• Poll Results: Does the Website Move too Quickly?

    I try to spread posts out by at least 1 hour, but I sometimes don't really have a choice.  Hopefully you guys are bothering with page 2, because that stuff is only a day old usually! I want everything to get a chance at the limelight. 

    I'm glad most of you don't mind though.  I visit a lot of gaming blogs (Kotaku, Joystiq, Massively), so I know how a blog is technically supposed to run, but with the addition of fanfiction here, it makes things move a lot quicker than a normal blog.

    The pre-readers have helped a ton though.  You probably have seen a decrease in story uploads lately overall.  I've sent countless people to ponychan for editing that I wouldn't have caught with my skimming.  Whoever was planning that writers training ground thing over there a while back really should re-build it!