• Nightly Roundup #581

    Welcome back Luna! It has been a little while since we saw our Nightly Roundup mascot, but as you can see she has been sort of busy taking a break at the beach. Even princesses need vacations!

    Nightly news time guys. Check it out after the break.

    Ponies on Sparknote!

    Ponies have made their way over to Sparknote in an article highlighting the 'best' My Little Pony fan art in their opinion. Check out the link below for their little gallery.

    Sparknote Link


    Upcoming Glaze Interview

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    As part of our special Hearts and Hooves Day Weekend Special, Fillydelphia Radio will be interviewing the one and only Glaze (WoodenToaster)! If you’ve ever had a question for the musical genius behind such hits as Rainbow Factory, Beyond Her Garden, and Awoken, then this is your opportunity! So be sure to join our hosts DJ Pinks and Misha Dash this Sunday, February 17th at 3pm EST (12pm PST, 8pm GMT) for a chance to hear from one of the fandom’s most beloved artists only on www.fillydelphiaradio.net!
    Sonnet a Day Does Pony Week

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    Here's the link to my YouTube channel in general: 
    Here's Sunday's poem, for Pinkie Pie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D38TBC8e_D8
    And here's Monday's poem, for Rarity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpDcLhHwMc0

    Tomorrow, Tuesday, should be Rainbow Dash.

    The MBS Show Episode 50
    : It's One Derpy Episode

    In this week’s episode of “The MBS Show” we have an awesome guest. We talk to one of the most well known brony musicians in the community, he has made such great music such as “Join The Herd”, “Hay Ms Derpy”, “Trixie” and “Great to be Different” to name a few. We are proud to present Forest Rain. Join us as we ask him questions like “How did you get the name Forest Rain?” and “Will you do a Rock Cover for one of your old songs?” and many more.
    Listen to the episode here:
    The MBS Show Episode 50: It's One Derpy Episode

    Brony Clubhouse Extravaganza!

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    #1: Interview with Hey Ocean!

    The Brony Clubhouse Network go the chance to interview Hey Ocean!, a Canadian indie/pop band featuring Ashleigh Ball, David Beckingham, and David Vertesi. Our regular audience will probably know Ashleigh Ball from her work as Rainbow Dash and Applejack on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They're currently on tour in the U.S. and we managed to catch them on one of their many stops in California to interview Ashleigh and Vertesi about the band. Come check it out!


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    #2: The Brony Clubhouse - Episode 7

    The Brony Clubhouse Episode 7 is out!

    Join our hosts as we review the most recent episode, "Games Ponies Play." We'll also be having an appropriately themed sports-themed Pony History with Cayci. Finally, join Briston as he reviews Issue 3 of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Comic! We're excited for upcoming announcements, so keep an eye out for BCN news!


    To hear the announcements as they break, plug in:
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    #3: Brony Clubhouse Special - Alicorn-gate

    Engrossed in the Twilight Alicorn drama?

    In today's special, a Round Table Discussion, we tackle the current issue of Twilight becoming an Alicorn; an event which, though it has yet to happen, has already rocked the Brony community. Though many people are perfectly happy waiting for the episode to actually air before judging, quite a few Bronies have voiced their concern. Join The Brony Clubhouse as we delve in to the controversy!


    Exciting news for the BCN to come later today, stay tuned!

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    Successful Meetups

    Costa Rican Bronies

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    This past Sunday, the MLP:FIM's fans celebrate our 4th successful meet up in "Parque Metropolitano La Sabana", in San José. We did something like a Picnic, it was our first meet up this year. Like you can see, was a small group, but we had tons of fun anyway.

    Ponyworld CR send a big "PURA VIDA" to Equestria Daily and the readers all around the world. Thanks!
    Portugal Meetup

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    We had our first "official" meet up in Portugal, since we never saw any submitted in EQD.

    This proves portuguese bronies that we are here and we exist, you just have to find us in our small country and it can join the cause as any other bigger country as well.

    This meet up was in this year's Photoshoot ( 9th of October ) and we can do more in the future.

    To contact some of us, find us in Facebook groups and Deviant Art.

    PS: Some of us are missing in the photo others didn't want to show up, we had some problems with a good picture.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    UK Season Finale Meetup

    Where and When:
    The Star of Kings,
    126 York Way
    Kings Cross
    N1 0AX

    Nearest Underground station: Kings Cross
    Nearest Mainline Station: Kings Cross

    Date and Time! 16th February, 2013, (Optional) Fun begins at 11:00am until 2am (when the pub closes)

    The Entire ground floor and Function room of the Venue has been booked. Ground floor for chilling and having fun and the Function room will hold stalls for goods! This should provide tonnes of room for every attendee, Episode airing will be on the Ground floor, check the events and links below for more accurate information!

    Events & things:
    Live Episode Stream
    Pony merch stalls
    Silent auctions of custom pony merch
    Pub Quiz
    Pony Karaoke
    Live acoustic performance from AcousticBrony
    Live DJ Set from Bronyradio
    To list a few.

    This is set to be a pretty major event for the UK Bronies calendar. If you’re not already slated to attend, why not? This is an open invitation to join us in much merriment and ponies!

    As always, further details including directions and the schedule, as well as the discussion, can be found at the links below.

    Come check out details and stay up to date @ http://derpy.me/yOiZr & http://derpy.me/8w1dT !

    New Series "Twilight's Diary" Running Casting Call

    Belgian Brony Meet

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    Belgian Brony Meet #5 Winter wrap up edition!
    To celebrate the end of Winter, the next Belgian Brony Meet will take place on March 16, 2013 (the last weekend of winter). We'll be heading back to our favourite hall in Berchem.
    For more info:
    Bronies React Weekly Edition

    Bronies React is currently taking submissions for Games Ponies Play. Each submission must still be pre-edited to cut out filler, with the episode cropped and synced in-frame; deadline is still Wed., 11:59 P.M. EST. Check out their channel below for more info on where to submit and such.

    Youtube Channel
    Houston Brony Group Meetup Update

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    The Houston Brony Group has had to change the location of its end of season party. The now annual event that often draws upwards of 150 people was denied a reservation at Joystix Classic Games and Pinball today. A  reservation that was originally made two weeks ago and given the go ahead by one owner has been revoked by a different one.
    After making the original reservation the group leadership continually tried to finalize and pay for said reservation. After two weeks of waiting for a response from Joystix the group leadership was told today that "[they] were not the kind of business the establishment wanted."
    While disappointed with the ignorance displayed by Joystix the groups leadership has moved to quickly secure a new location for their party whch will be announced as soon as possible. Some members have taken to review sites to voice their opinions, one of which can be found here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/joystix-classic-games-and-pinball-houston , while others have been overheard discussing taking their disdain directly to less civil parts of the internet.
    below are the links for the business itself and The Houston Brony Group:



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Derpy Painting
    Variety of Pony Merch 
    Flutterspy Plush
    Vinyl Scratch Sculpture