• Nightly Roundup #74

    That is the happiest Lyra I have ever seen.

    I'm happier just looking at her.

    Seriously, shes glowing happiness. 

    You can't top this happy. 

    I will now happily give you some news.

    Friendship is Madness Abridged Facebook Page

    For those of you following the Friendship is Madness series, they recently set up a Facebook page for everyone to join.  You can find it here!

    Equestria Quotes 

    A bash.org clone for pony quotes has popped up.  You can find it here!

    Cheaper Show Accurate Ponies?

    Someone on Deviant Art is creating molds for show accurate ponies. Hes looking to the community to see if paying for the materials required would even be worth it. You can find the survey to help him gauge interest here!

    New Hot Topic Pony Shirts

    A few new designs have been added to Hot Topic's pony selection, including one from one of the more famous pony artists, Megasweet. Apparently they didn't get any type of permission to use the design though sadly. I'm not really sure how copyrights work.

    You can find the new shirts here and here!

    Deviant Art Best Pony Race

    For all the artists out there, someone is trying to determine the most popular pony based on Deviant Art galleries. You can find it here!

    PDF Pony Archive Update

    More PDF's added for those of you that need these

    Ghost in the Window
    Dungeons, Dragons, and a Little Friendship
    Breaking Bricks
    So Long, and Thanks for all the Ponies
    New Dawn of the Old Night
    Cutie Mark Clash
    Night's Favored Child
    CRISIS: Equestria
    The Great and Corrupted Trixie
    Pony Gear Solid
    Sunshine and Fire
    Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
    Bridled Fury

    You can find it here.

    United Kingdom Pony Con

    Have some copypaste!


    UK PonyCon, formerly known as the International My Little Pony Convention, is an event held in the UK celebrating Hasbro's leading 1980s toy brand, My Little Pony. Established in 2004, we are a charity fundraising event that aims to raise money and awareness each year for our chosen charity. This year, we are again supporting the Riding for the Disabled Association.

    Suitable for all the family, kids and collectors alike, PonyCon is a fun day out with events and activities running throughout the day, including collector’s displays, sales stalls, quizzes and competitions, as well as expert advice in the form of panels and workshops. Whether you're young, or just plain young at heart, you'll find plenty to do and see at PonyCon!

    This year, PonyCon is being held in the eclectic city of Brighton, just an hour from London and very easily reached by rail, air and pegasus express. Check out the links above to get a sneak peak at what we have in store for you! This year's going to be a doozy, and we'd be honoured if you joined us for our annual celebration of all that is My Little Pony. PonyCon is held Saturday, October 22nd.


    Web Comic With Pony!

    [Insert "is this even news anymore/requirement for web comics" here]

    Big Time Toons

    2012 FiM Calendar at Dollar Tree 

    For those of you with a Dollar Tree store nearby and a lack of a calendar for next year, you might want to swing by and pick one of these up!

    Thanks to Susie for the picture.

    Crazy Lady in Quebec Hanging Ponies on Powerlines

    Or maybe "crazy" is a bad term.  Maybe it's more of a "really good fan" thing.  I don't think I'd come anywhere near powerlines personally.  Not even ponies are worth that!

    You can find the article about it here!
    Have a summary translation

    Street Art of the Day: Above the streets of Quebec City, a My Little Pony mystery.

    It seems that, over the past few weeks, an unidentified woman “dressed in black” has been running around “like a gazelle,” hanging MLP figures from power and telephone lines throughout the city’s central streets.

    “The purpose of my project is to make people smile,” the anonymous pegasister told the Quebec City daily Le Soleil in an email interview. She vehemently denies any association with street gangs or prostitution rings, saying that she simply wants to bring some magic to her graying city.

    FiM Toys in Mexico City

    These are from a mall called "Perisur" at a store called "palacio de hierro".

    Just in case you Mexico City bronies still needed ponies to brush. 

    Pony Panel at Youmacon

    Over in Detroit, a panel called "Equestrian Embassy" will be taking place during Youmacon. 

    Apparently they are planning all sorts of prizes and FREE BAKED GOODS.  How can you resist free baked goods?

    Connecticon Pony Panel 4

    Part 4 of the Pony Connecticon panel has been released. You can find it here!

    Custom/Blindbag Custom Tutorial Blog

    For those of you looking to get into the custom pony creation scene, this new blog is all about teaching newbs the art of making ponies actually show accurate. 

    You can find it here if you are interested!

    Comic Readings

    A Youtube Channel dedicated to live fandubs of various pony comics has popped up. You can find it here!

    Organ Piper Pizza Meetup

    Have some copypaste!
    Title: Pizza and Ponies!

