• Friendship is Magic Dating Sim Updates/Recruiting

    They sent me another image for this, but it was completely ridiculous.  Have some Fluttershy instead. 

    For those of you that are into the whole dating sim game thing, a Friendship is Magic one has been in progress for a while now.  Following the trend of all the other major projects, they have started up a website, and released a bunch of new information based on a survey they did a while back.

    You can find it all below in one big pile of copypaste goodness. And I guess I'll toss the image down there too...


    We now have a website: http://gentlecolts.weebly.com where we will post updates and stuff, so make sure to bookmark it and check back once in a while! It's new and still under construction; the current look is temporary until we can fix something neater (anypony out there skilled with design and CSS?).
    On the first page of that website is a survey about male characters. Please fill it out if you are interested in romancing males. You are to vote on a scale of 1-5 how much you would be interested in the following characters: Spike, Big Mac, Braeburn, Soarin, Hoity Toity, Prince Blueblood, Caramel and Steven Magnet.
    Please note that even if Spike becomes a romance option, he will ABSOLUTELY NOT HAVE ANY RULE 34, EVEN IN THE ADULT VERSION. You'll get like, a hug at most.

    Our current team looks like this:

    Programmer, webmaster and viking:
    Emil Björnfot

    Fluttershy (also team leader): Jeff
    Luna:: Rated-R PonyStar
    Twilight: Sergio Solorzano
    Spike: achesst
    Applejack: Fleetwood Filterman
    Rarity: Alex Phillimore
    Pinkie Pie: Brayden Zetuche
    Rainbow Dash: Andrew Kerrigan
    Trixie: Sergio Solorzano
    At least one more male character.

    Rainbow Danish
    Andrew Kerrigan
    Toby Peasant
    Dale Edwards

    Daylan Smith

    We could possibly need more writers and artists in the future.

    Email us at [email protected], with your application, which should include the following:
    -Your Name
    -Your DeviantART Account username
    -Your Skype username
    -What position you want to sign up for
    -Some examples of your work (Like fan art, fanfiction, or scripts as examples)
    NOTE: This doesn’t mean you’ll be part of the team, but if we run into trouble with writing or art and need additional help, we’ll be sure to look at everyone.

    We are currently working hard on getting the demo done. We can't say when, but it WILL come. It will be a short intro with Spike, Luna and the mane cast. You will play as a male. And as always, feel free to ask any questions in the comments and we will try our best to answer.