• Parasprite Panic!

    I've always been a huge fan of boardgames, especially the likes of Monopoly, Stratego, and the Civilization board game so it is wonderful to see pony fans creating their own games to share with others! Tonight we've got Parasprite Panic for you all to check out, which looks pretty cool from the information sent over to us and from the look of the board on the authors dA page. Top notch looking stuff!

    Check out all the info along with the link after the break.

    Parasprite Panic! is a cooperative board game for 1-6 players. It plays in 45-60 minutes. This game is rooted in S1 E10: "Swarm of the Century". The parasprite swarm has multiplied, and now threatens to destroy Ponyville! Each player assumes the role of any of the Mane 6, and sets about trying to rescue everypony while keeping the swarm under control. Because Friendship is Magic, everyone is on the same team, united against the game. Every turn, new parasprites will swarm, and sometimes they will break things. Fortunately, each of the Mane 6 has a special talent that will help them turn the tide.

    • Fluttershy knows first aid, and can stare down parasprites.
    • Pinkie Pie charms the parasprites with music, and her friends with her infectious smiles.
    • Twilight Sparkle is a natural leader, and a master of teleportation.
    • Rarity can detect villagers as easily as gems, and levitate objects from a distance.
    • Rainbow Dash can FLY, and create tornadoes that suck in parasprites... and occasionally little pieces of Ponyville! Whoops!
    • Applejack kicks rubble out of the way of her friends, and can corral the parasprites with the help of her trusty dog, Winona.

    Save all of the villagers while there is still a town to save, and you win! In the show, the Mane 6 didn't fare so well. Maybe you can do better?

    Right, almost forgot. The game is fan-made, and available for everyone to enjoy. I will not be selling this, so some assembly is required. I'm talking scissors, (label) paper, some glue, and maybe cardboard. I have made all the files available at my DeviantArt account, at: http://paraspritecharmer.deviantart.com