    Location: Organ Piper Pizza at 4353 S 108th St, Greenfield, Wi

    Contact: Heartmend - heartmend.pony@gmail.com

    Date: Friday, August 27th, 2011 @ 1:00PM till whenever

    Website (Optional): http://rainbowdash.net/group/milwaukeebronies or http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-MKE

    Additional Information: I don't have anything planned for after the meal, but I figure we could play things by ear! There is no shortage of things to do in the area. There is a mini-golf course near Hwy 100 & Layton Ave. If you've wanted pony figures and were too shy to go alone, there is a Target not too far, either! If everyone is just happy to hang out and gush about ponies, there are a bunch of places we could go! I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone! It's gonna be SO AWESOME! /)^3^(\

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Pony Emporium

    Equestria Daily News

    Scootaloo Day yay~


    1. Lyra! The best background pony by far.

    2. Great Even Mexic has more stuff involving Ponies then Australia
      Fucks sake Hasbro
      WE EXSIST you know a Western Nation with plenty of bronies in it
      NO Darcy
      Must be patient Hasbro will learn eventually

    3. whatever Lyra is walking to... must be good

    4. Bonbon is right off camera facing this way. <- Har har, sorry.

      That molds thing for the pony toys is actually a pretty clever and cool idea. I support it. And I'd be willing to perhaps buy some if they weren't too pricey.

      Huh, HT didn't get any permission to use the designs. That's not good. Though I'm sure they are probably within legal right to use them. I doubt they'd put them out for sale if they thought it would cause them trouble. Though glad to see they're expanding their pony line. Still like the stuff from WeLoveFine and such more though.

      Aww, I'm not even in the list for the most popular pony on DA. That's a tough call. There's so much art of some ponies. I wanna guess, but I don't think I can. It's so hard to tell.

      Huh, I didn't know the UK had an MLP con. That's been around for a good while now. Wonder how I missed that one. Then again, it's a long ways from me. Unfortunately.

      FiM calender, cool. I guess it could be a nice decorative piece to hang on the wall. Everything is so digitized now. I haven't looked at any actual wall calender regularly in some time.

      Street gangs and prostitution rings. Lmao. I guess that's what gangs are doing now. Hanging their favorite ponies around their stomping grounds. "This be Twilight territory! Who's YOUR favorite pony???" But that's cool. It'd make me smile. :) Though then I'd be sad to see them stuck up there. :(

      Wish I could attend Youmacon. I almost got to last year, but things got in the way and I couldn't. And FREE BAKED GOODS?! Yayy~ As long as they don't turn into free baked bads. :<

      Always welcome more custom pony tutorials. I'm learning more and more about customizing. I need to work on my sculpting still. And I prefer to use an airbrush. Like the nice smooth paint jobs you get with them.

      And orange chicken day, yayy~ Also, Octavia rambling a ton on Nightly Roundup Day, yayy~

    5. I can hear 'Smooth Criminal' in the background...

    6. I love how the Nightly Roundup is actually at mid-day for me.

    7. Bronies, I strongly encourage you not to buy those Hot Topic t-shirts. Promoting the theft of intellectual property is not alright.

    8. UK Pony Con...I am so, so definitely going to that.

      October is looking a lot better all of a sudden :D

    9. FiM Calender?!

      A DOLLAR?!

    10. A day for me? Alright!
      Take that, Applebloom!

    11. I live down 10 minutes away from a dollar tree, new calender here I come =D

    12. aww seth why didn't you post the plasma etching of Dashie? =[

    13. @Inconspicularity

      Nightly roundup comes at about 7-9pm for me, so it really is a nightly roundup.

    14. UK PonyCon doesn't sound like it'll cater to the bronies. Which is a shame.

      Also, I am very glad that Hot Topic isn't in Britain (to my knowledge) but I'd kill for some decent merch. Remind me to take everypony a pic of the UK MLP:FiM magazine sometime...

    15. A pony convention in England and I still don't have a passport. Damn you cruel fate!

      The custom pony looks interesting but I am starting to see why the Applejack toys never have the hat. It doesn't look very secure.

    16. Gah... Hot Topic. Not cool.
      I'll stick with welovefine.

    17. That Tutorial would be nice, im not exactly artistic but it might provide something to do should i ever have alot of time to kill.

    18. @Octavia

      HT isn't within rights to use it, even if they got an official partnership with Hasbro. See, RD might belong to Hasbro, but that depiction of RD -- whose existence falls under the parody section of fair use (like all fanworks) -- belongs to Megasweet.

      In one of the most odd, wonderful twists, a fan could actually toss a cease and desist to a company instead of the other way around.

