• Season 2 Episode 1: The Return of Harmony (CONFIRMED for 2 Parter)

    I'll just assume this is discord for the time being, cause it's badass.
    I figured I'd split this off to clear up the Season two episode discussion from the other post.  

    The first episode has been confirmed! Information on it is below:

    Episode 1: The Return of Harmony
    Air Date: (Possibly) September 17th
    Spoilered Synopsis: Discord escapes from his stone prison and Twilight and her friends act quickly to find the Elements of Harmony to stop him.

    So what do you guys think this one will be about?  It is now CONFIRMED as a two-parter.

    *Update* Apparently a few months ago the entire episode storyline was leaked on /co/ (Text form, not the actual video).  Here is the screencap, but do not bring it up in comments for the sake of major spoilers.