• You Guys Are Such Children

    What the hay is all this about? The best pony? She's right there. See? Now knock it off with all this Trixie/Rarity nonsense and play nice or I will send you straight to the moon with no dessert.

    I am trying to work here. Or do you want to be the ones to explain to all the little fillies and colts why their pictures couldn't go up on the fridge tonight? Hm? Does that sound like fun to you? I didn't think so.

    I'm pretty sure Lyra doesn't even know how to use magic -Seth

    She doesn't need to use magic to be the best pony. Why do you think she got that horn removal surgery done in the later episodes? You are so insensitive. -Phoe

    I feel bad now. Forget I ever insulted her. Lyra is best pony -Seth

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