      (Fun fact: while Hasbro would be within rights to pull FiM episodes from youtube, they technically have no rights on any PMVs or YTPs. Of course, "technically" only goes as far as the quality of each side's lawyers, which is why I'm wishing good luck to Megasweet, if it goes that far.)

    19. Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters and the like apparently have a terrible track record of just ripping off independent designers.

      And I guess if the original design was infringing on copyright, the designer probably hasn't got a leg to stand on in defending him/herself. Harsh though.

    20. I got excited when I saw 'UK Ponycon' but then I realised it was an old thing where the actual MLP collectors will be going. I think I'll wait for a proper FiM meetup.

    21. WeLoveFine is Hot Topic's pony shirt supplier.

      That particular shirt design was a submission in the WeLoveFine contest. Since contest submissions were done under real names, there was really no way for the casual voter to know if Megasweet himself had submitted that particular design or not.

      I am steamed that it has shown up not only because it is double art theft (the person who ripped the design for their contest submission, plus the company using it without Megasweet's permission)...but also because VOTING DOESN'T END 'TIL TONIGHT.

      If you are going to alert Hot Topic about this, alert Mighty Fine as well. If I'm not mistaken this is the second time they have used fan-art without permission - remember Dash Side of the Moon?

    22. @Cassie Truman


    23. (Dang lack of edit buttons. *cough*)

      Basically, our (US) copyright laws are vague and muddy. HT is definitely in the wrong for ripping off Megasweet's design. The issue, then, is whether that design belongs to the artist (it falls under "fair use"), or whether it is a "derivative work" of Hasbro's intellectual property, which means Hasbro would have the rights to it. Sadly, there is no ironclad precedent or law to determine when something is one or the other (so: fanartists, keep aware of fair use laws).

      So, if Hasbro's not cool with HT for some reason, they could leverage theft of either their IP or Megasweet's actual design. HOWEVER, here's the rub. If Megasweet decides to go after HT for using it -- and HT and Hasbro are chummy -- HT might ask Hasbro to challenge whether or not that design is "fair use" (belongs to Megasweet) or if it is "derivative" (belongs to Hasbro, then).

      Earlier I jumped to the "fanworks must be in the right" position, when it really is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the judge. That liberal librarian tosspot side of me showing. ^.-

    24. Oh come on, no NintendoCapriSun "So Happy!" reference?
      Seth, I am disappoint.

    25. I'd like to make sure that everyone with a dollar and a dream to know in advance that you will be severly dissapointed when you get to the nearest Dollar Tree.
      Not only will that not be a dollar, but there's also sales tax.
      Don't forget some spare change.

    26. Sorry for my verb-tense confusion.
      I believe the message is still getting across as intended.

    27. Major props to Xanthestar for making that custom blind bag tutorial. He/she made some nice $$$ of his/her first Octavia on Ebay and instead of taking advantage of that he's/she's spreading the knowledge for DIYers. Kudos.

    28. Wow, my pic made it on the nightly roundup? Hah, I almost didn't upload it.
      I love those custom blindbags, I wish hasbro would make some show acurate toys, and fast.

    29. Quebeccer!Brony totally made my morning! It's so much fun to hear from other fans around here, they seems to be pretty rare.

    30. first UK ponycon ive heard about and its being held in fucking Brighton....

    31. Can't find anything pony-related at that Web Comic With Pony! link

    32. For that DA pony race thing...
      Fluttershy just shot straight to the finish line, while the rest of them kinda teetered forward a little bit.
      It was a great moment. (Yay!)

    33. @MuffinShy

      The very first panel, its supposed to be Lauren Faust. Ans shes got a RD shirt on.

      I preregistered for Youmacon already. I am so going to that panel.

    34. i went to the mall 2 days ago. Are you telling me those shirts just came out?

    35. Applejack!!!!!!! $&@#%* TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! AH DON'T NEED MY BITS ANYMORE!!!!!!!

    36. Pretty sure those aren't free baked goods. They're baked bads.

    37. Aaaaaand Lyra stole her crown back for goofiest grin from Colgate.

    38. Oh cool that article isn't in English. Welp

    39. hey my high school is really near of PERISUR (25-30 mins, depends of how much fucking traffic is), but I would never buy pony toys... here in Mexico the bronie community is not as big as in other countries.

      "El palacio de hierro" oh common, i hate that department store, is shitty to get toys it would be in i dunno, juguetron or any other toy store.

      Greetings from/to mexican bronie community!

    40. Hooray Scootaloo day! This is just wonderful, Scootaloo's the best. I love you all.

    41. The world needs more Happy Lyra

    42. Seth:



      It's been around for three weeks now. Octavia emailed you about it a few days ago. It actually HAS QUOTES from various IRC channels.

