• Nightly Roundup #74

    That is the happiest Lyra I have ever seen.

    I'm happier just looking at her.

    Seriously, shes glowing happiness. 

    You can't top this happy. 

    I will now happily give you some news.

    Friendship is Madness Abridged Facebook Page

    For those of you following the Friendship is Madness series, they recently set up a Facebook page for everyone to join.  You can find it here!

    Equestria Quotes 

    A bash.org clone for pony quotes has popped up.  You can find it here!

    Cheaper Show Accurate Ponies?

    Someone on Deviant Art is creating molds for show accurate ponies. Hes looking to the community to see if paying for the materials required would even be worth it. You can find the survey to help him gauge interest here!

    New Hot Topic Pony Shirts

    A few new designs have been added to Hot Topic's pony selection, including one from one of the more famous pony artists, Megasweet. Apparently they didn't get any type of permission to use the design though sadly. I'm not really sure how copyrights work.

    You can find the new shirts here and here!

    Deviant Art Best Pony Race

    For all the artists out there, someone is trying to determine the most popular pony based on Deviant Art galleries. You can find it here!

    PDF Pony Archive Update

    More PDF's added for those of you that need these

    Ghost in the Window
    Dungeons, Dragons, and a Little Friendship
    Breaking Bricks
    So Long, and Thanks for all the Ponies
    New Dawn of the Old Night
    Cutie Mark Clash
    Night's Favored Child
    CRISIS: Equestria
    The Great and Corrupted Trixie
    Pony Gear Solid
    Sunshine and Fire
    Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
    Bridled Fury

    You can find it here.

    United Kingdom Pony Con

    Have some copypaste!


    UK PonyCon, formerly known as the International My Little Pony Convention, is an event held in the UK celebrating Hasbro's leading 1980s toy brand, My Little Pony. Established in 2004, we are a charity fundraising event that aims to raise money and awareness each year for our chosen charity. This year, we are again supporting the Riding for the Disabled Association.

    Suitable for all the family, kids and collectors alike, PonyCon is a fun day out with events and activities running throughout the day, including collector’s displays, sales stalls, quizzes and competitions, as well as expert advice in the form of panels and workshops. Whether you're young, or just plain young at heart, you'll find plenty to do and see at PonyCon!

    This year, PonyCon is being held in the eclectic city of Brighton, just an hour from London and very easily reached by rail, air and pegasus express. Check out the links above to get a sneak peak at what we have in store for you! This year's going to be a doozy, and we'd be honoured if you joined us for our annual celebration of all that is My Little Pony. PonyCon is held Saturday, October 22nd.


    Web Comic With Pony!

    [Insert "is this even news anymore/requirement for web comics" here]

    Big Time Toons

    2012 FiM Calendar at Dollar Tree 

    For those of you with a Dollar Tree store nearby and a lack of a calendar for next year, you might want to swing by and pick one of these up!

    Thanks to Susie for the picture.

    Crazy Lady in Quebec Hanging Ponies on Powerlines

    Or maybe "crazy" is a bad term.  Maybe it's more of a "really good fan" thing.  I don't think I'd come anywhere near powerlines personally.  Not even ponies are worth that!

    You can find the article about it here!
    Have a summary translation

    Street Art of the Day: Above the streets of Quebec City, a My Little Pony mystery.

    It seems that, over the past few weeks, an unidentified woman “dressed in black” has been running around “like a gazelle,” hanging MLP figures from power and telephone lines throughout the city’s central streets.

    “The purpose of my project is to make people smile,” the anonymous pegasister told the Quebec City daily Le Soleil in an email interview. She vehemently denies any association with street gangs or prostitution rings, saying that she simply wants to bring some magic to her graying city.

    FiM Toys in Mexico City

    These are from a mall called "Perisur" at a store called "palacio de hierro".

    Just in case you Mexico City bronies still needed ponies to brush. 

    Pony Panel at Youmacon

    Over in Detroit, a panel called "Equestrian Embassy" will be taking place during Youmacon. 

    Apparently they are planning all sorts of prizes and FREE BAKED GOODS.  How can you resist free baked goods?

    Connecticon Pony Panel 4

    Part 4 of the Pony Connecticon panel has been released. You can find it here!

    Custom/Blindbag Custom Tutorial Blog

    For those of you looking to get into the custom pony creation scene, this new blog is all about teaching newbs the art of making ponies actually show accurate. 

    You can find it here if you are interested!

    Comic Readings

    A Youtube Channel dedicated to live fandubs of various pony comics has popped up. You can find it here!

    Organ Piper Pizza Meetup

    Have some copypaste!
    Title: Pizza and Ponies!

    Location: Organ Piper Pizza at 4353 S 108th St, Greenfield, Wi

    Contact: Heartmend - [email protected]

    Date: Friday, August 27th, 2011 @ 1:00PM till whenever

    Website (Optional): http://rainbowdash.net/group/milwaukeebronies or http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-MKE

    Additional Information: I don't have anything planned for after the meal, but I figure we could play things by ear! There is no shortage of things to do in the area. There is a mini-golf course near Hwy 100 & Layton Ave. If you've wanted pony figures and were too shy to go alone, there is a Target not too far, either! If everyone is just happy to hang out and gush about ponies, there are a bunch of places we could go! I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone! It's gonna be SO AWESOME! /)^3^(\

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Pony Emporium

    Equestria Daily News

    Scootaloo Day yay~