• Story: Out in the Cold (Updated Bonus Chapter!)

    [Shipping][Sad] Some more Trixie/Twilight!  Yes, Shipping! I got nothin else! Er wait, this is shipping, but... it's actually pretty "epic" too. Change of image to something more relevant.. poor Trixie.  Written by EsperDark
    Description: Feeling the weight of the world and haunted by memories of her past, The Great and Powerful Trixie returns to the scene of her greatest defeat. Will she find a new purpose, or will the events that transpired make such a thing an impossibility?
    Out in The Cold

    Part 2
    Description: Wrestling with her own worries about this new path she finds herself on, Trixie must face those that she has wronged in her past, and in doing so, has to come to a decision. What does it mean to be Great and Powerful?
    Lighting the Fire

    Part 3
    Description: Summoned to the seat of Princess Celestia's power, two ponies face a great dilemma. Unwilling to allow Twilight and Trixie the chance to experience a magic potentially even greater than friendship, the Princess throws their future into uncertainty. Will they be able to convince her otherwise, in the conclusion to Out In The Cold?
    Water, Food, Shelter, Companionship 

    Bonus Chapter (New!)
    Description: A few months after the events of Out In The Cold, and after much cajoling, Princess Luna, Trixie and Twilight finally dare to make use of some of the knowledge in "The Book". The experience is memorable, but the aftereffects are more so. It looks like it's going to last more than a few months, as well. Certainly will last at least nine. Maybe an entire lifetime. (Kind of a goofy, shippy, sappy, only-a-little-serious continuation to Out In The Cold)
    Reaching Midnight

    Alternate Tags: Romance, surprise, humor, life, a deal