• All Cards from the MLP CCG Test Event at GenCon: List, Pictures, Sheets

    As many of you probably picked up over the last few days, Gencon was host to the MLP Trading Card Game, or at least a testbed for it.  Loads of news and cards came in, but two people have finally compiled them all up for us.   Head on down below the break for all the cards that were available, along with deck lists and sheet scans if you want to try it out for yourself at home.

    Thanks to Elizabeth and Jason for everything!

    Single card Scans from Elizabeth.  Find the photobucket here!

    Sheet form and deck list from Jason:

    GenCon Test Deck Card Lists: 

    Rainbow Dash Deck

    "Mane Friend"
    1x Rainbow Dash, Flyer Extraordinaire

    3x Rainbow Dash
    2x Scootaloo
    2x Cloudchaser
    2x Star Hunter
    2x Fluttershy
    2x House Mouse
    2x Blue Jay
    2x Mane Goodall
    2x Amethyst Star
    2x Rarity
    2x Big Shot
    2x Noteworthy

    2x What Went Wrong?
    2x Good Morning, Friends
    2x The Horror! The Horror!
    2x Let's Make This Happen!

    2x Purple Parasprite
    2x Yellow Paraspriite
    2x Brown Parasprite
    2x Red Fruit Bat

    2x She Did It!
    2x Fancy Hoofwork

    "Problem Cards"
    1x No Means No
    1x Cliff Collapse
    1x Doozy of a Downpour
    1x This Way, Little Ones
    1x Clearing Gloomy Skies
    1x May the Best Pet Win
    1x The Quest for the Hospital Tome
    1x Official Bunny Census

    Twilight Sparkle Deck

    "Mane Friend"
    1x Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student

    3x Gizmo
    2x Bill Neigh
    2x Zecora
    2x Diamond Mint
    2x Felix
    2x Dance Fever
    2x Pinkie Pie
    2x Cherry Jubilee
    2x Applejack
    2x Apple Cobbler
    2x Jack Hammer
    2x Craft Crate
    2x Granny Smith

    2x Fall Asleep!
    2x A Letter from the Princess
    2x The Fun Has Been Doubled!
    2x Let's Get This Party Started

    1x Nightmare Moon
    3x Timberwolf

    2x Fighting For Friendship
    2x Must. Keep. Buckin' ...
    2x Ten Time Rodeo Champ-een
    2x Come'n Get Me, You Big Goons!

    1x She's an Imposter!
    1x Raise the Barn
    1x Monitor Everything
    1x Vanquishing an Ursa
    1x Rest When it's Over
    1x Hungry Hungry Caterpillars
    1x Clock. Is. TICKING.
    1x Brace Yourselves, Y'all