• Knockoff Luna Plushies and More Listed from Chinese Seller

    As many of you have noticed over the years, Ebay plays host to all sorts of odd Chinese knockoff plushies.   The quality differs vastly across each product, with smashed noses and odd body shapes abound.   One store in particular that we get a lot of submissions from goes by the name of Shenzhen Levin Toys and Gifts

    The problem with these guys, is that most of their listings are jacked straight from Deviant Art.  Celestia (below) is a good example.  She's actually an already sold plushie, found here

    I suppose they could have bought it, copied the pattern, and tossed it up for mass production.  According to their order requirements, all of these need to be shipped in at least 2000 piece sets. Without ordering said set, we can't really get any good indication on how high quality the remakes are. 

    If you are a plushie maker, you might want to dig around and make sure people aren't selling yours, though it might be hard to have them take it down.  For everyone else, just be aware of what you are ordering when you see someone listing 300 of a plushie on Ebay for 15 bucks a pop.  While some people have actually received some surprisingly well done toys,  there are quite a few with fake images that you can't do much about after tossing them the money.