

    Another Pony Joystick

    Pretty awesome! The one at BroNYCon actually broke 200 bucks in auction. I never did get into arcade games, but these are tempting me to try some guilty gear out.

    Check out the artists Deviant Art page here!

    Twilight Sparkle Invades Chevy Commercial

    It's a small cameo, but at least she's there!

    Midnight Run Time Change

    For those following the Midnight Run cast, the next segment will air at 9:00 PM tonight instead of the usual time. Expect Aaron and Mike of Flankbook, along with DJ Pinkiepieswear as special guests. If you have any questions, toss an email to [email protected]

    Season Two Episode 3 New Description

    Lesson Zero has an updated description over on tvguide.com. It is now:

    Twilight gets anxious when she loses something she wanted to include in a letter to the princess.

    The air date remains the same.

    Pony Room


    Dutch Winter Wrap Up


    Doctor Whoof Radio Play Project

    Have some copy paste!

    A team of bronies is currently working on a series of Radio Plays chronicling the adventures of The Doctor as he acclimates himself to life among Equestrians. These plays will be comprised of five thirty minute episodes aired once a week later this October on Celestia Radio. You can follow their progress on their blog: https://ponyinaboxproductions.wordpress.com/
    In the mean time, have these shorts.

    Short 1

    Short 2

    Fanfiction Spreadsheet Major Updates

    For those following the EQD Fanfiction Spreadsheet/checklist, someone new has taken over the project. Here are a few new changes to it:
    • Suggested Edit History sheet
      • This sheet tells of any removal of fanfictions or addition of columns, other than that it has yet to be used for other changes. 
    • This Week's Update sheet
      • This sheet lists out the new fanfictions that were added in a week from Sunday to Saturday. The fanfictions that are listed here are moved to both Fanfic List sheet and Last Week's Update sheet on Saturday right before I go to sleep. 
    • Last Week's Update sheet
      • This sheet lists out the fanfictions that were added the previous week.

    Merch / Ebay Stuff

    Pony Earrings
    Luna Painting
    Luna Painting 2!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here