• Story: Letters, Letters, Letters

    [Shipping] A lot of shipping stuff today!  This is from the same author that wrote Out in the Cold!

    Author: EsperDerek
    Description: Princess Celestia likes getting letters from Twilight Sparkle. She looks forwards to hearing from her pupil, and listening about all the adventures and lessons that Twilight experiences. Perhaps, as Princess Luna happens to point out when Celestia reads her a certain letter about feelings, a little more than even she realizes. Maybe it's time for her to admit her own true feelings?
    Letters, Letters, Letters

    Additional Tags: Turmoil, heat wave, letters, feelings


    1. But Celestia is like twilights thousand year old mother!.....proceed.

    2. Not a fan of the ship, but it's well-done regardless.

    3. Clear, concise writing with well portrayed emotions. I am not sure I like how the story jumps clear into making a life-long commitment when they, as I believe, have no real personal communication, but that doesn't make the story any less sweet.

      A fun read, I give it three stars I suppose. I also normally don't like one-shot stories but I think it's the perfect length.

    4. I also liked it quite a bit. It hooked me right from the start, with it's unusual pairing of characters. I'd give it 4 stars! And usually I give 3!

    5. Despite how obvious the ship is, you don't see much for it! Thanks for writing this and I hope you expand on it eventually/do more Celestia/Twilight stuff.

    6. Well, this was a strange but enjoyable read. Never seen this pairing without it being a randomfic, so I rather liked it. Very well-written.

    7. Also I'm not much into shipping, this was well done and enjoyable. Maybe it's just that lifespan dilemma which fascinates me, but I'm too much of a wussie to read the sad fanfics regarding that matter ..

    8. Yeeesssss I love this ship, so it's great to see more fiction supporting it. Too bad that it's so short! Very nice while it lasts, though.

    9. Same author as 'Out in the Cold'... that explains why that story was so great ;)

      His stories are always so interesting. I mean, they are well made and build and keep a good focus on the subject WHILE providing some amount of extra details that will interest the reader.

      Also, a Celestia and Twilight couple isn't that odd, like some people seem to think...
      Celestia is basicly an ''Eternal'' (or something close), so it's normal to get 'close' to a ''mortal'' each few centuries or so...

      And the Teacher thing ? Well, no one ever said that those sentiments can't evolve to something higher, ok. It's not like there was a rule for 'Immortals', right.

      Anyways... A good read, quite enjoyable.

    10. Very good, yes. The emotions fit the characters' personalities well, even in the oddity of the situation. I especially found it amusing how Celestia let her feelings affect her work and there was a heat wave. I leave you with a question:

      Can a sun-deity get Seasonal Affective Disorder?

    11. Wow that was a great story. So much love and feeling flying around.

      well done

    12. Why isn't this shipping more common?

    13. There are a lot of technical problems with this story, enough to be distracting. In addition, after so much set-up, the concluding events and heart-baring is over with rather quickly, with the emotional obstacles to be overcome in Twilight and Celestia coming together only introduced at the time of being overcome. Drawing out the emotional quality of Twilight and Celestia would have been good, such as giving some insight to what thoughts go through Celestia's head and torment her during her days of isolation--that argument she makes at the end, about the inevitable sorrow of her outliving Twilight for eternity, would have provided some good internal struggles, and is an emotionally complex enough idea that it really should be explored more anyway. Twilight's love could have been better detailed, too.

      Still, your style is decent, and the emotional quality of this story is pretty good. You work well with the transition from the respect and affection these 2 already have as seen in the series to feelings of romantic love. While the jump from one love to another is pretty easy in this case, you nonetheless facilitate it well and make it seem not just believable and touching, but natural.

      Really, the only strong criticism one can give here is a desire for more, not finding any strong flaw in the premise or execution. With a better look at Celestia and Twilight's emotional frame of mind before the confession scene, and a stronger attention to their emotional development, this could be a truly solid story, but even still, it's definitely good. 3 Stars.

    14. I see it as princess molestia :D I love it! this shit deserve 6 fucking stars!

    15. This is actually sort of sweet, any difficulties aside. :) Although, since there has never been much mention of Twilight's parents, I'd always thought that their relationship was more mother-daughter than teacher-student. Which would make this weird. So I'm just going to stop thinking for now. :)

    16. I hate this story... because I love it so much!

      Anyways, with that sappy comment aside, I do like this story quite a lot. I love stories about the alicorns, especially when they involve shipping ^.~ but this one was definitely one of the better stories I have read! Too short though... but then again... that's why there's sequels.

    17. While I really like the first 3/4 of the story, the ending had a bit of a bitter taste.
      It feel right and very good until Celestia reasons why they can't be together. It seems uncharacteristic for her to play the immortal-card. She is a pony that lives in the present. Her pranks, jokes and general demeanor in privacy show make that pretty clear.
      While her denial of her feelings, her shame about being Twiligth's teacher first and maybe even the idea of abusing her power over her student would make for very good plot points, I just can't see her reason with her immortality.
      Otherwise a very fine story. Don't get me wrong. But the end felt a little off.

    18. I like the concept, I like the content.
      It's just feels a bit rushed--I've never really gotten into one-shot shipping fics, they're a pretty hard thing to pull off well.
      That and quite a few spelling/grammar errors are present throughout the story.

      I'd say a 3/5.

    19. Okay, Trevor has to be brutally honest:

      This wasn't as good as Out in the Cold. Not that Trevor didn't enjoy it, but it just... Didn't really have the same impact at all. Maybe it was shorter, maybe...

      Anyhoof, one DID enjoy the fic, it was well written, it just... *Can't describe thoughts*

      Anyhoof, glad I found the fic though! It's HARD to find a good Twilestia fic!

      ~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

    20. Cute. :) Not the best TwiLestia I've read, but definitely good. I enjoyed Luna's helping hoof in this as well. Nice to see her not being potrayed as a saboteur for a change!

      Four stars!