    43. This comment has been removed by the author.

    44. What AtomicBrony said.

      Seriously, Seth, WHAT THE HELL. We waited on alerting you of its existence until it had some actual content.

      "Pissed" doesn't even begin to describe what I'm feeling right now.

      (Removed my last comment as it had some spelling errors that I forgot to iron out.)

    45. I must resist the urge to start jumping and shouting "yesyesyesyesyesyesyes" at the dollar tree pony calendar

    46. So, HT nicked MegaSweet's artwork? Bastards, they should've asked, I'm sure MegaSweet isn't that hard to contact via email or the net.

      In my opinion, if an artist creates the artwork from scratch, using only references at the most - instead of taking an image already in existence and editing it - then the artwork belongs to that artist. The artist put the effort in, and created something that is new. It may have been based on something in existence, but because the art itself is original, it belongs to the individual who made it.

      Of course, nobody knows how MegaSweet feels about this, he/she may not actually mind or care, after all. Either way, since I don't like HT already, I'm not going to be buying anything from there.

      On another note, I was in Dollar Tree the other day, I didn't see a FiM calendar, perhaps I should look again sometime. Though I never use calendars, so I don't think I can justify buying one - even if it is FiM

    47. Lot of pony shirts on that link


      But OH GAWD... The second to last page of them... Oh Pinkie... What have they done! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

      I love that somone is sharing their custom pony experiences. My Derpy is still tacky to the touch... I want her to dry!

    48. The Hot Topic shirt: "This shirt just got 20 percent cooler"

      YES, YES, YES.

    49. Regarding the Hot Topic stuff, does anyone have links to the original fan art (on DA or wherever)?

    50. I fucking hate Hot Topic. gothfags who have never even seen the show will buy the shirts just because they are being sold at Hot Topic. also, why only RD? WHERE'S PINKIE

    51. Wait Perisur? wow but that place is so far for me :/

    52. Excuse my stupidity but what dose PDF stand for? Also can anyone open the fan-fic archive link? All i get is a not "error 404 not-found" message.

    53. Is "MMCXII" a signature, or is that Lyra image claiming to be from 100 years in the future?

    54. @Silent Machina
      It's a signature.

    55. @Mint Julep

      I know that. But I didn't notice that the designs on the shirts HT is selling is from any artists outside the show. As an artist, I know some of the copyright laws.

    56. @AtomicBrony

      Oh no, not another person pretending to be me!

    57. Megasweet has a good opportunity to sue Hot Topic here, for making a profit off of his work without any kind of permission

    58. Darn! Im from Mexico but not from Mexico City. Im from Chihuahua which is below Texas. I hoope they bring the toys here soon. :D

    59. Yes! Yes!!
      I'm going to youmacon! :D
      I'll certainly hit up the panel.

    60. What happened to the fanfic listings in Daily News?

    61. Hot Topic has often done this, using artists works on their clothing, accessories, even tattoos. Since it's bought from a third party they'll just say it wasn't their job to check whether a source legit or not. They'll pull it from their shelves after a complaint and pressure, but they won't compensate the artist, they'll say to take it up with the third party. This was the result when a friend had her art stolen.

      Awesome crazy lady!

    62. Lyra is the best. I'm happy she can walk like a biped.

      And don't stop including the webcomics with ponies updates! I love reading them.

    63. Pictures... Twilight's Baloon... Review...

      Well Seth: you can't say I didn't try ='(

    64. @atomicbrony agreed dude. My jaw hit the floor

    65. Dammit! yesterday I went to "Palacio de Hierro" and didn't see a thing... well, I actually live in Puebla (which is another state). Hate to live in Mexico, I don't even know another brony in person

    66. @Lorina Dante
      Someone once said ''Any publicity is good publicity''... though I have my doubts on 'how much' ''this'' is good publicity (for MLP:FiM or Quebec), honestly ?

      ...but then again, ''odd'' people aren't limited to one place, in this world. ;)

      And yes... ''Brony'' from 'Quebec in general' are rather... quiet... It would seem ?

      I would really love for one of those Convention thingies, in Quebec(city) or Trois-Rivières.

    67. That dA pony race thing is so awesome!

    68. Finally, something happenning near my home (i'm from Lévis, near Quebec city). It's not really something big, but it's something, at least.

    69. on the DA Pony Race, no matter how many accounts I type in, RD wins every time. I lol'd

    70. Yay!
      I'm gonna buy 2 Mlp calanders :D
      one for my very best friend in newzealand (they don't have dollar trees D: ) and one for me ^w^